This hard as fuck to do. This is also the easiest thing in the world too, because you do it all the time. But the problem is that you and I are apparently running on autopilot, so that we no longer consciously and deliberately control our environment.

I'm not going to go into any great detail about how you lost the ability to do that which is your most natural function. For one thing I don't know the whole story. Much of it can be found in the works of L. Ron Hubbard, the more recent researches of Ken Ogger, and the rather ancient and unreliable reports of the words of Gautama the Buddha. For another thing most people simply would not believe the truth of what we recall. So fuck it. By the way, allow me at this time to express my utter contempt for New Agers, whom you might suppose I superficially resemble. I am about as different from those idiots as a cop is different from a social worker. Both are "public servants", but very different in approach. A New Ager is the spiritual equivalent of a bleeding heart liberal who "believes" in the goodness of everyone, and if only we could just get along... In other words moronically uncritical, ignorantly hopeful and believing anything that sounds good. Furthermore the average New Ager takes a saccharine view of spirituality, refusing to face the very real existence of evil in the universe. Such people are "sweetness and light" cases unable and unwilling to face force, much less use force. And for the information of anyone who is so crushingly ignorant that when I say I'm an "occultist" you think I mean I'm some twit who engages in rituals involving the evisceration of small animals on an altar -- no. Rituals are crutches, and like drugs, should not be used often lest you become dependent on them. They stylize one's view of reality and therefore they necessarily limit it.

The most important activity of any spirit is its impressing its will upon reality in various ways. This is mirrored within the normal conscious mind by the assignation of meaning to things. When a person thinks and visualizes, various significances are attached to masses and energies created within the "mind", or to be more accurate, within one's immediate space of a few feet from one's head. A normal thought which you are likely to perceive consists of a very small lump of mass with a large meaning attached or assigned to it. The lump of mass is nondescript in appearance and only serves to anchor the meaning. A mental image picture on the other hand is an energy field that has been molded to a particular shape. It is a lot of mass/energy with only the significance attached to it that results from recognition of its shape. But these are only echoes of how a spirit controls reality. The way to directly control reality is to assign significance, meaning, characteristics, behavior, etc. to the physical universe in the same manner as one assigns it to mental masses. This is the easiest thing in the world to do if one does it effortlessly. And it is the hardest thing to do if one struggles with it. A person has become so accustomed to operating a meat body by means of effort and resistance, that the same technique is often tried when doing magic. Uselessly. One controls reality simply by deciding what reality will be.

"Decision" has in the past also been called "the Will" and "intention." The action is simply that of causing something to be. The technique of decision is normally some form of visualization. One visualizes what one wants. In the words of Ken Ogger: "... a projected decision or mockup. I say projected because a key factor is the space permeated by the decision." A mockup in this case is a three dimensional visualization. Specifically one "sees" the space into which reality is to be altered, then the change is seen there very clearly.

But there's a catch! Every other spirit in this universe is also constantly deciding what reality will be. And so the resulting physical universe is an agreed-upon thing, the sum total of all our ideas of "what is", and past ideas of "what is". And there lies the problem. Current ownership, control and responsibility for something has to be grasped as a conscious decision. Old decisions of what reality consists of don't go away, and this is a problem because most people have the ancient fixed idea that older decisions take precedence over younger ones. The older decisions may get buried in time, and covered up with a jumbled overlay of new ideas, but they are still there. And you are still agreeing with them like mad. So the normal process is for any new decision to nestle into the cracks of prior decisions, altering them slightly over time. Therefore, everything you see around you is the result of eons of decisions as to the nature of reality, decisions made by a very large number of spirits. Any attempt to make any new decision will only be effective if it doesn't conflict with a prior decision -- unless you take that previous into account.

As you can guess, that makes magic very difficult for the normal person!

But there's a way out, a way to overcome that problem. Simply make a decision, but place it forward in time, so that it doesn't take effect for hours, days or years. The length of time one needs to reserve space ahead in the fabric of reality varies depending on what one's trying to do. If it's only opening up a parking space for a car while driving somewhere, then an hour is usually enough. If one is attempting to alter the course of the human race then I'd advise one to place the change a few tens or hundreds of years down the road! Once the decision has been placed in the future, the person has to make sure they don't undo it by looking at it. One may simply forget about it. Or one may assign the decision to someone else (Samples: God did it. It's fate. My wife makes those decisions for me.). Or one can lie about the time the decision was made (I opened that parking space 15 thousand years ago.).

