The "R" of the ARC triangle stands for reality. But there are two sorts of "reality." One is duplication. In that sort of reality a person duplicates the viewpoint of another person and they share reality by having the same points of view. Another sort of reality is agreement. Agreement consists of holding the same anchor points in space as another, but holding them from a different location (i.e. not being at those locations). Taking that last statement out of the level of theta perception and bringing it down to MEST brass tacks, agreement consists seeing things through another's eyes without really seeing it that way.

Let me give examples of these. If I write a book on spiritual knowledge and then teach a course using the book as a text I can do it two ways. In the first instance you can read what I wrote and then tell me what it means to you. Then I can tell you how your perception looks to me in return. As we two way comm back and forth, eventually we come to see one another's viewpoints on the subject. We BOTH learn from the experience.

In the second instance, I insist that you read the text and tell me exactly what it says. If you tell me anything different than what's in the text, I correct you by showing you what's in the book again and again until you parrot back my words. I never see your viewpoint on the subject. You now only see mine BY FORCE, but it isn't yours either because you can't have something that's being forced onto you, so you haven't duplicated anything. No learning has taken place.

In the first example, I am teaching with affinity. Your views are important to me. So we communicate freely and achieve mutual duplication.

In the second example, I have no affinity for your ideas on the subject. The communication is one direction, which violates one of the most fundamental laws of theta:

ALL COMMUNICATION LINES ARE APPARENT TWO-WAY FLOWS. THIS IS BECAUSE COMMUNICATION IS A MECHANICAL (on a via) WAY TO ACHIEVE DUPLICATION. Duplication is at Static. The secret truth is that all theta is in continuous perfect telepathic contact among its various individuated parts. Any attempt to enforce a one way flow of comm is a disaster.

Duplication occurs at two or more terminals, therefore the physical universe apparency is of interchange along two-directional comm lines. One-way flows go black and drop to the bottom of the tone scale. This theta law is one that a magician has to know and use, otherwise he gets himself in trouble fast. There will ALWAYS be a backflow along a comm line. ALWAYS. If force is used to create an apparent one-way flow, then the backflow will be black.

If the second example sounds anything like the teaching methods used in the Co$, I'm not sorry to rub anyone's nose into the mess. It was LRH's mistake because he failed to perceive that each major triangle was actually two triangles: a white one and a black one. He should have perceived it because he knew Magick, and must have known very well that when summoning any basic universal force that the negative side of that force must be bound FIRST, in order to receive only the positive. (All primal forces in the universe are arranged in a dichotomy with part at or near the top of the tone scale and the other part at or near the bottom.) He failed to bind the black triangles (the KRC also), and they devoured him. To say it in Scn terms, he failed to confront the lower scale "R" of the ARC triangle, therefore it persisted. The more he failed to confront it, the bigger it became, and after some years the white triangle vanished under a wave of SO force: "What does your material state?", "Make it go right!" and other black ARC.

The moral of this story is that one should duplicate the realities of others. This means reality as duplication, not reality as agreement. That's a theta cycle of action, a return to first column action instead of the third (see "The Three Part Cycle (triangle) of Damned Near Everything" for the columns). First column leads to the top.


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