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There has been several attempts made by researchers in the field of the mind to explain the phenomena of group minds. Much ancillary phenomena was explained, yet as far as I can see none of them penetrated to the root of the matter. No one seems to have asked the magic question: "How can this happen?" Or if they did, the answer wasn't apparent. I found a way to get that answer.

First some background. The various phenomena of the mind can be found to occur at specific locations on the Expanded Tone Scale of Geoffrey Filbert, which he brilliantly correlated to an equally expanded Know to Mystery scale. If you are not familiar with these scales I suggest you stop reading right now, follow the link I've provided and study it thoroughly before returning to this article.

My understanding of the tone scale took many years to develop. Like most people I believed what I read about it in Hubbard's and Minshull's work -- specifically that a human being was "at" a single tone somewhere on the human range of Enthusiasm 4.0 to Death 0.0. I sort of ignored for a long time a few mentions of the spirit being at one tone, and the body usually at quite another. Eventually I came around to the notion that I as a spiritual being might "be" at a different tone than my body. I might be cracking jokes -- and "be" as a spirit at Approval from Bodies -3.5, and my body expressing itself at Antagonism 2.0.

But I noticed something odd which nagged at me. I got mad one day at a guy who was quite a bit larger than I physically. I noticed a weird thing: I was "at" Anger 1.5, but I was also "at" Fear 1.0. Both of these emotions could be felt simultaneously. They conflicted, settled into a sort of balance inside me, and what came out of my mouth was No Sympathy 1.2 and Covert Hostility 1.1! The more I considered that, the more it bothered me. Wasn't I supposed to "be" at only one tone? But I could feel TWO tones at the same time! How could this be?

This was the first hint I had that a person could operate at more than one location on the tone scale. The second hint occurred after I had partially "woken up" as a spirit in the mid 90's. I had not yet seen Filbert's tone scale, but I had already figured out that Hubbard's version was only a section of the occult "planes", which I had learned from Theosophy and the magical literature during the mid 70s. In those "planes" are levels of thought (mental), which lie just above the emotional areas of the astral. It dawned on me one day that I was operating as a spirit at a tone above the emotion band when I did creative work, like when I was doing intense visualization of new ideas. I was sophisticated enough to realize that Hubbard must have omitted some tones for thought -- somewhere around, but maybe below his Serenity of Beingness 40.0.

Filbert's scale puts these areas of thought both above and below Serenity of Beingness 40.0. The first time I saw his expanded scale (late 1999!) whole sections of data, knowingness and observations just flew into place in my mind. Suddenly it all made sense about the damned tone scale and the occult scale too. They all lined up perfectly. But what really blew me away was the very top. I had already gotten far enough up, bootstrapping myself into and above the area of Inspiration and Aesthetics (without knowing exactly where they were in relation to other tones), and had a major cognition about the unity of all theta. I saw the single thetan we all are, and it created a major case change! *grin* So when I finally saw Filbert's scale it validated the hell out of me (thank you for the acknowledgment) and created vast relief that someone else had seen it too: second from the top, "Single Deity."

Part of the chain reaction of cognitions I had as a result of perceiving Single Deity 320.0 (Static) was that I gained an entirely new understanding of communication (see: The Nature of Communication). All communication turns out to be telepathic. And telepathy is duplication. And duplication is DONE AT SINGLE DEITY! Every person understands what another person is intending to say only because they duplicate that intention very high on the tone scale, at the point where both persons are the SAME BEING.

The next cognition in the chain was that since I was operating that high on the tone scale... and I looked and realized I was operating at several other locations on the tone scale. Sheesh! It blew me away! I was duplicating at 320.0, perceiving truth at 100.0, enjoying and creating aesthetics at 70.0, creating artistic inspiration at 60.0, making postulates at 30.0, imposing considerations just below that, making opinions at 22.0, feeling thrills and exhilaration as a being at the top of the emotion band, motivating my body from conservatism to cheerfulness, touching areas in my mind which felt like they were in apathy .05 or below, flowing effort band energy to move the matter of my body, doing "efforts to think" just below that, creating "thought forms" (see below) somewhere in that area, and finding things in hiding which didn't wish to be found even farther down.

The whole tone scale was mine to use. That cognition changed my entire outlook. I stopped worrying about where I "was" on the tone scale and concentrated instead on expanding my ability to access the entire thing consciously. As a side note I want to point out that various tones are taken simultaneously by us, separated by wide enough gaps between them to provide a flow of energy (between the different potentials). Each position taken on the scale controls and motivates the position below. Therefore an idea (thought band) will trigger an emotion (emotion band), and that emotion will drive the effort which in turn moves the physical body. Therefore one could say that each band controls the one beneath it.

But what, you ask, does that have to do with group minds? It has EVERYTHING to do with it. See, it's not just "me" who is using the whole tone scale all the time, while unaware of doing so. Everyone else is too. By the "whole scale" make no mistake, I mean the very top too. Therefore (take this one to the bank): ALL THETA IS IN CONSTANT TELEPATHIC CONTACT WITH ITSELF AT ALL TIMES. That means every spirit, every entity, even cold, hard matter.

