Articles six and seven indicate that there are certain fundamental principles on which reality itself is based. These principles, such as the dichotomy, the triangle and the four elements, are repeated in a fractal manner throughout the many levels of lower reality. In one of these levels is an archetypal set of controls commonly known as astrology. Astrology is fascinating because in it can be seen opposing pairs, triangles and planes of existence directly being applied to the minds and material objects in the physical universe. In fact, the 12 signs of the zodiac could be said to be nothing more complex than the four planes of the universe which are often referred to as the elements of Fire, Air, Water and Earth -- combined with the three energy types of dispersal, flow and ridge. The four of the former, times the three latter, yields 12 signs.

Breaking it Down into Classes

The signs of the zodiac are often said to fall into four "elements": Fire, Air, Water, and Earth. On close examination these elements seem to roughly correspond to the four states of matter: plasma, gas, liquid, and solid in that order. But they are much more than that simple mechanical correspondence, as you will discover farther down in this document. Later on I'll go into greater detail on the significance of each element.

The Fire or plasma signs are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.
The Air or gaseous signs are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.
The Water or liquid signs are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.
The Earth or solid signs are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

The zodiac is equally divided into particle signs and wave signs. Half of the signs of the zodiac deal with forms (earth) and particles (air); and the other half deals with positive motion (fire) or negative emotion (water). From an old-fashioned conventional point of view the fire and water signs are what is known as "feeling"; and the air and earth signs are what is known as "mental". All energy seems to exist in a form that we interpret as either a particle or a wave. It's not that the universe is truly either one, but human beings, with our limited perception, translate what we see in terms of one or the other. The only difference between these two, that is apparent to me, is that of velocity relative to the observer. Energy that is stationary relative to the observer appears to be a particle (A completely stationary particle appears to be without energy, and a moving wave appears to be without locationóremember Heisenbergís Uncertainty Principle!). The faster energy streams past the observer, the more it appears to be in the form of waves. This particular mental division in perceiving the universe is symbolized in astrology by the signs Virgo and Pisces.

Virgo and its ruler (NOT mercury, perhaps one or more of the asteroids) are connected with and rule the limited perception of matter as discrete particles having an exact location in space and finite boundaries.

Virgo seems to be involved with energy viewed in the form of precise lumps: protons, neutrons, electrons, mental energy shaped into little bits, i.e. thoughts. (I don't know how many of you reading this will have any experience at doing "meditation", but a close examination of thoughts inside your own space [i.e. in your head, for most of you] will reveal them to be either pictures [a field of wavesóruled by Pisces] or little bits of stuff [ruled by Virgo] that you manipulate and attach meaning onto.)

Pisces and its ruler neptune are connected with and rule the limited perception of matter as moving waves with indistinct, rather fuzzy edges and imprecise location (Heisenberg again).

Pisces seems to be involved with energy in the form of fields: magnetic fields, force fields, and oddly, energy organized into a field that takes a shape, i.e. a mental image picture.

Virgo wants to view the world as a place where everything has precise meaning and exact limitations; Everything properly defined and within parameters. Color within the lines! This is, of course, a limited view. However much it might infuriate some Virgos to be told this, still some things just never fit into tight tidy little boxes. An electron is not so much an exact location, as a center of a field of energy (because it doesnít hold still). A thought has size, mass, and location, but it also has meaning tagged onto it. What is meaning? Meaning is whatever you intend it to be. Whoops, there went precision! Both the Virgo and Pisces styles of perception are true in that they each reflect part of the truth, but not all of it. No one sign has a lock on all of reality. Quite the contrary. It seems as though the human point of view has been deliberately splintered into many fragments, insuring that no one will get a firm grasp of its entirety. look, I'm not a paranoid! You don't like it, you try coming up with a better explanation of why we each are limited to viewing narrow splinters of total reality! (Edmund Meadows has done a lot of research into that end of zodiac phenomena, here's his website: Viking Remote Viewing & Psychic Self Defense.

