(latest update 8/06/01)  gold = main scale  aqua = know to mystery scale red = Beingness scale  white = boundaries formed by decision

The scale before you is the combination of the work of many people, brought together here in an attempt to lay out a more accurate map of the mind and therefore of reality itself. The oldest root of this scale is from Theosophy (which in turn owes a huge debt to Tibet). The Theosophists described the scale as "planes":
Causal, Mental, Astral, Etheric, and Physical.
In this scale the Causal is the level of spirit,
the mental that of pure thought,
the astral that of emotion,
the etheric that of effort, body thought and sensation,
and the physical that of matter and unconsciousness.
I've retained the name Causal, renamed Mental as Thought, used Emotional instead of Astral, used Effort instead of Etheric (both from Scn), and renamed Physical as Mystery.

The greatest major contribution is from the research of LRH and his staffs. A critical expansion of that work was made by Geoffrey Filbert, without whose insight this page would not be possible. Geoffrey laid out the tones he saw in sequence, but he didn't go into detailed descriptions. The work of many others has helped. You will find their names scattered through this document. This full scale derives primarily from observing processees who in reliving past incidents pass through these tones as they experience relief. From professional processor Robert Ducharme a while back came this observation: "...in unraveling a somatic one finds suppressed emotion, and in unraveling emotion one finds considerations. Once those considerations are cleaned up, the persistence of emotions and somatic ends. Release the effort and one finds the emotion. Release the emotion and one gets the thought or consideration. Release that and one gets reality - along with the affinity and communication that accompanies it." A familiarity with Filbert's Expanded Tone Scale is necessary for study of this page. Study that first. Keep in mind when reading this page that egos are irrelevant. This is not about me, or LRH, or any other being which says "I." This page is about the knowledge we all possess within us concerning the structures of our minds and shared universes. So the more viewpoints the better. Reality is never about any single "me" -- the "Cosmic All", as Doc Smith used to phrase it, can not be seen from only one point of view.

All three major scales of Know to Mystery, Affinity (Emotional tones, etc) and Be -- plus all other scales -- are united within TOTAL EXISTENCE at the top. They have a unity at the bottom too, which exists despite the horror of everything being fragmented there -- but it is a unity of NOT-BE, ABSOLUTE HATE and UNKNOWABLE as TOTAL NON-EXISTENCE. Every action identified as occurring above where a spirit is located on the scale is still there, but out of sight. So for instance at the tone Considerations the spirit is still making a postulate, and above that a decision, whenever it has a consideration. With an emotional tone (such as Enthusiasm for example) there is a fixed attitude (actually an attitude is a solidified opinion), above which is a fixed consideration, above which is a prior postulate, above which is a decision. It's merely that the higher actions are usually out of view. Reality itself appears different at different points on the scale (Perceptions of Reality) Please note that the "bands" (from Theosophy) are only a convenience, as these bands blend into one another. More important than the Theosophical bands are the decision points in white. These are points of shift and change which create great cumulative damage on the way down, or intense relief when passed through in session on the way up.

Within the span of the grand scale formed by TOTAL EXISTENCE vs TOTAL NON-EXISTENCE lie all our scales and triangles, not to mention all of our universes. Checking the archetypal area I find that every major triangle is based on a dichotomy, and forms a scale between the poles of the dichotomy. This scale between poles of the dichotomy is expressed through the third item of the triangle (see GD7.html for a list), which resolves habitually to one or the other pole. Many of the dichotomies behind these triangles are found in GD38.html, with the important ones correlated to the tone scale. The tone scale, the dichotomies, and the triangles form a system which is the basis of everyone and everything we experience. It should be blatantly obvious that we do not yet possess all of the data on these phenomena. A discerning person will notice holes and gaps in this data. In some cases we have the triangle, but not the full scale (Creation triangle); and in others we possess a rough, incomplete view of a scale, but no idea what triangle goes with it (Effort band, Mystery band, and also the Vibration scale). This is a research line. I will correct and add to this document as I and others rediscover the pattern of laws underlying all of reality. From Max Sandor I learned the viewpoint (Buddhist in origin he tells me) that case consists of not being whole. Therefore I have roughed out this scale as the Fragmentation of Being.

