Hubbard's nickname in sci-fi stories written by Robert Heinlein was "Lafe Hubert."

This one might make me popular among church bashers, and unpopular among some ardent students of Mr Hubbard. Which is too bad because clambakers and other extreme bashers are too busy dramatizing their ARCx to listen -- so they don't matter in the short term. It's the serious students and researchers I wish to communicate to, and they might have resistance to listening to this.

He messed up on mapping the upper part of the tone scale. That's right, he missed all the upper tones in spite of knowing they were there as far back as 1952 (PDC lectures) -- which we have now thanks to the fine work of Mr Filbert. The most telling screw up was that apparently Hubbard never saw anything above what Filbert labeled "Multiple Deity - 160.0 - Volition, Coexistence" and/or "Not Know - 120.0 - Individuality". And never actually reached Coexistence, merely glimpsed it. Hubbard not only stated that the tones above this level do not exist, but he also behaved as though they don't, ignoring the entire upper and middle Thought bands, preferring to make his goal the highest non-pervasive tone. This trapped him into continuing to play thetan vs thetan games, which continued the not-is via the immensely destructive concept of the Suppressive Person (which doesn't exist as an intention, these people are merely low toned and psychotic), aggravated by pulling in mass during GPM research, which led to a dramatization of an incomplete ep on Power processing, which led to the mistakes on OT3, which led to his war against enemies, creation of Sea Org, GO, RTC, Finance Police, etc. To make matters worse, he never released a tone scale which went any higher than tone 40. And this in spite of knowing that tone 40 was a stable resting point similar to Conservatism, and therefore a ridge!

One hell of a mistake! Without recognizing the unity of all life and beingness, one will continue to oppose others -- after all, they are NOT yourself, right? Wrong!

Here's a quote of Mr Hubbard from PDC #6, for illustration and critical purposes (this constitutes "fair use"):

"People have had the idea that when you got up there along top.. of course, you know you have to kind of get up there a little bit and take a look to see if there's anything much higher, and.. uh.. people have had the idea that this.. this.. ah.. there was just a main body of theta and everybody became one when you got to the top of the tone scale. Fortunately, that isn't true. Yeah. But you go down tone scale and everybody becomes one and the oneness is MEST. And there's no individuality whatsoever in MEST."
That attitude is the postulate which creates our whole game. He recovered it, but he failed to get past it to the decision beneath. And what's oddest about this is that he wrote out part of the truth in his axioms -- enough that he should have gotten all of it. Very odd.

I also wish to point out in reference to the last two lines of that quote that he himself has said repeatedly in his books and tapes that the bottom of the scale looks a lot like the top -- usually when he was comparing Serenity of Beingness tone 40.0 to Death 0.0. What Hubbard didn't know was that there is only one being, one "thetan" if you wish, at "Single Deity - 320.0 - Life that is not being" on Filbert's scale. And believe me, there's plenty of individuality there, merely one of it. And any being can reach this tone, but we don't stay there for long because there's no game there. We simply reindividuate again and remain ourselves, which we never lost when we were there in any case! As near as I can state it so that it makes sense: the many is the one, but the one remains the many even while being one!

Four paragraphs up I mentioned in passing that opposing others was a mistake, because all beings are one. This datum underlies the phenomena of "overt acts." Deep down and far back in the past, the cause of all case is a lack of integrity. The history of the whole track is a gradual process of the disintegration of beings into fragments. Much of processing and meditation is aimed at reintegrating beings. All harm done is harm against self. That is why the overt act against others has such aberrative power: the other guy is you too. And I do NOT communicate that fact at Sympathy on the tone scale, where most religions seem to place it. That's another lower level mockery, like serenity of Death being a lower level mockery of Serenity of Beingness. I'm saying it in the Know range on the tone scale, communicated through this body which is currently at Strong Interest as an organism.

Another critical mistake he made was taking the apparency as the reality. This mistake in perception resulted in picking up various approaches to case, trying them out, then abandoning them in favor of a new, "better" flavor. His engineer style practicality never allowed him to discover all of the fundamentals on which case, universes and minds are based -- though admittedly he got a lot of them.

Another aspect of his taking the apparency as the reality is that he declared that a person was "at" a single tone on the scale. Admittedly, when stuck deep in the muck, that is how it looks. Part way out is a higher apparency (of archetypical structure) that a person occupies a position in each of these bands: upper Thought, middle Thought, lower Thought (lower astral plane), Emotion, Effort, and Mystery (unconsciousness and matter). Each position reacts against the ones immediately above and below it. For example an emotion is triggered by a thought opinion, which emotion spurs effort, which in turn is used against matter. Above the apparency however it becomes clear that A PERSON IS THE ENTIRE TONE SCALE FROM TOP TO BOTTOM. Once loose enough, all a person has to do is place their attention at a specific tone in order to "be" there.

Another and rather silly goof was his definition of space:

"Space is a viewpoint of dimension."
Which is perfectly reasonable on the face of it, but please notice that it doesn't tell you anything. My research is indicating a far more useful view of space which comes of contemplating the upper tone scale:
And by "BEINGS" I do not merely mean objects which have existence -- I mean individuals. People. Spirits. Thetans. Insert favorite word for that which is aware.

A more serious goof was his bulletin on the EPs and F/Ns of Power. The ep's for power processes 4 and 5 are fine except for one small detail: WHEN EP IS REACHED ON ONE COMMAND, CONTINUE GIVING THE ALTERNATE COMMAND UNTIL EP IS REACHED ON IT TOO. Those two processes address primal dichotomies which must be fully relieved on both ends. To leave one side untouched is to fix it in restimulation so that the person dramatizes it from then on. Also the additions to these processes as all flows are unecessary; properly done they should ep fully when they are run: simple, soft, muzzled and above MEST. THEY ALREADY ARE ALL FLOWS! THESE THINGS ARE ABOVE TERMINALS IN SPACE -- WHAT "YOURSELF", "OTHERS" and "ANOTHER"? Running them all flows simply proves that they weren't understood and weren't being processed right.


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