Perception vs non-perception (this is from Buddhism, but maybe predates Gotama). Also called know vs not-know. You could also call it aware vs unaware. Creates the Know to Mystery scale. Filbert claims that LRH was wrong about what all wisdom boiled down to, and that the most fundamental word of wisdom is "Aware!", which is this level. Damned close, but "Exist!" is senior. That's okay, Filbert is seeing and operating a hell of a lot higher than LRH! (see "Survive vs succumb" below) Goal: "Aware!" or "Perceive!"

Alternate names:
      perception vs non-perception
      know vs not-know
      aware vs unaware
      consciousness vs unconsciousness
      knowledge vs ignorance
      confront vs non-confront (as resistance)

Awareness 110.0

            Goal: "Aware!" or "Perceive!"
            Dichotomy: Perception vs non-perception

Case characteristics:
#3 goal "perceive!" (aware! know!)
      Resistance at the level of perception is UNKNOWING.

            Unknowableness. Non-confront. Mystery.

3. Perception vs non-perception, know vs not-know. Goal: "Aware!" or "Perceive!"

      Power style, try this: Tell me an awareness. / Tell me an unawareness.
      (This can be tested both with and without the follow-up "Tell me about it.")

      Also plug in "know": What is known? / What is unknown?
      (This can be tested both with and without the follow-up "Tell me about it.")

      OT drill:
      "Be aware at your location in space."
      "Be aware that you are unaware in all other spacial locations than that location. Decide to 'not-know' all of those locations."
      "Change your mind and decide to reverse that by not-knowing at your location in space, while being aware in all other locations."
      Alternate those two conditions until you experience an expansion.

      Lots of early 50's processes address this. Look them up in the old PABs.