There is a recurring pattern within the grand tone scale where smaller dichotomies and triangles repeat themselves in what can be described as a fractal manner. Within the grand scale are two smaller scales which also form triangles. The top one appears to have Static at its top and Individuality at its bottom. This is the Causal band below Native State. The 2nd scale below that is the Know to Mystery scale, which is coexistent with the Existence triangle (see Ghost Danse #34 for diagrams). These latter operate inside universes. The Know to Mystery scale contains the remaining bands of Thought, Emotion, Effort and Mystery. Physical universe matter lies somewhere within the Mystery band; if it wasn't a mystery it wouldn't be so darned solid! The Thought band is a smaller scale within the overall pattern, and functions by means of the Creation triangle of as-is, alter-is, not-is. It seems to have smaller scales and triangles within it. The Emotion band begins to operate below Opinions -- below which single, separated viewpoints allow sufficient distance for affinity, the operation of communication, and the "solution" (3rd item) of reality. Therefore the ARC triangle (Affinity triangle) operates in the Emotion band, which is yet another fractal repetition of the pattern. There are the same sorts of things occuring in the Effort and Mystery bands. Effort seems to be a triangle based on the survive vs succumb dichotomy. I'm still researching. Inside these smaller scales/triangles I'm spotting smaller cycles. The overall pattern seen from the abstract area of primal archetypes (in the Thought band) is one of repeating fractal shapes based on the numbers 2, 3, and 4. 2 is the dichotomy, which seems caused originally by separation from static. 3 is the triangle, possibly laid in by the Penalty universes described by Ken Ogger (Super Scio). 4 is the oppgoal, which seems to originate in the Treadmill implant researched by Ken Ogger (Super Scio). I have not yet run either Penalty or Treadmill so I cannot vouch for the accuracy of either. But I can vouch for the pattern of these scales and triangles. They had to have come from somewhere. So I'm correlating Ken's work (and others') with mine here in order to communicate as complete an exposition of the tone scale as possible at this time. I want everyone to be aware that these implants might be dub-in, so read Ghost Danse #41 for some cautionary data.

That was the introduction. Are you ready to look at the entire tone scale? Start:

The Causal band is characterized by decisions made solely on the subject of being. The Causal band is above being inside universes, yet controls by decision those parts of themselves which are the beings manifested within universes. Actions taken at the levels of the Causal band usually appear to us to be postulates. They are not postulates; and attempts to represent these decisions as postulates or ideas using language often results in what sounds like madness and nonsense. Actions taken in the Causal band are decisions regarding beingness, which sometimes doesn't translate into language worth a damn. Aleister Crowley in his book "Magick in Theory and Practice" pointed out that "There are three main theories of the Universe; Dualism, Monism and Nihilism." Crowley knew that all three are correct. Nihilism is viewing reality as Native State. An example of this is Buddhism. Monism is viewing reality as the unified top area. Duality is viewing reality as dichotomies and polarities.

+400 Native State
Neither existence nor nonexistence. Neither perception nor non-perception. Neither unity nor division. Nothing is manifested here, not even potential. No decisions are made at this tone. This is above everything.

(Existence/awareness boundary)

+320 Static
This can be described as both zero and infinity in that it appears to be an infinite zero! Viewed from within universes it appears as a total stillness, silence, no vibration -- yet possessing (from a viewpoint within a universe) an infinite potential in comparison/relation to any terminal within the universe. This is the single beingness called by Filbert "Single Deity." The Buddhists' "Nothingness." Static and Coexistence are modifications of this and form the top triangle of existence. The decision at this level creates the grand dichotomy of EXIST vs NOT-EXIST which extends to the bottom of this scale. This tone is still above decision as a verb. LRH apparently got a limited view of this when he remarked during a lecture in 1952 (PDC #14): "So, you want to know what your highest echelon of knowledge could possibly be. It would probably be complete freedom to make the postulate to form any... any datum or group of data without even making the postulate to do so."

+160 to +120 Coexistence/Individuality
Filbert's names for this are excellent, so let's use them. I originally accepted the view of these being separate, but this changed when I became aware of the existence of primal dichotomies. Now I know that these two are merely opposing aspects of one another.

Viewed as Coexistence we are still fully being one another, but are occupying multiple centers of awareness semi-separately. The Buddhists describe an area called "Infinite Consciousness" which would seem to be this.

(The not-know beingness boundary -- differentiation begins at Individuality)

Viewed as Individuality this consists of beingnesses of Coexistence who have decided to not be one another -- or to say it with perhaps more accuracy, to not know that they are each other. According to Ken Ogger's descriptions each spirit at this level is capable of assuming a myriad of viewpoints simultaneously. By only being oneself, and not being others, this creates the span between BE and NOT-BE. Here is the "Infinite Space" of the Buddhists, caused by full separation of being into individuals. Here is the origin of "me", which is individual identity separated from others. The only way I can conceive of separating beings from one another in the absence of any universes would be to create an infinite empty space in which to be conscious in part of and not other parts; this would not be a material space. The first "particles" or "anchor points" would have to be individual consciousnesses, not matter.
One of my observations when in the zero of deep meditation was that instead of LRH's "Space is a viewpoint of dimension" (Which is little more than saying that one perceives a distance. LRH flubbed that one.) I saw that space derived directly from the division of the static into individuals. Therefore perhaps one could express it as:
The infinite zero of static expanded infinitely in all directions as it decided to not-know various parts of itself as viewed from various other parts. In deciding to thus not-know, each part which individuated created a not-know within itself, which eventually became the bottom of the chart of attitudes, bottom of tone scale etc as characteristics were later assigned to the universes.
An additional observation was made about this level by a friend, which helps clarify "be" and decisions. This observation is that Causation also fragments. If I may quote "M":

I seem to find a decision done at the end of the causal band, at "individuality". This decision would be: "Everyone his own source of postulates". Like after Coexistence, we would have decided to be able to postulate and cause things in the universe to come on the next level down the tone scale (in the thought band), but with different flavors: "I will postulate and you too, but  with different cause and effects, and some interferences". Hence several cause, source points with space in between, and reality being result of interferences between what is flowing from all those various source points.
Decisions are conscious and deliberate (verbs) from here down.

