(wordplay in the title is intentional)

First some basics:
the tone scale has a top band which consists of beingness. It could also be called the spiritual band or causal band.

Below that is the thought band wherein are things like postulates, considerations, aesthetics, inspiration, etc

Below that is the emotion band.

Below that is the effort band.

I was viewing the structure of this stuff -- while considering the isness of clears with no aberrative mental image pictures.

Yet the fact remained that clears have psychosomatic pains in body, etc. They were no longer mocking up the pictures, yet they were somehow? Huh? So what was up with that? No dianetic case visible, yet they had something going on... Then I recalled a clear making the remark of "no electronic field" (electronics is in the effort band) and the whole thing fell into place for me. There was no "force" in the pictures, but force was lower band stuff... I got a clear view of someone no longer creating the effort band elements of the bank. This would make the pictures go away for sure! But what would that leave behind? What would remain would be the beingnesses, emotions and thoughts. In a flash of insight I saw that that was the NOTs case right there: beingnesses and the considerations/postulates held by those beingnesses.

Let me state this flatly: there are thought band elements AND theta (beingness) in any mental images. In the case of engrams and such, engrams are not being taken fully responsible for (that's why they are aberrative, right?). So if an engram is being resisted/disowned by a person, and you clear the person of mocking up the force and images, all that remains are thoughts and beingnesses which the person is disowning! That's as good a way of describing an entity or BT as any I can think of offhand! Right? What's an entity? What's a BT? A BT is a fragment of being which has ideas, postulates, considerations and other thought band stuff.

One problem with having an unconfronted beingness (a piece of you, or a misowned piece of someone else) hanging around is that the tone scale works for theta by placing a terminal into each band, which then triggers the terminal in the next band down. So for example, the "big thetan" individuates into thetans, which action places a "me" into the lower causal band. That thetan locates a view into the Thought band from which to consider. Thoughts trigger emotions (yes they do, there is no emotional response without an idea about things). And emotions are used to motivate effort in the Effort band of the scale.

Therefore, even if a being is "clear" and has no visible emotion and effort band case, and even if the Thought band is cleaned up... IF THERE IS AN UNRESOLVED BEINGNESS IN THE CASE, THEN THAT BEINGNESS CAN GENERATE THOUGHT, EMOTION AND EFFORT -- CAUSING SOMATICS IN THE "CLEAR." Part of the problem in the causal band is seeing the correct ownership of beingness (and the "case" belonging to each beingness). This consists of two parts:

1. stripping away the not-is in order to correctly discover what assignment of being was originally made. This is part of getting the correct ownership as normally understood. This is the action of Ogger's brilliant NOTs command: "Point to the being you divided from" for split pieces of yourself, and the older NOTs command "Who are you?" for misowned pieces of others.

The second part looks odd as hell from low on the scale...
2. Expanding to encompass that other beingness, and all other beingnesses, after doing #1. At 320 on the tone scale there is only one beingness, one thetan. But that single thetan is aware of having itself divided into separate viewpoints, each of which denies being all the others. Get high enough on the scale and there is no more misownership possible -- because you ARE all beingnesses everywhere and everywhen. This is an important cog and produces a keyout of magnitude. Buddha gave explicit instructions on getting to this area by means of the most flabbergasting OT drill. Even a glimpse of it shatters an "only one" condition, allowing a return to intimate ARC.

This explains why NOTs has been necessary after clear. This also explains why R3XD works on anyone: because it addresses those two top bands of the tone scale in addition to the bands below.

I am SO relieved to have finally seen what's going on in this area.


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