One self vs individuals (separate consciousness). Also perceptible as "no space vs infinite space". Separation from static into Coexistence. Even though fragmentation into entities occurs near the bottom of the tone scale, it is this dichotomy and its resulting GPM which are subtly involved in entity problems such as attachment and obsession by "BTs." The entire subject of self is from this dichotomy, and all the problems of such derive either directly or indirectly from this. This would seem to literally create separated spaces. "... the consideration that Theta is individual Thetans" --Raymond J. Krenik, Jr. Goal: "Separate!"

Alternate names:
      one self vs individuals
      one vs many
      one consciousness vs separate consciousnesses

Coexistence/Individuality 160.0 - 120.0

            Goal: "Separate!" ("I")
            Dichotomy: One self vs individuals (separate consciousness)

Case characteristics:
#2 goal "separate!"
      Resistance at the level of separation is INDIVIDUATION.

            The only one. The lonely one.

2. One self vs individuals, one vs many (no space vs infinite space). Goal: "Separate!"
This pair gets dramatized as "We are all one" versus "I am alone/unique".

      Power style, try this: What is alone/separate. / What is one/united?
      "tell me a unity/tell me about it; tell me a separation/tell me about it" to ep on BOTH commands! Or maybe "tell me what everyone knows/tell
      me about it; tell me what everyone doesn't know/tell me about it; tell me what one person knows/tell me about it; tell me what one person
      doesn't know/tell me about it" commands along those lines. That second group uses #3 dichotomy as a lead-in to the #2.This needs much
      more research...