K-M: Not-Know and  Know --  LRH erred in separating these, they are opposing aspects of one another: the perception vs non-perception dichotomy. This is without a via. It just is awareness, as a creative certainty. Or perhaps I should say the certainty of one's creation. Here affinity is still perfect so there is no need to pervade as an action. A spirit simply creates the thing known, manifested as certainty without hesitation (comm lag) or thought. There is no separation in space or time between the creation and the Being. This is true pervaded reality as a boundless state of being.
+110 Awareness/Perception (see K-M "Not-Know and Know" above)

The Thought band is characterized by ideas made about the contents of universes. Here are all postulates, considerations, ideas, ideals, archetypes and opinions. At this point begins the Know to Mystery scale (K-M), as KNOW separates from BE and AFFINITY. In fact AFFINITY is still part of BE from here down to Games. Above this point KNOW and AFFINITY were part of BE. The upper third of the Thought band (equivalent to Know on the K-M scale) is the primary range of postulate making. The middle third of the band is the results of postulation. The lower third is withdrawal from those results.
+100 Creation (Dichotomy: truth vs non-truth, masking create vs uncreate. Triangle: as-is, alter-is, not-is)
Filbert's Truth. This tone is the source of the living dream, or what I call the dreamer who dreams with eyes open, whose dream is himself. Discarding such poetic language, at this tone a spirit is finally making realities. The image of the living dream itself occurs around +60 to +50 and is represented by the Hebrews as Binah. This tone is Kether. Since this is below Individuality, these have the appearance of personal, private universes -- just as this tone has the appearance of Truth. These are WHOLE creations, not pieces, and the apparency is that they are FULLY PERVADED. They appear pervasive because they are absolutes, that is to say they have the appearance of infinities. Filbert called this "exponential", which is another way to look at it. No matter how one looks at it, the creation done here is of infinite absolutes used in the construction of everything. All tones above this one I call "lights reflected upward" because they are creations. Ultimately there is no higher tone than this. The creation done here, which is an act of lying because creation is separation of self (unwholeness),  is first reflected downward into "Creation as Effect" at tone -100. All tones above +100 and all tones below -100 are contructs and definitely afterthoughts. The next act seems to be the creation of perception of what was created. So the sequence is: 1. +100, 2. -100, 3. +110. Next would come separation of beingness, then everything vs nothing, etc. These "lights" at the top are reflected downward into the shadows below -100. This occurs because reality is postulated or created as bipolar in nature, so that any creation automatically contains it contradiction. I suppose this tone could be called the highest level of postulation, which is postulation of entire universes. But from the viewpoint of a common garden variety thetan, this is rather above the usual action of making "a" postulate. Lower down a postulate is perceived as a thought or idea made with absolute certainty -- but this is a level of absolutes which in turn create universes instead of a single idea. (K-M: below this tone every "know" is on an ever increasing and complex via as one descends.) The dichotomy behind this tone is as-isness either as theta the nothing, or as as-isness the total creation. The dichotomy could also be described as TRUTH vs HALLUCINATION, because that's how it appears from a viewpoint located in space. This tone is both the silence of as-isness causing the vanishment of creation, and the vastness of all universes and everything. That latter description sounds a lot like the top dichotomy at Static. Not to be confusing but the sequence of these is arbitrary from this tone up. Buddha placed Perception at the top. That's just as true probably. Linear views are lies in these upper tones. I cannot covey in words how thoroughly these upper tones are just viewpoints of one thing separated by ignorance. The occultists divide the Thought band into upper and lower halves which they label "abstract thought" and "concrete thought." That's okaaaay, but clumsy and limited, not to mention wrong. Their concrete thought is actually below emotion, and abstract thought is the mental plane just above emotion/astral. The thought band is actually divided into three areas: the living dream from Creation to Postulates, post-creation pervaded reality, and objective reality. This entire Thought band functions as modifications on the Creation triangle. In processing, resolution of high level case by depolarizing the top three dichotomies above, should result in only this tone remaining, and the vanishing of the tone scale as a solidity.

+90 to +75 Archetypes/Ideas Triangle: PERCEPTION-EVALUATION-JUDGEMENT.
Here are many values, which have their origin in the tone above. Here are fundamental reasons why in a universe. Here are "this is good", "this is bad", "this follows that" and "this object's purpose is", and thus the most primal underpinnings of values and logic regarding creations -- especially of thought -- are at this tone. The basics of mathematics were formed at this level. Various codes are here, usually placed in a base 2 multiplied by itself (ex. 64, 256, etc) format. These are complete creations which act as templates. The realities behind much of what is on this page lies at this tone. Archetypes has several subtones, including Filbert's Decency. The most fundamental dichotomy in operation over Archetypes/Ideas appears to be good versus evil. This is the highest "association" in mental activity.

+70 Aesthetics (Creation of)
Beauty is affinity of creation(s), often resonating with one another. This is of necessity below Ideas.

