0. Let's go way back in the past and way high on the tone scale (Filbert's, not Hubbard's). Beginning at the beginning is what we usually call "native state." This is truth with a capital T.

1. Just below native state is what we usually call "static." This is the singular beingness. It is what exists after native state declared "I am." At this level of the tone scale all theta is one being. That being is you, but it's also me! And everyone else too.

2. Below/after static are the results of static playing a beingness game with itself. The game is played as deliberately not-knowing itself in various locations. This creates multiple thetans -- us. You and me.

In the above, 0 is the only pure truth. It is the truth because it makes no postulates. Postulates are creative lies.

The first lie told (at 1, static) is "I am."
The second lie told (at 2, thetans) is "I am me."

Native State is no postulate and is the ultimate as-isness.
"I am" is a first postulate (which acts as a second postulate to Native State) and is the original as-isness.
"I am me" is a second postulate atop the first, and is the original alter-isness.

From a certain perspective it's all lies: all universes, all beingnesses, all games. But that's okay! Lies are fun. They are our creations.

I realize that someone who has read the "Phoenix Lectures" might think of the first postulate as the as-isness which achieves erasure, but that's only an apparency. It is Native State which achieves erasure of the first lie in any series (the as-isness) by inspection.

The truth is that any thetan is operating at all times everywhere on the scale, from top to bottom, from Native State to cold hard MEST. It is the processee operating at Native State (Sovereignty -- 400.0 ) while erasing in processing and meditation. It is the person operating at Static (Single Deity - 320.0 - Life That Is Not Being) who communicates with other persons (duplicates intentions) in a single "I am.". It is the person operating at what I call Thetans (Multiple Deity - 160.0  - Volition, Coexistence) who says "I am ME!" Below those highest levels are all the postulates, ideas, opinions, emotions, efforts, etc which any and every one of us create constantly.

So please understand that the idea of a person being at a particular tone is an apparency only. It's just not true. We often get ourselves trapped in viewing only a narrow range of the Expanded Tone Scale, and are unaware of most of it. But you can change that, expand your awareness to include the whole range. And when you hit the top or near it -- this stuff comes into view. All our lovable lies.


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