Virgo and Pisces are mental (mutable) signs, which is why I used them as the examples. Half the signs of the zodiac are particle (mass and thought) oriented and half are wave (emotion and impulse) oriented. These are:
  emotion:          thought:
  Aries                  Taurus
  Cancer              Gemini
  Leo                    Virgo
  Scorpio              Libra
  Sagittarius         Capricorn
  Pisces                Aquarius

As you can see, the "wave" or emotion signs consist of the fire and water signs. Fire is outflowing emotion and water is inflowing emotion.

The "particle" or thought signs are the air and earth signs. Air is outflowing thought and earth is inflowing thought. (Let me note an observation here. It seems that air is more concerned with abstract thought, and earth with concrete thought. Is it because an abstract is a self-created thought, whereas concrete thought is about objects that can exist in the real world and therefore are an inflow from the real world into the thinker?)

All of the signs of the zodiac can be broken down into various categories. Half of the signs are what is called positive or male. The other six are what is known as negative or female. What they really means is outflowing (positive signs) and inflowing (negative signs). "Outflowing WHAT?" you ask. Outflowing and inflowing energy. The mind works by means of attaching significance or tagging meaning onto small bits of mental mass that remain in existence and do not flow away to nothingness (unless, of course, they are examined too closely). A person then strings these masses together, arranges them in patterns, and assigns the patterns further significance. This is called thinking. All thought, all emotion involves the use of slowed down energy. Therefore in judging the underlying patterns of behavior of people one has to understand what is really going on at a microscopic level, and to do this one needs to understand the behavior of energy and mass as it pertains to the human mind.

Energy can flow into a person (their location in space used as a terminal for communication), where the person is receiving, or energy can flow out of a person. This is easiest to visualize with emotion. A person who is sitting in a chair while being told with great passion by a standing sweetheart, "I love you!" is receiving (inflowing) the emotion. The passionate one is outflowing it. Individuals of course are more complex than "pure" signs. No person could possibly be totally outflowing or completely inflowing. But a person will have a tendency to be more one or the other if their chart shows a dominance of positive or negative signs. They are:
  positive:              negative:
  Aries                    Taurus
  Gemini                 Cancer
  Leo                      Virgo
  Libra                    Scorpio
  Sagittarius           Capricorn
  Aquarius              Pisces

As you can see, all of the fire and air signs are of a positive, outflowing nature, and all of the water and earth signs are of a negative, inflowing nature.

If you combine these two ways of looking at the signs you get:
 Fire signs: Aries Leo Sagittarius
  ópositive emotion or impulse

 Air signs: Gemini Libra Aquarius
  ópositive or abstract thought

 Water signs: Cancer Scorpio Pisces
  ónegative emotion or receiving feelings

 Earth signs: Taurus Virgo Capricorn
  ónegative or concrete thought

The final way of looking at and classifying the signs is through what I think of as energy form. This is the ancient division of the signs into Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. One brilliant writer (Hubbard) described the three energy forms as Flow, Ridge and Dispersal. He didnít invent this division into energy types. The knowledge has been around for a long time and is one of the basics behind astrology. But he did state it clearer than previously, so we are using his terms here for convenience.

The Cardinal signs represent a flow of energy from one point in space to another point along a single line. They are very goal-oriented and focused upon doing what they are doing.


This represents energy moving from A through space and being received at B. It can also be a flow being pulled back into the source of intention, a tractor beam:


With A the source of intention and B the location which A causes as source of the flow.

The Mutable signs represent a non-A-to-B movement of energy. This can be a variety of things such as: more than one flow from or to a single point, a general all-directions dispersal of energy either from or to a point in space (evaporation if slow, explosion if rapid), or multiple flows/dispersals involving multiple locations (confusion!). With either an implosion or confusion situation in the movement of energy there is always the possibility of two or more energy movements colliding and forming the third energy type.


explosion confusion implosion

The mutable signs most closely mirror spirit itself because a slow "explosion" of energy is a spherical glowóexactly what a located beingness appears to be.

