(Do not read this article until you have read and understood all of the previous ones in the second section -- with the exception of the two on astrology, which you may ignore for now.)

By the time you reach this article you should be in possession of a clear mental image of the upper (causal or spirit) area of the tone scale. To recap though: there is a Nothing which is beyond Cause, which made a decision to be (postulate = to exist). The resulting single beingness is called Single Deity on Filbert's Expanded Tone Scale. I usually call it the Static. The two tones on that scale just below Single Deity are where the Static decided in turn to partially not-know itself, separating into Thetans or spirits as a result (postulate = "I am me").

But saying "I am me." implied that you are not-me. Therefore the first dichotomy was formed, a lie which triggered all the lies to follow. The basic dichotomy echoed down into every area we pervaded, so that to know was to not-know, to be was to not-be, to have was to not-have, to love was to not-love. All of our goals and their GPMs cascaded down from this. Our major scales such as the tone scale and the know to mystery scale derive from it. All the implant series echo it. All of our universes and their functions only exist because of forcibly holding apart (yet at the same time smashing together into one) a function of near-theta and its metaphysically opposite proposition. To know is to totally not-know, thereby opening a space for its scale (Expanded Know to Mystery, as per Filbert).

Because the top of each is based upon, and contains the bottom of each as part of its fundamental makeup -- every proposition implying its reverse -- the top and bottom of each scale are equated with one another in the mind in the A = A manner described by Alfred Korzybsky. This created the classic Problem, as defined by Hubbard. The individuation of the Static into thetans IS the ultimate, fundamental action which is Basic to our whole mess.

But, you might ask me, if it's so basic then knowledge of it should be helpful in processing?

It should, and it does, but because of a quirk in the personal identity of Hubbard it was shunned in the Co$ and seems to be mostly ignored in the Freezone (though Max Sandor knows it well). Perhaps this was a good thing that Hubbard could not face the truth, because he and his research auditors built a bridge without the crutch of one of the most effective tools for keying out a being. Instead they found new ways to achieve clarity, without using the easy way.

This knowledge is known in most religions in some form or another. Christianity, Buddhism, Christian Science, all use it. It is a powerful tool. It is a powerful vision that takes the individual beyond his mere Self, and into true pan-determinism. It can be read clearly in the reported words and actions of both Gautama (the Buddha) and Jesus of Nazareth.

The jist of it? Simple. There is only one Thetan at Single Deity. That Thetan is awake and aware of all its scattered parts, which do not seem scattered to it -- despite the fact that the parts (individual thetans and entities) are usually unaware of being it and also EVERY OTHER BEING IN EXISTENCE.

And that's the big secret. You are everyone else. There is only one of us. Our separation is a lie. The other day I read an email message by Heidrun Beer in which she protested that a certain universal clearing process would produce individuation because it only ran the process on the first flow: self. She insisted that other flows -- involving processing the viewpoints of other people -- was necessary. Heidrun is correct. And the above is why. One cannot become totally free without processing everyone -- because one is everyone.

Remember this: Hubbard's definitions of pan-determinism prattle on foolishly in mechanical description of a great breadth of control and responsibility. This is incorrect and limited. True pan-determinism is BEING everyone and everything. If you are something, of course you can control it! But if you are controlling something or someone without being them, then you are a tyrant, and your control is felt as other-determinism by the one(s) being controlled. This is the deadly mistake Hubbard made as a result of his hubris, thereby collapsing together the triangles of Scn.

This information is why most religions in their highest aspects insist that love is the answer to everything. Love is the process, as described in both Buddhism and by Crowley. Boundless love. Love without desire or fixation upon objects or goals. Its result is an ascension up the tone scale to Static. (I have read it described as feeling love as an emotion at first, then as you rise upscale the love rises up tone too, and expands outward spacially. The best description I know is found in Max's Purple notebook, chapter 64 "Raising the Frequency of Love". Also see this section of the Sankha Sutta for an exact OT process, and the Metta Sutta for results. That's not what happened to me though. I got this release by concentrating on the fleeting instant of near static which occurs just BEFORE a thought. Instead of having the idea of affinity, I "knew" it as a process upscale into the Thought range of 90.0 to 16.0 on the tone scale for brief instants. I can't even begin to describe those tones. It is NOT thinkingness type thought, it's more like aesthetic feeling except as knowing instead of feeling.) Therefore by extension one might also achieve this keyout by the oft ignored process "conceive a static", though I must protest that what I did was more along the lines of locating one. There is also a strong probability that actually reexperiencing the act of separating from Static through a regression process such as R3XD may produce a stabler form of the same result.

That Buddhist process I first mentioned was simple wasn't it? Too simple for some people in their serious complexity. Yet it produces a key out of magnitude. Just love your way up the tone scale, and when you reach Static, you will discover that Single Deity is you. And that all your friends and enemies are you too, even though they remain their distinct selves also. It works. Try it. If Gautama (the Buddha) knew why his process worked that information didn't as far as I know survive into the modern era. His process works because love, affinity, is fundamentally a matter of same beingness. By expanding outward with unrestricted love in all directions, the Buddha was reconnecting with all his lost and forgotten parts of himself.

"Thou art god." --Valentine Michael Smith in "Stranger in a Strange Land" by Robert Heinlein

Yes you are. Just keep in mind that even though you are god, so is everyone else, lest you fall into the Hubris Trap. These processes if practiced can cure any being of hubris.

The end phenomenon of these processes is a happy state where others are loved by you and important to you in a very relaxed, calm way. Any attempt to fake and service fac one's way into a false attest of this state would be easy to spot: the faker would remain selfish, and the love could only be faked at Covert Hostility which in turn would be prone to expressing it as Sympathy. Also an attempt to fake this release would result in a collapse of a person's space and a harsh trip downscale. So don't try faking it. Just do it.

These processes would solve the Only One, the solipsist crisis of lonely self awareness.

Here are the processes again in a nutshell. -- Buddhist: boundless love without fixation on desire, object or goal. Take it upscale by whatever means, and outward spacially. More Scn oriented: simply locate a static.

I did.


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