+65 or so: Ethics
Ethics is aesthetics applied to relations between beings. I perceive ethics as a subset of aesthetics, so I place this in a different sequence than did Filbert. This is probably Judgement in the triangle above.

+60 Inspiration
The outpouring of a (limited) portion of new creation.

(Boundary --end of creation, beginning of mechanically pervaded realities; end of boundless empathetic "telepathy", beginning of increasing personal isolation.)

+50 Agony
Loss of the views of other beings, to experience reality from the views of other spirits. The mental anguish is excruciating as one separates and falls away. Experienced as a loss of self or beingness, and in addition it seems to be the loss of easy co-creation. (I passed through this tone running a pre-MEST incident in session with Robert Ducharme. It seems to be a transitional tone rather than a resting point.) This is probably a lower harmonic of the not-know between Coexistence and Individuality. Binah begins below here approximately and continues through to about +30 Postulates. This is the cycle which is seen as "not-is" of the triangle at tone +100.

K-M: Know About -- is after the fact of creation, requiring a reach to achieve a complete sharing of space with what's known. Mechanically this means the Being knows by the act of artificial pervasion. If you want to know something -- mock it up again.
+40 Perfect Affinity
Hubbard called this Serenity of Beingness - tone 40. This tone is below complete pervasion of the reality in which one is operating. Buddha described a state he called "equanimity" which would seem to be this, and above. Below this tone, affinity is only partial and therefore the operation of spacial affinity, most of which are emotions beginning at +16, actually begins to gradually fade into existence below here. Because pervasion deteriorates from here, the person in terms of mental space divides into those locations where they are being ("identification") and those locations where they are not being ("disassociation").

+33 an equivalent of fear in this cycle.
+31 an equivalent of apathy in this cycle.

Note: a new cycle starts about here. I do not yet know its nature.

+30 Postulates
This is Creation passed down to deciding about existences in mental universes. Sorry but this is so hard to describe I cannot do so at this time. Ultimately, who can decide the existence of anything? Only static can do that, and static is everyone. This is a lower band, lower universe manifestation of the actions at Creation, and should perhaps be better named Viewed Postulates.

+28 Considerations
A consideration is after the fact of postulation. You are no longer being it perfectly, but may become it at will in order to know it or act on it. If Postulates is viewing the as-isness, then Considerations is viewing the alter-isness (at tone 80) which forms an apparent state of isness. (LRH's four types of "-isness" found in his Phoenix Lectures are a trifle misleading. Three of them -- as-isness, alter-isness and not-isness -- are VERBS [and form an important primal triangle], that is to say they are actions taken by theta. The fourth -- isness -- is a NOUN, and is the result of actions taken to produce a stable creation.)

+26 Apparencies Are Reality
Accepting the results of creation as real. One no longer sees the reality behind the universe, and instead takes the apparency as being the reality, which is the viewed consideration (the tone just above it).

+24 Universes
The playing fields are finished apparencies. But note this is a plural. A Being exists in multiple universes. The entire area between tone 40 (Perfect Affinity) and Universes is the formation of spaces.

The reality of this band has the appearance of points in an otherwise empty space.
(Objective viewpoint boundary, end of pervaded realities, first use of mental not-is. Affinity scale begins to strongly manifest itself below here because of the decisions to not be in the same space with viewpoints, energies and objects -- therefore the forming decision is: NO-PERVASION. This distance creates the need for affinity.)

K-M: Lookingness -- has lowered affinity. There is now distance between self and what is known, i.e., the thetan in one location, what is viewed in another location. Max Sandor described this area as "'single viewpoints' or 'object-oriented perception' (as opposed to boundless states/views)". Here is the expression of rational thought about things seen. This is one of the "knows" which trigger and are attached to MEST thoughts in the Effort band. Look is also Opinions on the K-M.
+22 to +21 Games / Play / Opinions (located self vs others dichotomy)
Here the person relinquishes affinity, knowledge, control and responsibility for part of the universe they are inside. No longer can he pervade at will. Here are opponents which the person is not being. Here is only being a self, a single viewpoint and its remotes. As John Lester so profoundly expressed it: "...viewpoint is the section in which its creator loses all viewpoints except one. The top of this section would therefore correspond with "clear" oruncluttered self determinism, including the implied flavour of "Fuck youJack, I'm all right, etc. but with its creators belief system sufficientlyin alignment with universal principles for them to be able to believe thatthey could determine their own existence, albeit based upon belief instead
of observation and knowingness." At this point AFFINITY and BE definitely part company into separate scales the same way KNOW (K-M scale) separated at the top of the the Thought band. The best way I've found to describe the phenomenon is to say that BE splits into IDENTITY and AFFINITY. Here Beingness separates from the traditional tone scale (affinity) at "Wanting to Be Here." But it is affinity which is falling away. There is no separate affinity scale visible above Games because above this tone there is no distance wherever there is pervasion (affinity is perfect inside pervaded spaces). Opinions is describing this tone as a "know" (K-M scale), rather than "Games" or "Spirit of Play" which is describing it in terms of affinity. An expanded definition of Games/Play might be "games against opponents one is choosing not to be." If a being is not occupying the others' POV, then his "know" is merely an opinion! This is also the range of reason and logical thought as normally practiced. This is the tone where the Thought band as I originally learned it in the early '70's begins. But as Cause is outside of universes, I have extended Thought into the postulate range as well. That old occult scale had the Thought band divided into Abstract and Concrete thought. Just as use of energy operates in a series of cascading levels, so does thought. The roots of reason and logic are formed in the upper thought band, echo down into Opinion where they can be viewed, which in turn is echoed as the basis of MEST thoughts as manipulated in a body's brain. This tone is characterized by the ability to assume multiple specific viewpoints from which to play as a single self. From Excalibur Revisited by Geoffrey Filbert: "If a person is into the spirit of play of things, in other words, amusement, they have about half of their postulates on winning and half on losing."

