One of the most fundamental aberrations of a being is the idea of self. We didn't used to insist so strongly that our personal identities were separate, but over a vast gulf of times we each have built up an armor of identity with which we enforce our individuation from one another. The primary means of enforcing self is the identification of each being's separate awareness -- in the classic A = A manner -- with whatever symbol, mask, field of energy and/or body each uses as a terminal for others to communicate with. By saying "I am _____" then filling the blank with the terminal (for example "I am this body"), each being set up an outer limit to what was considered to be itself. The tendency became one of only being that body, only viewing from that body, only being responsible for the effects caused by that body.

Problem is, a being is much much larger than that. At and above Postulates on the Expanded Tone Scale the being decides meaning into large spaces outside and beyond its mere body. (As an aside let me point out again that the action of a being in creating a symbol in its mind is fundamentally the same as when it makes a postulate and impresses that postulate onto the physical universe. When making a thought symbol in the mind one creates a small bit of mass and assigns meaning to it. A symbol is defined as an object having mass plus mobility plus meaning. [This gives us a new triangle: col 1 - meaning, col 2 - mobility, col 3 - mass] This is exactly how a person thinks in the sub-death range of -3.0 to -4.0. A small mobile bit of mass is created and a meaning is attached/assigned to it. These bits of mass are then arranged, sorted, strung out in series', etc. in order for the normal person to "think." At Postulates a being does the same action on a wider scale. To impress a postulate upon all of physical reality one is assigning a meaning to it. It's the same action.) Part of going downscale is that a being occupies less and less space. Eventually a being occupies very little space, only takes responsibility for its mere body (if that much), and abandons everything else that exists. The result is a false dichotomy of Self vs Other. This can also be called Inside vs Outside.

I've studied astrology for more than 30 years. In astrology they have a saying: "As above, so below." This means that the outer universe is reflected in the mind and beingness of a person -- and vice versa. Over years of observing the interactions of people with the overall universe through the framework of astrology I saw that the whole outside/inside dichotomy was a lie. For instance the horoscopes of serial killers possessed the same special features as their victims. This is a well known phenomenon in astrology, but I don't think most astrologers have made the leap of understanding to realize that the victims are creating serial killing just as much as the perpetrators! Which means that the victims are cause over their own demise!

The above action implies that the oppterminal is as much the processee as the terminal. Just because the processee has assigned the label "self" to the terminal, and "other" to the oppterminal, that doesn't make it true. If the processee isn't also at the oppterm, then why the devil is the oppterm there at all? It's arbitrary, just as so much of identity is arbitrary. Sure, sure, one must get the right ownership, but that may be little more than ripping away sufficient not-is to get at what precise assignation was made. Keep in mind -- a person can and should run an incident from as many points of view as necessary. Much as we've lied our thetan asses off denying it, we're still all parts of the Static, the "main body of theta" if you wish. We can run each other's points of view, run each other's incidents, view one another's whole track as if it were our own, and even access anything and everything that was ever done in this or any universe (this has been called "reading the akashic record"). It's been said that all life is connected. It's been said that all theta is connected. It would be more accurate to say instead that all beingness is one beingness at the top of the tone scale.

So how big is a "self?" If a would-be victim can bring a serial killer to it from 70 miles away, that's a pretty good reach, viewed from a "normal" and "reasonable" perspective. But how can that victim bring the killer? By postulate? That's merely a via. By beingness? Ah, there's the rub! How many bodies is the victim controlling? Two? Its "own" and the killer's?

So just how big IS a being? I mean REALLY?

I know. Size, reach and identity become irrelevant at the Static (Single Deity - 320.0). But stepping down from there a bit, in more practical terms a being can and does assign meaning to the entirety of reality. In more down to earth terms that anyone can use, you can walk your body around on this planet -- say, walk down the street and be your body, be the sidewalk, be the kitten watching from the window, be the shrewd, slightly evil intentioned crow flapping above, be the oak tree growing in the yard, be it all. Why would "you" be a human body any more than you would be the pigeon sitting on the building ledge?

There is no inside or outside.


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