Some of you might be familiar with the practices of magickal fraternities such as the Golden Dawn and OTO who use the methods of ritual initiation. Those of you who are freezone escapees from the Co$ might never have heard of those groups. If so then you need to know that in the late 40's between WWII and the publication of Dianetics, L. Ron Hubbard was a practicing member of the OTO. The OTO was founded by the famous magician Aleister Crowley, who had gotten his original training in the Golden Dawn.

These fraternities used a bridge of sorts, called degrees of initiation, wherein at each stage the aspirant was let in on one of the secrets of the universe (Sort of, ha ha, at the lowest degree they taught the Hebrew alphabet!). Their effective training mainly involved two things which will be quite familiar to students of Hubbard's work in the early 50's: exteriorization and mockup (mental image) exercises.

Their series of degrees of initiation were broken in two places, separating their bridge into three sections. The lowest section we can ignore. It mainly involved book learning and a few preliminary ritual exercises.

The second section was that of the "adepts" and was characterized by the magician at those levels being able to exteriorize from the body at will. As an adept the magician was capable of using theta sight, contact and gain access to created sub-universes through visualization, use the energized etheric body from the Magic Universe era as a substitute for the material body, and generally bend reality at least slightly to his/her will.

Ah but with all that, the adept was still quite human! To put it in Scio terms, the adept had increased self-determinism, but was still well short of pan-determinism.

Between the second and third sections was something called the "Abyss." The nature of the abyss was cloaked in mystery and terror! It was dangerous! Blah blah blah... Sounds a little like the confidential levels in the Co$, doesn't it? Trust me, the abyss was dangerous to them, but far less dangerous than not confronting it. All the abyss really was, is the gap between being human and being god. And therein lay the horrible danger! For these magicians had thrown off the chains of Christianity, and with those the Christian humility. And forget it, they didn't have Scio Grade 4 to handle their tendencies to make themselves right by making others wrong. Therefore these poor bastards hurled themselves into the abyss trying to get from human consciousness to divine consciousness with full baggage of Grades case intact.

In the third and highest section of the Magickal system, the "surrender of self" which begins by entering the Abyss is completed. I consider their term "surrender" to be unfortunate, because it places the aspirant at effect instead of cause, but I can understand their motivation for using the term. Anyone attempting to reach a divine consciousness without the benefit of a full Grades release (which they didn't have access to) would -- instead of attaining a pure divinity -- merely gain power while clinging stubbornly to the precious "self". By "self" here I do NOT mean beingness, I mean limited materialistic identity and personality. Any magician who empowers "self" while not also becoming and empowering others ends up becoming what is known as a "black" magician.

What happened was that they usually grew egos as big as all outdoors, all "Me, me, me, I'm right and all of you are wrong and need to be taught by me!" They were sure they had made it, and were usually mistaken. (For further on this read "The Hubris Trap.")

To give Crowley his due, he may have made it. He certainly behaved as though he did in his later life. But it's also very possible that he may have been fooling himself. Always remember that the man was trained in a system which used enslaved entities on a regular basis as part of its practices.

Someone(s) must have made it, or at least keyed out enough to cognite on the area, otherwise why would the Magician's initiation be arranged like that? But what had they seen? What were they after? What was this supreme state to which they were instructed to aspire with such devotion?

I know. I've seen it. I've been there for a few timeless instants of calm and immense love.

It's described in the upper end of Filbert's Expanded Tone Scale! Those old magicians reached the tones above 100.0 on the scale. Up around "Truth", "Awareness" to "Multiple Deity" it's easy from there to see "Single Deity", which is the unity of all theta. At Single Deity is true pan-determinism. At Single Deity all games are playing with yourself.

Above that is Native State. Has anyone made it to Native State, then come back from Native State to tell us that we can get all the way out of the trap? Gautama said he did. I really don't know if Gautama did; the old tales were passed down by word of mouth and finally written down hundreds of years after he died. But if you read the Pali language texts, that's what they claim.

I didn't get that far. I didn't even make it to Single Deity; I merely got close enough to see Single Deity. And do you know who Single Deity is? Forget "God", it's you and I. All of us.


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