Geoffrey Filbert came up with an auditing method of creating effects in the physical universe, where he put himself on a meter and audited other people into changing their minds. A description of this is in his book "Excalibur Revisited".

Another way to overcome the problem of the density of the universe caused by the accumulation of buried prior decisions is to repeat one's decision. Do it over and over and over again, for hours, days, months, years!

Lately I've been toying with the idea that the reason the physical universe is so dense is because it actually is four dimensional in spite of it's apparent three dimensions. And I'm not treating time as a dimension either. I mean four spacial dimensions. This could account for the efficacy of the repetition method.

The really smart way to get anything done requires a greatly increased span of attention. One needs this broader attention, and one needs to cultivate psychic abilities in regards to visualizing as well. Because what one has to do is examine the past of the area one is intending to change, locate all decisions about it made in the past and present, take complete responsibility for them, and change one's mind! That's right, you read correctly. One must mentally reach back in time and make changes there in addition to here. The reason for this is the nature of reality and time itself. The time assigned to anything is its moment of creation. Nothing exists in now except as a false modification of original characteristics. One's body has the characteristics of the moment it was born (this is why astrology works). One's car incorporates all the decisions made up to the point where it rolled off the assembly line, but decisions after that moment are afterthoughts which have far less effect. Therefore to alter the course of one's life in a particular body, one must go back in time and alter the decisions made about reality that bear upon the moment of birth. This is also true of patterns of events within one's life. Discover what bears upon the first time one drove a car, and one can alter one's pattern of accidents and breakdowns. Go back and examine the first time one had a particular type of injury, and that sort of injury will stop bothering one. This is how Dianetics works. Go back and recount to another person what one did that was harmful, and it ceases to bother one. This is how Catholic confession works. But the confession rarely gets to the first time, so it is only partially effective at providing spiritual relief.

An ancient tool used in magic is the charged talisman. An object is imbued with certain specific qualities, then used as a tool in magickal operations. I'm not going to give detailed instructions in their creation and use but I do want to clear up a few important points. Many people these days (new agers usually) attempt a silly gutter-magic version of this when they play around at charging crystals with energy. Forget "energy". Others attempt to insert ideas (thought) into an object. That's closer, but still not quite it. The most important thing to insert into a crystal or any talisman is BEINGNESS. Without splitting off a little beingness from yourself and inserting it into the object (or in black magic, inserting an enslaved beingness) nothing much is going to happen. Beings (spirits and entities) are the primary method of high magic and low. The entity can then be given a program of ideas, and energized with emotion and effort. The really important thing to remember in any operation which places beingness into an object or a mockup is usually expressed as PURITY. There must be no evil intentions allowed in the formation. Only the highest most spiritual ideals must be held when doing this sort of work. The result of doing otherwise (as in black magic) is an entity which will likely come back to bite the magician.

An important tool and aid for controlling your immediate environment is the act of leaving the body. When out-of-body (OOB) a spirit finds that what was once very hard to do becomes a lot easier. A spirit often has difficulty operating in an environment full of heavy masses and energies. This is why people go out into deserts and up onto mountains to seek enlightenment. This is why people take drugs that pop them right out of their heads in order to both become enlightened and to do magic. Allow me to caution against drug use. It is a dangerous crutch that usually has seriously debilitating long-term effects. Drugs provide only a temporary release that is followed by a worsening spiritual condition when one comes down.

It is far better to cultivate silence and emptiness within the mind than to take drugs. As far as organized religions and teachers go, stay away from westernized Hatha Yoga. Scientology has made available again many of the secrets of the universe, if one can afford it and be able to withstand their heavy indoctrination. Much of their material, plus many new discoveries are available in what is called the Free Zone, or Free Field -- begun as a loose unorganized collection of organizations and individuals who have broken away from that church. Buddhism mostly sucks these day, with the possible exceptions of Zen and people who follow the Pali texts. The oldest unbroken spiritual knowledge on this planet is in the Himalayan mountains, so there is much knowledge in Tibetan Buddhist texts. Most of all, do not take anyone's word for anything. All reality lies within oneself, and all any books or teachers can do for you is point in the direction of truth. Ultimate truth cannot be communicated in English or any other language. My words here are only approximations, a lame attempt to express the inexpressible, to unscrew the inscrutable. But I cannot tell the truth with words. All words are lies. They are babble. Truth is silent.


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