Beingness, or theta if you would, is a single being which is aware of all its parts. It has divided into parts, which parts have hidden from themselves that they are parts of a whole. Therefore each part (person) is deliberately being unaware of being that single being at "Single Deity." Filbert seems to have seen it. As for others, Ken Ogger (The Pilot) came closest to seeing the truth, he just didn't extrapolate backwards from what he already knew. Look at him get close here (from Super Scio #6A):

One point that is still under research is whether or not we have multiple self aware operating centers. In other words, we might each be a number of different people and making a point of not knowing about our other selves from any of the individual viewpoints. This might be like a computer running multiple programs and shifting memory banks as it timeslices between the different programs. Or imagine setting up a 4 player card game and playing each of the 4 roles. You might mock up a personality for each one (maybe one is greedy and one is skillful and one is having fun and one is trying not to make a fool of himself) and then intentionally pretend to not know what the other 3 are thinking as you play each role.

Then he makes the same mistake that Hubbard did:

... don't make the mistake of thinking that you're everybody else. You'd only be a small percentage. Maybe one in a billion. But the galaxy is large and even that ratio might mean that you are millions of different people. We used to operate this way on the early track, but we were aware of doing it.

On the other hand Hubbard contradicts himself in 1952 when he says the truth:

If you notice on the column on the Chart of Attitudes, up at the top of the column, at some unimaginable number height way above 40 - you've got  "everyone." You would have everyone; you really would have. It'd come back to the main theta body, the BIG theta body. And if you could back up the Tone Scale far enough or high enough, theoretically you could be everyone, theoretically.

I don't see why he would think anything has changed about the way we operate, ha ha! Actually I do. Like most people, he doesn't dare allow himself to have that thought. It's considered a dangerous thought. The consideration is that the information I'm giving here if placed in the awareness of a sufficiently able thetan is capable of unmocking the entire game. I don't know if that last statement is true or not, but that is the consideration as I've recovered it. Enough digression, back to the parts (thetans) of the whole (static).

These parts retain the ability of the Single Deity in that they are able to divide into more parts. That's how there are so many thetans. These self-aware parts (thetans) also have the ability to divide and separate awareness into new locations which are not self-aware. We call these non-self-awares entities. Another word for them is "thought forms." They can be quite alive, nearly thetans themselves and have very complex minds. Or they can be as simple as a dot of mass with a single thought or command inside it. At this level they begin shading into those effort level thoughts which are often seen in the mind as symbols. The more complex of these entities retain the ability to divide and make new non-self-aware copies of themselves. This is how we have so many genetic entities running life forms. This also explains the behavior of BTs, etc. And it explains the cluster of entities. So stiff, pedantic classifications of beingness are not exactly true. Theta can become, divide and create whatever it can envision. There are infinite shades of being.

Separate beings and entities are always in duplication of one another (telepathy), and can become aware of it if they have a lot of communication, which comm leads to increased affinity, and if they are sharing the same space. That latter two are probably the key actions leading to the formation of clusters on the BT level and group minds on the thetan level -- AFFINITY and SHARING OF SPACE. Reread the main article on triangles. Those are first column actions, leading to at least a partial as-isness of postulated differences, putting the beings or entities more in contact with one another at Single Deity. With the BTs, sharing of space is achieved with force. One of the main implant tricks is to take something upscale like Static or Native State, and equate it to something downscale like agreement or a mystery. In the case of clusters, affinity and force (not-is) have been combined. The result is enforced affinity -- ick!

Reality is the dream of Single Deity. ALL of reality, and that includes cold, hard matter, is the dream of Single Deity. (Please do not confuse Single Deity with Christian ideas of a personal God who is "over" you. Single Deity is not an overwhelm of you. It is not you at effect, while it is the only cause. Single Deity is YOU, but it also just so happens to be me too, and everyone else.) To the extent that individual beings (thetans) have agreed on a universe, to that extent they share that universe and all postulates which create it. The postulates of the current universe are based on the postulates of all the previous ones, going back all the way to at least the first common, shared universe (agreements), and probably much much farther than that. Many of those postulates are extremely aberrated. Many of those postulates exist at the bottom end of the tone scale, in the Unknowable range. Therefore, not only does each individual being have "case", but the physical universe has "case" as well, and in fact seems to possess some very solid seeming machinery and a reactive mind of its own. That could be deemed the group reactive mind of all beings inhabiting this universe.

And we are putting it there, all of us.

As for the mechanics, much fascinating information can be found in the works of Rupert Sheldrake; and also on Edmund Meadows' Viking Remote Viewing & Psychic Self Defense site. Some of that latter is quite hair-raising. Membership in any group apparently implants the mind of that group, which consists of a sub-universe separate from, but interacting with the physical universe via the members. As agreement is enforced reality -- which is to say a must-have on some reality and a must-not-have on other reality -- then the group mind of any group such as for instance the Marine Corps or the Church of _____ will seek to limit disagreement via the actions of its members against other members and outsiders. Edmund Meadows  goes into great detail about these sub-universes; I highly recommend reading his site. I also want to warn you that his material is separated from enforced agreement with most groups, therefore it will probably seem strange and unreal to most people who read it. It is not for beginners. You will know you have arrived above enforced reality when you can comfortably read Edmund without having to agree or disagree. The viewpoints of others can be duplicated without enforcement. All of this occurs in the +20s range of the tone scale, which could be called the Objective or Extroverted Mental Plane. This is quite different from the introverted mental activity which occurs at thinkingness. The Objective Mental Plane is thinking by interaction with other viewpoints. This plane has the appearance of a vast space containing interconnecting points which are separated by empty space. The physical universe, which is below tone 26, appears to be divided into four planes. The highest of these is the Objective Mental, which is called by occultists the element of fire.


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