This is an exercise I use to enter the tone scale above emotion. It doesn't quite reach the area of static, but it sure works for me to exit through the top of the emotion band.

You must be alone, and where you cannot be disturbed. Lock yourself in a room if possible. Get comfortable. If you have trained in Yoga, get into your lotus position. Most everyone else should sit in a comfortable chair. Personally, I lie down in bed -- but this action tells most people's bodies to fall asleep so I don't recommend it for most.

Concentrate on the three dimensional space in and around yourself. With most beginners this means in and around your body's head. If you are exterior this part will be child's play -- just throw out eight anchor points in a box around yourself to define the space. In that space will often be mental images and thoughts, the latter sometimes racing at a very rapid pace. Without force or effort, quiet the mind, gently viewing each thought or image as it arises. Let each go and drop away from you until your mental space is relatively peaceful.

So far I haven't had you do anything unusual. The above is pretty standard meditation technique.

Now that your mind is quiet, select a single thought or idea -- something specific, yet innoculous such as "apple" or "coffee cup". Let's use "apple" for our example. Do not visualize an apple. Mental images are not what this procedure are after. Think the thought "apple". Watch yourself thinking the thought starting from BEFORE you begin thinking it. Do it again. Watch it again. Notice that there is a moment of concept which occurs prior to the visible thought itself. For a brief instant there was a fleeting something just before "apple" appeared in your mind. Perhaps it looked like the silent idea of apple which became the thought "apple" an instant later?

That first manifestation is what we are after here. It is the high scale thought itself, above the emotion and effort bands in which most people are stuck. The second manifestation -- what is normally considered a "thought" -- is actually in the effort band.

Before we go any further I wish to examine that effort level thought and take it to pieces for you. If your concentration is good then you will see the effort level thought as a tiny bit of something material. I see them as little beads of energy when I slow them down enough. That's not precisely accurate, because energy doesn't have a solid shape. Therefore they are also like little pieces of matter. Yet they move. You can move one of these thoughts around in your space. (in fact it's not easy holding them still!) Inside this mobile piece of matter is the original idea or concept of "apple", which is tagged or assigned to the mass. This effort level thought can be approached two ways:

Using the Heisenberg Triangle
Observer        Energy        Matter
Though the concept is not an observer exactly, it is of such high vibration that it is relatively much closer to static than the other two components. The thought is mobile, therefore it has energy. The thought has mass, therefore it is matter. If you make a thought stop in space it will appear solid, and if it's moving it will seem more like an energy -- as per the the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.

Using the Symbol Triangle
Meaning        Mobility        Mass
That's right, your effort level thought is actually a simple symbol. Most symbols contain much more mass, and usually have some sort of shape which has meaning of its own -- which puts most symbols such as icons and logos into the halfway ground in between thoughts and mental images.

(Note for advanced students, especially those on the magician's path: There is little difference between an effort level thought and a thought-form, or "thing". Essentially an effort level thought IS a simple thought-form except in one regard: a thought-form also contains INTENTION, in addition to idea(s). A single purpose thought-form will consist of a mobile mass of energy into which has been "inserted" or "tagged" as little as a single thought, or as much as a bare-bones program of instructions; and also it will contain an intention and/or purpose which it carries out on its own determinism.)

Knowing that an effort level thought (a normal human thought) contains meaning (concept or idea), plus mobility and mass, then it becomes possible to ignore the mobile mass and concentrate upon the meaning itself. The technique is not to struggle to hold onto a thought and pry it apart with force or effort. Any such approach is doomed to fail. Instead just create the thought anew, over and over again. Each time put your attention on the concept or idea part of it that enters view first and expand THAT. Let it fill your vision. When I did that, the Thought band of the tone scale came into view more and more.

And from the Thought band it isn't much farther to the Spirit or Causal band of static.


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