I have mentioned before how a spirit in the normal condition we are accustomed to seeing places an operating location for itself in each band of the tone scale:
It occupies a tone in the Causal band -- almost always Individuality 120.0. At this tone it is a separate thetan, an individual.

It occupies a tone in the Thought band -- in many humans this will probably be Opinions 22.0 most of the time.

It occupies a tone in the Emotional band -- via the body, which can only rarely express and experience anything other than the range from Enthusiasm 4.0 to Apathy .05.

It occupies a tone in the Effort band -- probably somewhere between Controlling Bodies -1.5 to Needing Bodies -4.0.

It also occupies a position in the Mystery band from Hiding -8.0 to probably somewhere in the Unknowable area. That position is unconscious!

In order to experience universes as a player, it must also be occupying the very Bottom (the Deep), where all opposition items are placed in a single unity of NOT-EXIST.

The way a spirit often operates at cause is to use each band location as a terminal of greater potential to create a flow between it and the next terminal in the band immediately beneath. Therefore the Thetan (Causal band) creates a thought (Thought band), which triggers an emotional response (Emotional band), which emotion is used to power effort (Effort band) to achieve some unknowable / unbeable / unhaveable (Mystery band) goal. Without this element of hidden "cannot" in the Mystery area (ultimately arising out of the Bottom) there can be no goals. Otherwise the Thetan would instantly possess whatever it desired -- and there is no game in that at all! This is the tone scale anatomy of the GPM.

But wait, there's more! When a spirit is at effect instead of cause -- like in a situation where it is experiencing "case", reactive mind, neurosis, etc -- The chain of locations in the bands has its energy running the other way. So when "keyed-in" the spirit identifies something in the present with something in the past that contains one or more bottom scale elements where the person has refused to BE (confront, know, occupy the beingness of), linking the person to that condition:

Out of the deep the spirit is then occupying what I call the Bottom, a location of nonexistence which is both the metaphysical AND literal opposite of separation from static (and created in the act of separation from static I might add!).

That reacts against the position held by the spirit in the Mystery band, inflicting unconsciousness on the spirit, which unawareness travels up the scale through the chain reaction...

Which unawareness reacts against the position held in the Effort band, causing an effort band energy flow which is most often felt as pain.

The Effort band's pain triggers misemotion in the Emotional band.

The misemotion flows up into the Thought band to that terminal, causing faulty considerations and bad postulates.

These ideas in turn trigger shifts, separations and fragmentations in beingness and identity which operate as valences, entities and misidentified others in the Causal band.

Got all that? This view of the actions of spirit against the backdrop of the Expanded tone scale gives us a sort of unified field theory equivalent -- for the above combines the anatomy of engrams (dianetic case), the hidden basis of GPM structures, and beingness based views (such as the NOTs case) all at the same time. Please note that the Expanded tone scale itself is nothing more than a decay scale which was constructed by ourselves some time in the distant past. It is not an absolute of any sort. But without the presence of the Bottom, there would be no place to construct such a scale. The scale exists between the poles of Native State (the Static) which is unmanifested knowing and being "all" forever, and the metaphysical opposite of manifested unknowing and nonexistance (the Bottom). In GPMs the goal is placed in the Bottom.


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