K-M: Abstract Thought -- this subtone of the K-M sees through to basic principles and expresses them in a simplified form. This is "Lookingness" directed toward Archetypes/Ideas.

+20 Action
A 50/50 level of responsibility versus abandoned responsibility. Really just a subcondition of Games, where they are not quite as much fun and the Spirit of Play is acquiring too much opposition. This tone is the higher scale harmonic of Antagonism. Or another way to say it is that Antagonism is Action where the "opponent" has been assigned the label of Enemy. But instead of violently rejecting like Antagonism, Action strongly engages others with much communication and affinity. This tone assumes only those locations on one side of a game, refusing to be the opposition locations in space.

K-M: Concrete Thought -- this subtone could indeed be labeled "object oriented perception"! This is "Lookingness" directed toward the results of creation, i.e. the middle Thought band headed by Considerations.

+16 Aesthetic Feeling (Sensation)
Viewing beauty hits this serene tone.

Single Viewpoint
Here is the Being located at one location in space. No remote viewpoints are used. This may also be the same tone as Exhilaration, as I find by inspection that Exhilaration is a single POV radiating spherically out from a spot in space. This is the garden variety thetan viewing from one location only. There is anecdotal evidence indicating that the Being at some higher (and pervasive) tone operates a number of split viewpoints which are thetans existing usually no higher than this tone. Beingness is disassociated from entire physical universe except one location, with which the person is identified.

(This area from Games to Exhilaration is a very large span containing much activity. Unfortunately it has not been mapped out very well, yet! Please read this view of the intersection of Single Viewpoint, emotion and effort.)

Every tone in this band is possessed of a fixed attitude. And in relation to the average human I do mean "possessed!" Every emotion has its element of theta, which will appear alive, and to some people to be an obsessing entity. I must protest that I do not see Filbert's Sensation as a separate tone between Action and Exhilaration. Perhaps "Sensation" is meant to convey the beginning of the conversion of high thought into emotion? This is also the beginning of my perception of flows of what I think of as physical energy. Though the emotional scale of affinity from Enthusiasm to Death is reinforced by the body and takes up much of our daily attention, I'm certain that it's far less important than the fact that an individuated POV begins at Games/Play/Opinions and continues down through this band. My descriptions of the body tones are deliberately cursory. Full explanations of them are found in the writings of LRH. The best practical book on them to date, however, has a different author: Ruth Minshull's "How to Choose Your People". Edmond Meadows of the Viking Remote Viewing and Psychic Self-Defence site had this observation:
      Survival for all.
      Survival for self.
            Concealed hostility.
      Survival for no one.
The reality of the Emotion band has the appearance of energy emitted from and/or moving toward (a soliditied view of) the points in space seen in the lower Thought band, these then acting as terminals for the flows, ridges and dispersals.
K-M: Emotingness -- is certainty through feeling. This is observed in people feeling that something is right or wrong. This "know" via feeling is filtered through whatever emotional tone they are occupying.
+8 Exhilaration Affinity triangle: affinity, communication, reality
(Wheeee!!! Just try staying wholly inside your body at this tone! Hee hee!) I do not perceive Filbert's Courage at all, and I see his Thrill as a low volume Exhilaration. "Maybe" on Thrill. Action: blowing out one's space clean as a dispersal outward in all directions. A dispersal.

(Here begin the body tones. Even though we have quite a number of them, they actually occupy very little space on the scale. There are only 4 areas of body tone: a strong positive attitude starting at Enthusiasm, a doubtful slightly positive one beginning at Conservatism, a rejecting negative attitude starting at Antagonism, and a caved-in, collapsing attitude starting at Fear and running down through Death.)

+4 Enthusiasm
Very positive. Very energetic. Returns motion constructively. It is exceedingly odd that the human body tone scale should start with a tone that is a flow, because a flow is "change" rather than "start" on the cycle of action. This is also seen in the circle of astrological signs, which cycle flow-ridge-dispersal (change-stop-start) rather than dispersal-flow-ridge (start-change-stop). It is obvious that tones run in precise triangles (cycles of action) down most of the scale. This could be continued into the emotional band by observing that Exhilaration-Enthusiasm-Conservatism forms a cycle of action. Why then does the cycle break down farther down the scale? For instance, the next main three, Boredom-Antagonism-Pain run dispersal-flow-dispersal. Either there are hidden (suppressed) tones we don't know about, or the cycles of action were deliberately broken up and disrupted. Something is wrong here, and I do not yet know what... Enthusiasm is a flow.

