A friend named Jurgen Kluft asked me:

"Energy? what is it and what is causing it to be there? Is it the conflicting postulates that generate force/energy?"

An initial creation, often called an as-isness, has no persistence. Therefore it must be lied about, "altered" if you would, which creates what is called an alter-isness. This alter-isness persists nicely. But indications from my triangles research indicate that an alter-isness made
via a second postulate isn't very solid. To achieve real solidity a third (or more) postulate is required, which is not-isness.

The key to this information comes from including the work of a modern theoretical physicist into the triangles data:

The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle can be stated roughly that when an observer interacts with any reality such as a piece of matter/energy -- the energy of that particle may be known, or its location may be known, but not both.

When you know its energy, then it is considered energy.
When you know its location, then it is considered matter.

Energy is either in motion, or has a non-precise location. In order to locate a piece of energy it is necessary to stop its motion, or pin down its location, which is also a form of stopping it. "Stop" is NOT-IS.

To bring this all together as the Heisenberg Triangle:
The OBSERVER is a thetan, and the act of observing is as-isness.
ENERGY in motion and not located is alter-isness.
Stopped MATTER which has no energy is not-isness.

In the triangles articles I pointed out that in processing/auditing the objective is usually as-isness, which is spiritually healthiest for thetans. I also pointed out that alter-isness was often used to good effect to achieve a return to an as-isness, and that alter-isness -- while not the precise truth -- was not aberrative to thetans. Only not-isness is aberrative to thetans, and therefore all actions listed in the third column (toward the bottom of "The Three Part Cycle (triangle) of Damned Near Everything" where I list all the triangles) were to be avoided like poison by thetans. The third column is how we get into trouble.

From this one can see that the 2nd column production of energy by a thetan is far superior to the 3rd column thetan having motionless matter. First column, which is creation of an as-isness, is best of all. Oddly enough, a postulate is an as-isness which is thrown into/onto the universe, which then is automatically altered by the theta machinery we set up to run this ticky-tock universe on a time track. That's part of how postulates stick without having to consciously alter them ourselves. We are altering the postulates ourselves, but not consciously -- instead doing so via the here/not-here vibration of the continuous alteration called time. Another factor of alteration is the lie of separation from Static. These two seem to combine to allow any postulate to become a third postulate AT MINIMUM automatically. This achieves a comfortable solidity.


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