(This article should probably not be read until after you have read and understood "The Three Part Cycle (triangle) of Damned Near Everything" and "The Postulates Behind Numbers")

This is probably going to be the more useful in practical terms of these articles. This one is focused on the process of as-isness as it occurs in auditing and self-processing.

Originally processes were run only from the point of view of the PC. The auditor asked for incidents which happened TO the PC -- recall a time when someone injured your "gortch" (non-existent body part), a previous time, etc. But Dianetic auditing and Scientology auditing both achieved less than total erasures and key-outs by only running the flow into self.

Next it was discovered that it was necessary to run other flows. So the overt flow was added (recall a time you injured someone else's gortch), then others to others (recall a time someone injured another's gortch) and finally self to self (recall a time you hurt your own gortch). That got a lot more case off.

But... Funny, that didn't seem to relieve all possible charge either...

So a new wrinkle was added. Run all the above flows, but in each incident, recall them from the point of view of each person involved in the incident. That got a lot more charge, huh?

Ever wonder why? I know why. The hidden datum about thetans is that at static there is only one thetan. There is only one of us. All thetans are one beingness, divided against itself. Because there is only one of us at the top of Filbert's Expanded Tone Scale, any aberative incident which happens to one of us in the presence of another one of us has to be erased also from that point of view, because that other person's viewpoint is YOURS too! We experience everything that happens around us from the point of view of everything there. But even there's more. If for example a person is involved in an automobile accident, to achieve total erasure (not merely partial and a release) it would be necessary to assume every viewpoint possible. This would be what looks like madness from a human perspective: the driver of car A, the passenger in car A, the driver of car B, the French poodle in the front seat of car B, the pedestrian who was gazing into a shop window and heard the crash behind her, car A, car B, the pavement, the sky, the buildings, the lamp post, the stop sign (especially the "stop" sign, ha ha!), the sparrow flying past, the tree growing nearby...

Get the picture? Sure at the top of the scale a thetan never has been and never will BE any MEST thing in the MEST universe except as a creative lie -- and the lie of limited beingness (for instance being the body of driver A) is very far from the truth. The truest truth is native state. Below that is a wee small lie called static (I am). Below that are thetans and universes. A shade below or alongside static is the truth that a thetan, a person, is the entire universe and everything/everyone in it. This is why when you become sufficiently aware, the whole universe and all its MEST is perceived as being alive. This is why the mad search for body thetans turns up a near endless supply of beingnesses and genetic entities -- hell, some fools have probably dug themselves in so deep they perceive the GE of each individual cell of their body. Going to drive them all out? That's not very friendly! It's a nutty thing to do -- give it up -- dig deep enough and you'll find a beingness for each and every particle of matter too! Are you going to exorcise them too? Since when did a lack of affinity for other beings equate to clearing? Eh? It doesn't of course. A lack of affinity is the result of a severe program of NOT-ISNESS, and will never achieve clearing.

Remember from the Triangles article that BE appears in the first column below AS-ISNESS, as a variation or echo of it. BE is a finger pointing back at the AS-ISNESS of static. To achieve auditing results the PC has to do actions leading to the items of that first column, especially AS-ISNESS, but also very important are BE (be everything around in the incident), KNOW, and AFFINITY (that latter grossly ignored by the Co$). That first column is the key to clearing. All those other beingnesses, BTs, GEs, etc are YOU at the top of the tone scale, at static. My advice is to not fight them, not resist them (fighting and resistance are 3rd column = NOT-ISNESS), but instead communicate with them, with the intention of promoting UNDERSTANDING. Let them go if they wish to go, make friends if they wish to stay.

AFFINITY, remember?


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