 Fixed signs represent energy movements that have conflicted directly with one another so as to form a standing wave or mass, i.e. resembling "solid" matter.


      or       or       or 

It is very important that you learn to visualize the differing ways these three groups use energy, because it bears directly upon how they behave:

The direct action advance or pull-in of the cardinal signs.
The stubborn holding position of the fixed signs.
And the rapid mobile viewpoint of the mutable signs.

In addition to the above, the three energy types of flow, ridge and dispersal are mere manifestations of a prime archetype underlying the universe and our operation within it. A being playing a game within a universe plays by means of what we call in language "verbs." There are three types of verbs: be, have and do. In order to play a game, one first has to BE something or someone. One needs an identity, a role to be a player. Then one must have objects. One needs a body or other symbol to represent self, and bodies/symbols to represent other players. There also must be a playing field, which can be small like a miniature chess set, or as large as an entire physical universe. This is HAVE. Once identities and a playing field are established, then a game can be played with actions occurring. This is DO. That trio of be/do/have is very basic to existence, and our trio of dispersal/flow/ridge are special limited cases of it.

Dispersal is Be.

Flow is Do.

Ridge is Have.

A dispersal appears to be a very fundamental manifestation of beingness, a spherical glow of energy from a location in space, a deva or "shining one." An outflowing dispersal (explosion) creates open space, flexibility and allows thought to move rapidly. It also enables an easy shift of viewpoint (location in space) for a being, which is why the mutable signs exhibit these qualities. On a very high "plane" this relates to the number ONE (see appendix for article on numbers), which is pure "I am" and is sometimes seen as a vision of infinite space.

A flow is the most basic action of doingness, from one location in space toward a second location. On a very high "plane" this relates to the number TWO. This is basic to dichotomies of opposites such as black/white, good/evil, etc.

A ridge forms a solid mass and is therefore the most basic manifestation of havingness. On a very high "plane" this relates to the number THREE. when one reaches THREE, the opposing terminal of TWO switches to THREE and TWO becomes occupied by a flux or changing process instead.

The Four Mental Signs
The four dispersal signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces each rule a particular way of thinking and relating ideas. The four styles of mentation are: differentiation (this is different from that), association (this is similar to that), identification (this is that, A = A), and disassociation (this has no relation to that).

 Virgo differentiates
 Gemini associates
 Pisces Identifies
 Sagittarius disassociates

Virgo notices the littlest details of differences between things. A shrimp fork has a different number of tines than a salad fork.

Gemini locates similarities between things, sorts and classifies halfway between differences and identities. A Ford and a Chevy are both associated by their being cars.

Pisces says that one thing IS another. A coffee cup is a coffee cup. Here is both the fairly high level action of assuming an identity in order to play a game, and also the stimulus-response mistake of identifying things as being equal when they are merely similar.

Sagittarius hits both the highest highs and lowest lows of mind. At the top there is pure awareness of the sort striven for by practitioners of General Semantics where objects and actions are seen as themselves without  identifying, sorting or classifying them in any way. The Zen puzzles such as "What is the sound of one hand clapping?" are another example of high end Sagittarian thought. At the bottom is the disassociation of insanity where a person is so forcefully "elsewhere" that nothing is allowed to relate to anything.

(Warning to deep researchers! You might notice that the zodiac is set up to control beingness, with dispersal signs occurring last in each trio. The truth is that dispersals are first in the deep past, not last. Also notice that the zodiac is arranged as a cycle of action where mind and matter both degenerate and become more complex as one moves from Aries through the signs to Pisces. The sequence from flow to ridge (example: Aries, then Taurus) is correct, but those two should follow a dispersal sign, not precede one. Frankly I smell a decaying rat in Denmark [to mash a couple of cliches together playfully]. Something isn't right about that... Theorywise, astrology operates like some sort of evil implant. Most people view "their" sign as something positive, but actually a sign is more like a goddamned wall blocking out the abilities and tendencies assigned to the other 11 signs, while only having a single "window" left open to the one sign. Planets and the sun in a sign act as disablers, not enablers. This works in a manner which can be compared metaphorically to color. A color like red isn't red because of the presence of red light, so much as it's red because of the ABSENCE of the other colors. Signs are similar in that their emphasis on certain abilities masks the fact that they are blocking other abilities.)