+3.5 Cheerfulness
Moderately positive, less energetic. Turns motion to advantage.

+3.3 Strong Interest
Slightly positive and less active.

+3 Conservatism
Skeptical, but still positive toward familiar activities. Holds motion at a status quo. A ridge.

+2.9 Mild Interest
Slightly active.

+2.8 Contented
Would almost rather watch than do.

+2.6 Disinterested
Balanced between watching and being involved.

+2.5 Boredom
Sit and watch, a disinterested spectator. Moves with any motion. A dispersal. Like light gray smoke.

+2.4 Monotony
Even watching doesn't work very well. A faint unhappiness.

(Affinity reverses to repulsion as evil intentions are assigned to other beings. Resistance starts here, beginning of not-is as a normal operating basis. Flows go dark. Effort level energy may begin as far up the scale as Antagonism. The reason it may begin creeping in here is because of this pair of observations: 1. ALL EFFORT IS RESISTANCE, IT PUSHES AGAINST SOMETHING. 2. REAL EMOTION MOVES AND/OR OCCUPIES A SPACE WITHOUT RESISTING ANYTHING, I.E. WITH AFFINITY. From this I conclude that at and below Antagonism efforting increases gradually until it overwhelms free emotion around Death. There is some residual emotion below Death, but by Punishing Bodies it is completely gone.)

+2 Antagonism
Slaps back at anything which comes in. Vigorous rejection. Bats motion back. A flow.

+1.9 Hostility
The flow of Antagonism is beginning to flare and blow outward.

+1.8 Pain
A dispersal.

+1.5 Anger
Holds motion, to destroy. A ridge. A black emotion.

+1.4 Hate
Solid and less communicative than Anger.

+1.3 Resentment
Anger held in.

+1.2 No Sympathy
Cold hostility with no apparent feeling.

+1.15 Unexpressed Resentment
Neither hostility nor fake friendliness are expressed.

+1.1 Covert Hostility
Hostility concealed behind a facade of engagement. Avoids motion, moves secretly.

+1.05 Anxiety
Starting to worry.

+1 Fear
Trying to fend off attack. Avoids motion. A dispersal.

+0. 98 Despair
Can't defend.

+0.96 Terror
Run away.

+0.94 Numb

+0.9 Sympathy.
A flow.

+0.8 Propitiation
Selectively pays off others.

+0.5 Grief
At low volume this is sadness. Relieves part of charge by expressing a caved-in responsibility for the failure. Is molded by motion.

+0.375 Making Amends
Will give anything.

+0.3 Undeserving
Making self smaller.

+0.2 Self Abasement
Making self as small as possible.

+0.1 Victim

+0.07 Hopeless

+0.05 Apathy
Effort begins dominating. Is pierced by motion. A ridge.

+0.03  Useless

+0.01 Dying

0.0 Death
Physical death, and also abandonment of opinion and attitude acquired at the Objective Viewpoint Boundary (Games/Play/Opinions). Not only is this tone "leaving the body" it is also "entering the body." A dispersal. Death is usually viewed as the end of a cycle. But as it is a dispersal, it is really the beginning of a new cycle of action.

(Disassociation boundary -- beginning of increasing elsewhereness, forced behavior, and gradual takeover by entities.)

This band is characterized by physical sensations (including pain), the energy frequencies used to operate a body, human thoughts as they occur in a brain, and the assignment of meaning to mental shapes by visualization (otherwise known as Symbolizingness). An effort is below death. Matter in the universe is below death on the tone scale. That includes the matter of "living" flesh, which is why it normally takes effort to move a body. All actions are reactions and resistances. These tones are psychotic. Here are automatic circuits and programmed animal instincts which operate as (using LRH's quaint term) "demon circuits." Effort actually begins taking over around Apathy as emotion gradually shades into effort. Emotion is finally gone at Punishing Bodies. For convenience's sake I'm placing this band right below Death.
-0.05 Failure
It's dead. Separation. (I'm dead)

-0.1 Pity
Poor dead body.

-0.2 Regret
I wish it was alive.

-0.3 Accountable
I'm responsible.

-1 Blame
"They're responsible" and/or "I'm responsible". This is seeing the tone emotionally. When viewed from within the effort band this area of 0.0 to -1 has the appearance of Total Responsibility! Please understand that emotion and effort cross over/overlap in this area. this is the top of the KRC triangle!

K-M: Effortingness -- know through (re)action. Also means "feel" to many people, but it's a certainty which feels robotic and mechanical to me.
-1.4 Punishing Objects (Bodies)
The effort is now solid enough to motivate (as in a "motivator") action. Overt action.

-1.5 Controlling Objects (Bodies)
Enter them and make those wrong bodies act right.

-2.2 Protecting Objects (Bodies)
Cave in on failed overts and failed control.

