Existence vs non-existence. Also expressible as "total existence vs total non-existence", "be vs not be", or even "nothing vs infinity." Manifestation out of Native State. This is behind everything... This one is so deep I can't think of any process which can fully resolve it. This is not only far above human reality, its problem is almost incomprehensible. The first half, "existence", appears to be an infinity of any and all qualities one might want to name. The second half, "non-existence", appears to be a zero, a total stillness which LRH described as a static. BE, which is to say a goal reading something like "to have existence", is pursued heavily by most people. It's very rare (and disturbing) to see anyone switch to the opposing goal and pursue NOTHING. So to make anything vanish is experienced as a "loss" reacting on this goal (which is basic to all losses of all kinds). This of course affects the person at their PU terminal as well (personal self/thetan located in space), usually as some variant of Shakespeare's famous scene in Hamlet. ;-) The highest processes of which I know only achieve the static, but do not resolve this dichotomy into Native State. Gotama (the Buddha) is alleged to have resolved this one. I have no opinion about whether he succeeded. Max Sandor, in his novel "The Logs of JD Flora" expressed this awareness: "Nobody can leave who wants to leave. Nobody can leave who wants to stay." ... "Not wanting to leave, not wanting to stay, I will cease to create my existence." Goal: "Exist!" "to have everything!"

Alternate names:
      existence vs non-existence
      total existence vs total non-existence
      be vs not be
      all that exists vs nothingness
      nothing vs everything
      zero vs infinity
      potential vs actual (real)
      emptiness/loss vs havingness (as resistance)
      (top dichotomy apparently also contains unity vs duality)

Goal: "Exist!"
Dichotomy: Total existence vs total non-existence
Triangle: unity - duality - diversity? (1-2-3)
Triangle tone scale sections:

      Tone: Static 320.0

            Goal: "Exist!"
            Dichotomy: Existence vs non-existence, Be vs Not-Be

Case characteristics:
#1 goal "exist!"
      Resistance at the level of infinite existence is HAVINGNESS.

            Losses, emptiness. This is the biggest impediment to clearing because it causes the person to mock up their case again.

1. Existence vs non-existence (total existence/total non-existence), nothing vs everything, zero vs infinity. Goal: "Exist!" as "to have everything" (basic

      Power process: What is? / What isn't? (McMaster)
      (This would appear to be a potential "one shot clear" process due to its all-encompassing command. If you could get it to run on all levels.)

      A process to try: Tell me a nothing. / Tell me an infinity.

      Or as an OT drill: Locate a static. / Locate an infinity. (I deliberately wrote this to be quite insidious. "Locate" means place inside a space,
      which cannot actually be done in either case! The intention here is therefore to lure the PC into expanding beyond existence.)