Truth vs lies (upper thought band, creation). Here we have the basis of all reality, in the archetypical area. This dichotomy is the basis of the as-is, alter-is, not-is triangle. It is from this point on the tone scale that I write all of these Ghost Danse articles. Therefore please be advised that all the views on the causal area above this point are distorted. Nothing above this point is perfectly expressible in words by anyone. Goal: "Create!"

Alternate names:
      create vs destroy
      cause vs effect
      power vs inability to create and effect
      responsibility of creation vs irresponsibility of creation
      truth vs lies (as resistance)

Goal: "Create!"
Dichotomy: Truth vs alterations (lies)
Triangle: as-is - alter-is - not-is
Triangle tone scale sections:

      Truth (Creation) 100.0 (as-is)

            Goal: "Create!"
            Dichotomy: Truth vs lies
            (note: differentiation)

Case characteristics:
#4 goal "create!"
      Resistance at the level of creation is NOT-ISNESS.

            Refusal of responsibility of creation.

4. Truth vs lies. Goal: "Create!"

      Power process: Tell me a source. Tell me about it. / Tell me a no source. Tell me about it. (McMaster)
      Eps: "Tell me a source" - Cognition is "I am source". //  "Tell me a no source" - Cognition is "The source which I am is not in this universe,
      and is not this identity I am being."

I'd advise refreshing the definitions of "as-isness" (Scn) and "create" (normal dictionary). Then run this:
"Create a truth."
"Tell me about it."
"Destroy a lie."
"Tell me about it."
When you get a result on one of the commands, acknowledge it, then continue running only the other command until it too gets the end result.

      Creative processes of all sorts are drills.