K-M: Thinkingness -- is an "effort to think" and is roughly the level at which thinking with a brain occurs. I've examined this level of knowing meticulously through eastern meditation technique, and I would like to report that a Thinkingness thought consists of a speck of effort level energy with a bit of meaning attached to it. These then are strung in rows, manipulated in various ways, and used in interaction with the brain. This is a very peculiar process to watch. The calm, rational knowing is attached to particles which are then manipulated. It is literally a combination of Thought band and Effort band activity. By definition then, a Thinkingness thought is a symbol as defined by LRH, as it possesses mass, meaning and mobility. But the mass is small and nondescript.
-3 Owning Objects (Bodies)
Must have. A forced interiorization into MEST which can be expressed as either being a body, or assignment of meaning (a thought) to MEST.

-3.5 Approval From Objects (Bodies)
Must have attention/energy from bodies. Must obtain knowingness from others' ideas (an inversion!).

K-M: Symbolizingness -- is solidified Thinkingness. More mass is needed, also a shape is required to impart meaning. Here one's body is one's symbol.
-4 Needing Objects (Bodies)
Must become a symbol in order to exist. Here is someone "being" a man or woman or name that symbol. Solid identity.

K-M: Eatingness -- is an inversion and collapse of space from Symbolizingness. To know at Eatingness, one pulls a MEST object into oneself and "pervades" it in a very mechanical fashion that's like a bad parody of true pervasion.

(Worshipping Bodies and Sacrifice appear to be the range of heavy sensations. Yes I mean physical sensation.)

-5 Worshipping Objects (Bodies)
Interiorizing even farther. A new level of overt of blanketing, surrounding, eating -- which is collapsed from into Sacrifice.

K-M: Sexingness -- is a dramatization of joining and fusing of beings (through MEST). This is losing oneself into another.
-6 Sacrifice
Beautiful sympathy of death, the second harmonic of Aesthetics beneath it (Sympathy is the first). Die to live. Every orgasm is a little death. Spawning salmon and male black widow spiders dramatize this one expertly. Dramatization of giving oneself completely to another sexually (sexual surrender).

The Mystery band is characterized by deepening unconsciousness and progressive loss of the ability to postulate (definition of solid matter: unaware and no-cause). When processing an incident which contains unconsciousness, the processee's incident is rising upscale out of this band.
K-M: Mystery -- know through various degrees of not knowing, which get worse and more complete the farther down one goes.
-8 Hiding
Hiding from others. Black space.

-10 Being Objects
Hiding in MEST.

-20 Being Nothing
Invisible space.

-30 Can't Hide
Can't even be invisible.

-40 Total Hiding
Hiding self from self. Unaware of self.

-60 Should Hide
Failed hiding from everyone.

-80 Surrender
Another cave-in level similar to apathy. Personal space established by MEST anchor points becomes zero.

(PTS (victim) to SP (suppressive) conversion threshold -- being becomes suppressive from here down.)
-100 Destruction
Inversion of zero space. Swings around to negative goal(s) of GPM(s). "Making" space (clearing it out) by destroying the objects in it.

The Evil band is characterized by "other-consciousness". This is the transfer of one's beingness to others, sort of the ultimate in irresponsibility. But it's more than that at Spiritual Death. There it is the splitting or fragmentation of consciousness which was created high on the scale at Individuality, whose result fell to the bottom. Therefore one's consciousness as other "individuals" (what Rowland Barkley calls "source self" in the L13 materials) is at Spiritual Death. Another name for the tone could be "Being Other Individuals" because that's where that beingness has fallen to. The Evil band exhibits such extreme PTSness that reality itself goes to pieces at all levels. Geoffrey Filbert did a great job of describing it in "Excalibur Revisited":
A suppressive person sees everyone as an enemy attacking them and they don't see the physical universe as it is. They are dealing with their dub-in of the physical universe. A suppressive person is surrounded by entities and identities other than what you or I see. A suppressive person is stuck on the time track and is totally back there in another time and space.  ... they are not responsive to treatment of any type; they refuse auditing; they cannot confront their own minds (they go into fits over it); they are terrified at the idea of looking at a mind; ... they will not complete cycles of action (because they have time and space collapsed up); ... they will uniformly support destructive groups; they destroy decent groups; they will approve of bad actions and inhibit constructive actions; they consider help to be bad and harm to be good; ... they will consider ownership to be a pretension and that no one really owns anything; ... they have a tremendous feeling of importance and dominance quite often; ... they won't get off any tone arm action.
From this description of an SP by Filbert (most of which would seem to be the tone Delusions) a number of characteristics of this band can be seen: solidity of identities, expansion by destruction of others, inverted intentions which all boil down to an intention to not be, and from this latter intent comes no case gain in session.
This band like all the other bands is present in every person, whether visible to them or not. This band can become visible in a person's behavior when they do a crossover from goal to oppgoal and term to oppterm of an actual GPM.
-120 Evil
Deliberate counter-intentions. (valence shift into a suppressive entity/identity)

-160 Delusions
Can no longer confront good or evil. Can't be evil entity either. Agreement is so complete that it's all very unreal. This level of hallucination is probably the Buddhist hell.

Note: Filbert may possibly have Evil and Delusions reversed in sequence.

