Personal self vs other selves (lower thought band, separate viewpoint/location in space). Perhaps this should be better described as "personal self versus everything else". This is the dichotomy directly senior to "actual" GPMs. It is activated by having only a single viewpoint, i.e. an identity such as an actual GPM terminal. The actual GPM terminal is most likely created by whatever laid in this GPM dichotomy. There have been reports for almost 30 years of processees reliving incidents where they started the incident as a big being who is a whole crowd of people, and end the incident only being one of that crowd. Please note that though this superficially resembles separation from static, it is not the same thing. Beingness above this dichotomy is pervasive, below it there is only a single near point location in space from which reality is viewed. (The Thought band is a complete cycle of action and decays scale for thought. The third, lower portion of the thought band consists of the dead mass of postulation. Is this it? An identity at Opinions is a postulate mass? Perhaps not. The result of postulation would be solidified creation. But what would be its goal????? The answer would lie in what occurs at tone 50...) Goal: "Myself located!" (to be there!)

            Flemming Funch discusses this dichotomy in Technical Essay #42 "Beingnesses":

                  When you assume a viewpoint it implies that there are points you are not viewing from.
                  Those are called dimension points.

                  The separation of viewpoints and dimension points creates space and it allows an
                  interchange to occur. The viewpoints can have considerations about the dimension points
                  and the dimension points provide something for the viewpoint to experience.

                  It usually gets more involved than that. Various viewpoints and dimension points get
                  grouped together and the being decides to be all of it and pretend that it is one thing. That is
                  what we could call an identity. One is being that and not being everything else. The "not
                  being" part is the outside world that the identity is dealing with.

Alternate names:
      personal self vs other selves
      personal self vs everything else
      I vs not-I
      self vs another
      single location in space vs pervasion
      personal universe vs material universe
      thetan vs the universe
      one space vs infinite spaces
      small (space) vs large, i.e. being very small vs being very large, or tiny vs endless
      thetan vs the universe

Tone range: Viewpoints 40.0 - 16.0 (not-is, not being in some locations, unattached i.e. disassociated there, while identified [theta located] in another or others.)

            Goal: "Myself!" (located)
            Dichotomy: Personal self vs other selves (separate viewpoint/location in space)
            (note: identification in one or more locations, disassociation elsewhere)

Case characteristics:
#6 goal "myself!" (locate!)
      Resistance at the level of self is IDENTITY (terminals).

            Who are you being (valence), and whose opinions & viewpoints you have acquired without fully viewing them.

6. Personal self vs other selves, single location in space vs pervasion. Goal: "Myself!"

      Power style:
      "tell me where you are located. tell me about it." alternate with "tell me where you are not located. Tell me about it."

      Clean up ser facs, actual GPMs, then find some way to address viewpoint oriented opinions. Use #5 against #6 with "Who is important? /
      Who is unimportant?" This has to unlock the person from mental anchor points, fixed points of view, etc. Ep should be pervasion, which is
      beyond a completely free POV, a "thetan" which can assume any location in space/time at will. Clean up of this goal should free a being
      from identity defined by anchor point opinions such as ser facs.

      An assist (IMD-swap process):

            When resistance is noted between individuals. Place your viewpoint at those terminals.

            Between two people:
            Be Person A.
            From that terminal look at Person B. Tell me about them.
            Be Person B.
            From that terminal look at Person A. Tell me about them.

            Repeat until the charge blows.

      IMD-swap uses the senior position of primal pair #2 to relieve resistance between terminals at the level of #6.