Love vs hate. Could also be called "affinity vs antipathy." This isn't a generalized ARC triangle manifestation so much as personal love versus personal hate, i.e. the problem being held by the single viewpoint of "personal self vs other selves". Creates emotional tone scale. This activates as desire and accumulates tremendous charge on the identity terminal due to losses. Buddhist craving. Goal: "Love!" When reversed becomes a goal of "Freedom!"

Alternate names:
      love vs hate
      freedom vs love
      affinity vs antipathy
      approaching vs avoiding
      near vs far
      agreement vs disagreement (as resistance)

Goal: "Desire/Want!" (affinity)
Dichotomy: Love vs hate
Triangle: affinity - communication - reality
Triangle tone scale sections:

      Aesthetic feeling 16.0

      Exhilaration 8.0

            Goal: "Curious"?

      Enthusiasm 4.0

            Goal: "Desire"?

      Antagonism 2.0 (reality [resistance] begins faintly at 2.0, and through Apathy)

            Goal: "Enforce"? (tones 2.0 through 1.1
            Goal: "Inhibit"? (tones 1.0 through 0.1)
            Goal: "No"? (tone 0.0)

Case characteristics:
#7 goal "affinity!"
      Resistance at the level of communication is DISAGREEMENT (on the CDEI scale).

            Agreed-upon reality is enforced.

7. Love vs hate, affinity vs antipathy. Goal: "Communicate!" (This is affinity/desire via communication)

      Pervade with affinity? Buddha's OT drill goes here. Grade 0 processes. Many, many Scn processes address this area, but none of them I
      recall directly go after the dichotomy in the Power manner. Also "From what distance could..." etc. EP should be a christlike affinity.