-320 Individuation of Self
"The center cannot hold." Multiple personality disorder gone rampant. The center of identity is apparently disintegrating. What's actually happening in this tone and the one below it is that conscious awareness is fragmenting into separate parts as part of the process of going beyond unconscious.

-360 Being Entities
No center of consciousness remains. Only the pieces are dimly aware as demon circuits (entities). Some of them. LRH described this as a PC exterior from the body into numerous ridges.

-400 Spiritual Death
"Be" has become an inverted everything else. At the top of the Thought band a person "is" everything it creates, and is being the space(s) created as Cause. Farther down these creations can be viewed across distance, which is our normal consciousness. At this level however the person is being the whole universe as an other-determinism, as an enforced have. The result is a total unconsciousness as self. This is also the "dark soul" level from which group minds function. In Ifa divination, this is called Oyeku.

The Bottom
Here are all opposition items, the greatest of which creates the span of this scale. First, foremost (in the beginning, now and forever, blah, blah, you know the drill...) of these is NOT-EXIST. Also: NOT-KNOW (Unknowable), NOT-BE, Absolute Hate, Can't Do, Can't Have, No Communication, No Reality, No Thought, No Memory, etc. In other words, the three great triangles are crashed. Total NOT-IS. The goals of GPMs are here too when looked at from above. please take note that this is a false bottom, it is a bottom for beings. Beings are created too. So once this area is cleaned up and DO replaces the polarized BE and HAVE, then the actual bottom at -100 comes into view.

Additional notes:
Max Sandor indicates to me that The Bottom is also a route to the top. His contention is roughly in line with my observations and the theoretical basis on which I build this scale. Roughly. I see it this way: it should be possible for a thetan who has contacted and is aware of his own top level, to hold the top and bottom simultaneously -- thereby duplicating the entire span of reality within the decision to exist. This might resolve all universes existing between the poles of EXIST and NOT-EXIST. Or perhaps not, but it's worth a look. For processing purposes the PC locates, dates and resolves the precise decisions made which equate top scale items (such as Native State & affinity) with the bottom scale items. These bottom items are: not-know, not-be, total hate, can't have, can't do, no reality (which is agreement), no communication, no thought, no memory, no awareness, no self, no identity, no space, impossible, hopeless, nothing there, it can't be done, I am without energy, my motion is impossible, etc. My only caution concerning this view is that I have observed many cycles of going to bottom of smaller cycles (like Death in the affinity/emotion band of the scale) with a release once the zero at bottom is achieved. The problem with this is that it is part of the dwindling spiral phenomenon, and each release is a little lower than the previous one. Be wary of attempting this approach in this manner. On the other hand, the bottom must be duplicated to achieve as-isness. Therefore my conclusion is that the processee should take pains to ensure that the top is achieved rather than degradation and release through death.

Cognition (10/27/00): The tone scale is a series of cycles nested together. The whole scale is itself a span of total existence whose triangle escapes me at the moment -- but inside that for instance the Causal band is a cycle starting at Native State which ends with Individuality. Below that the Awareness triangle takes over and contains the scale down to Mystery. The entire Thought band is a cycle based on the Creation triangle of as-is, alter-is, not-is. It runs from Cause at Creation down to Effect somewhere around Exhilaration. Then the next interior cycle starts: the Emotion band from Enthusiasm to Death (ARC triangle). Hidden inside the emotion band is three smaller cycles: one from Enthusiasm to Monotony, the next from Antagonism to Numb, and the other from Sympathy to Death. Then the Effort band would be the next cycle down, from separation (Failure) to Hiding (death of effort). The next cycle down would start at Being Objects and cycle through to Surrender (sexingness, lost in matter). Then the last would start at Destruction and end at Spiritual Death. I am not a christian this lifetime (thank GOD, ha ha ha!), but a phrase from the Bible comes to mind which is normally quoted as: "Wheels within wheels." Indeed.

(11/2/00): The span of existence is formed by a division into two, giving us the top and bottom of the scale, the location of GPM goals in the bottom, etc. Then the whole was modified by three, whose middle component altered the middle of the scale into infinite shades of alter-is. But we weren't done, here's the new one: The next action was four, which added a component of destruction to the bottom, extending the bottom even farther down. Four created a new idea, that of alteration by FORCE, rather than alteration by alter-is postulate. Force has two interesting aspects to it which I've noticed recently: (1) it's composed of group agreement, (2) it operates in four dimensions instead of three. The mental activity which comes from four is disassociation.

Five seems to resolve this double goal oppose of four by squirting the effect off onto a new, non-involved terminal. This is the innocent victim of the five way GPMs. This is also the human body, for five is the number of Man.

(cognition 1-10-01) I suddenly see why the occultists refer to the tone scale as "planes." Each band is a level of reality. That's the cog. Conjecture: it's possibly created by a person's operational energy in an equivalent universe on the whole track. Each band or plane of the tone scale is a complete cycle of action from infinity to zero for that old universe. So the Emotion band would be the operational level for the magic track, i.e. using emotional energy to affect the MEST of that universe, which would be our current level of Effort. Each time we create a new universe, it adds another cycle to the tone scale. This is only a theory, but it is based on the clear observation that the tone scale is cobbled together in sections.


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