Alteration by attachment of one creation to another. Most people are going to read about this and consider that they apply to their thoughts. Well they do ALSO apply to their thoughts as a lower scale mockery of this level.  This is not really about those thoughts which occur in your body's head. These meanings are pervasions which alter decisions which are energies that power/create the span of reality itself. As body thoughts: Meaning (import) vs meaningless (middle thought band, alteration). Or perhaps this is quality versus no quality. Also important vs unimportant. Single/combined or simple/complex on the subject of creations. Here we have the basis of values, in the archetypical area. The triangle is: perception (of the creation), evaluation (alteration of creation), judgement. This can also be expressed as good vs bad, beauty vs ugliness, and valuable vs worthless, etc. There's a lot of thought level charge built upon this into a GPM. As this is above "personal self vs other selves" there is no way any personal identity is going to solve this dichotomy -- please view what is sometimes called "christ consciousness" for the solution. The primary mechanism of getting an as-isness to persist is to "tag" it with meaning. "This means before." "This means after." "This means good." "This means bad." "This is important." "This means I didn't create it." "This has value." "This means I don't know it." "This means... This means... This means... " Etc. etc. etc. ... This is a secondary creation atop a first one, an alter-is, which obtains persistence for a creation, for an as-isness. Buddha is seen admonishing his monks against this action in the Mulapariyaya Sutta. Goal: (I'm Having difficulty expressing this one perfectly, so as close as I can get it right now is) "Import!" or "to Judge!" ("This means ____!") "Attach!"?

Alternate names:
      meaning/import vs meaningless
      quality vs no quality
      important vs unimportant (as resistance)
      good vs evil (evaluation, another resistance)
      justice vs injustice (evaluation, another resistance)

TONE: Importances/Values/Meaning 80.0 (alter-is, attachments to the as-isness)

            Goal: "Attach!" ("Import!" or "This means ____!")
            Dichotomy: Meaning vs meaningless (importance, an alteration, an association attached)
            Triangle: perception (know) - attachment - judgement (evaluation)
            (note: association)

Case characteristics:#5 goal "import!" (meaning!)
      Resistance at the level of meaning and significance is IMPORTANCE.

            The more important something is, the more it is enforced and its alternative resisted.

5. Meaning (import) vs meaningless, important vs unimportant. Goal: "Import!" ("This means ____!")

      Power style, try this: Tell me something important. / Tell me something unimportant.
      (This can be tested both with and without the follow-up "Tell me about it.")

      This is a HUGE area of mental templates and archetypes (middle thought band of the tone scale). This is NOT the assignment of meaning to
      a location in space occupied by something -- that is symbolizingness. These meanings are timeless/above time. The R6 implants seem to be
      held in this area. Please understand one thing about implants: they can have no effect whatsoever upon a spirit which is empty and without
      mental structure. But once these goal pairs are in place, they give the implant something to latch onto. What an implanted dichotomy latches
      onto is this primal fact about ideas caused by the #1 goal pair: EVERY IDEA IS A SPLIT INTO A POSITIVE AND A NEGATIVE
      EXISTENCE. For example there is no idea "light" or idea "dark"; those are half ideas. The actual idea is "light/dark". That's how the mind
      is created, via these pairs. That's why pairs of opposites must be tapped to resolve mind. That single fact is behind all goals and GPM
      phenomena. Once an existence is created as a division into two like that, then it can be further altered with doingness verbs. Remember: the
      basic triangle behind the scale of existence (tone scale) is the BE-DO-HAVE triangle. That is the hidden engine running the whole show
      from dichotomy #1.