Putting It All Together
My notes from when I was investigating the mental physics of astrology during the early 1980s indicate:

Fire always has motion out of self.

Water always has tractor into self.

Fire and Water are self (sensation) oriented.

Air always has flow out of other.

Earth always has tractor into other.

Air and Earth are other oriented.

To fully understand the signs of the zodiac one must add one more item: the person. By "the person" I do not mean the body. I mean the spirit which operates the body. In most people these two are the same space, but not always. To simplify what I mean by the word "spirit" I am only going to define spirit as its main characteristic. A spirit is a point of view, that is to say, a location in space from which space and objects and energies are viewed. For anyone who dislikes this concept, just treat the word "self" as representing the location of the person's body, especially the body's head.

The Signs of the Zodiac Represented by Their Style of Energies

("Self" signifies the location in space the person is observing from, the viewpoint. In the fixed sign diagrams, the vertical line represents the ridge of energy formed due to the collision of flows. The symbol I'm using for the source point/location of origin of energy as knowingly caused by self is "Å")


Here the flow is outward from the point of view. This is very simple and direct, which is Aries in a nutshell.


Taurus is attempting to pull something toward itself out of the ridges of matter.


Gemini stays apart from the action, maintaining a certain distance. If you compare this to Pisces below you will see why Gemini is relatively so detached. If you compare it to Virgo you will get a hint as to why a Gemini often irritates a Virgo: the action is the same but the flow is in the opposite direction.


Cancer pulls the whole universe to itself. The mountain comes in this case to Mohammed!


Leo has a strong outflow from self, but this is met by a flow from others. This flow from others could in good cases be mere attention -- or it could be opposition -- but in either case the Leo goes more solid.


It's easy to see from this diagram why Virgos seem to wear microscopes for eyeglasses! But it also indicates a marvelous ability to view the smallest things in detail from all sides.


Libra has an ability which is a curse at lower levels of spiritual (non)progress. It is the ability to see both sides of any directly opposing issue. For the ordinary person this is very uncomfortable -- exhibited as indecision, waffling, changes of mind and other similar apparent flakiness.

Note that I said "apparent".

The sign is ruled by some yet-to-be-located planet, probably circling out beyond the orbit of pluto. Whatever the name eventually assigned to this postulated planet, we know enough about its effects through Libra and the corresponding 7th house to catalog many of its characteristics. It rules both war and marriage; and in the broadest sense it rules the relationship between Self and Others. The sign Libra therefore has its consciousness thrown into painful awareness that a single point of view is limited and incorrect, and that multiple viewpoints held simultaneously see far more than the best possible single point of view. At its very highest Libra expresses a nearly divine metaphysical awareness of all life being valid and all persons being correct in their opinions so far as they go -- and their incorrectness stemming mainly from their limited views.


Even as Scorpio tries to communicate it is simultaneously holding something back. All three water signs, Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces, protect their psyches against others in a specific way. Scorpio's shield is to keep their thoughts, desires and intentions unknown by others.


Sagittarius is the purest representation of a located disincarnate Spirit as a Deva, a glowing one. This is the "energy production unit" of the Thought People in "Super Scio."


Capricorn reaches out into the society around it and causes the people there to compel Capricorn to do its duty.


Aquarius induces other people to ridge against themselves, while Aquarius watches. This is how the Aquarian can have enough space to be so creative and original: the ridge they create is outside themselves!


Pisces tends to get overwhelmed because there is a constant inflow from all directions. This places beings who are already in bad shape even more at effect, and they often drink themselves silly to blot out all the personalities, mental images, emotions and identities which collapse in on them constantly. On the other hand this sign has the greatest ability to perceive spiritual truths by "channeling" knowledge from higher sources. Sun in Pisces people Edgar Cayce and L. Ron Hubbard both exhibited this ability.


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