Survive vs succumb. This activates as clinging to bodies (ex: Needing Bodies on the tone scale). Buddhist attachment or clinging. LRH claimed that "Survive!" was the most fundamental word of wisdom. (Please note where this is on the tone scale, below death, and what GPM was providing the force driving his personal [terminal] actual GPM goal of "to have wealth.") Goal: "Survive!" Hubbard's discovered goal "Survive!" rules the effort range of the tone scale and therefore is the goal immediately senior to MEST. Theta interacts with MEST at that level, producing life forms exhibiting an effort to survive. Narrative incident running with Dianetics addresses this area.

Alternate names:
      survive vs succumb
      live vs die
      living body vs corpse

Goal: "Survive!"
Dichotomy: Survive vs succumb
Triangle: responsible - control - know (by effort)
Triangle tone scale sections:

      Death -0.0

      Protecting Bodies -2.2

      Being Objects -10.0

Case characteristics:
#8 goal "survive!"
      Resistance at the level of survival is FORCE (counter-effort).

            This is classic counter-efforts.

8. Survive vs succumb. Goal: "Survive!"

      Resistance keywords on this one: need, must, can't, etc. Resistance begins at Antagonism 2.0 on the tone scale. Therefore Dianetics which
      follows "somatics" (R3R) cleans this up. The definition of clear as no longer subject to the force in pictures is a clear on this level. Much of
      the excellent work of Hubbard addressed this.