There are four human languages. The first is body language. It is an animal
                  language and is really only useful for social hierarchic jockeying, sexual activity
                  and little things like communicating mood on a crowded bus.

                  The second is spoken language (words), and its symbolic form the written
                  word (which is what you're reading right now). It is extremely flexible and can
                  indicate most things badly, but few things well other than obvious concrete
                  objects. References to cars and dinner plates and other physical objects come
                  across reasonably well in words, but abstracts do not. Words express abstracts
                  only as indications, as in the old Zen saw, "It's like a finger pointing at the moon."
                  If you don't believe that words express badly, then why do we need dictionaries to
                  keep everyone in more or less agreement on what things mean? See? Flexible,
                  but lame. To "know" what another person means (beyond talking about concrete
                  objects) requires a bit of ... Intuition? Telepathy? Insert favorite fuzzy terminology
                  here for being able to directly perceive something.

                  The next human language is music. It's the extreme of communication without
                  meaning; assign what meaning you please. It is extremely good at communicating
                  feeling and other levels that exist as wave rather than particle.

                  The last form of human language is mathematics. Unlike words, it can be very
                  accurate and precise. And very like music it has little intrinsic meaning of its own
                  (only the dry framework of number, and operator like the times or divide signs),
                  but must have meaning assigned to its numbers by someone. Its strength lies
                  in its ability to describe with precision, which is why it's so useful in science. It
                  converts everything into descriptions of discrete particles or quanta (same
                  thing). This is why math can perfectly describe every single note of a piece of
                  music, but be unable to communicate the emotional and esthetic feelings that
                  come from it. The opposite is true of music, which creates the feelings, which
                  are derived from the relationships among the many notes (vibrations), but those
                  feelings are inexpressible mathematically. (It's almost -- almost? -- a quantum
                  mechanics situation.) This is why sheet music is so open to being interpreted in
                  many different ways.

                  I suppose I had better explain about particles and waves before we go any
                  further. All matter/energy (I'm talking about them as one thing, they being
                  convertible into one another as per Einstein) is seen by a person as either
                  particles or waves. They either seem to be little lumps or packages, or they
                  seem to act like waves in water or air clinging to one another subtly. Thought
                  (thinking thoughts as words) is perceived as particles, while a mental image
                  is seen as a shape in a force field and is therefore wave related. Emotion is wave.
                  Esthetics (beauty) is high level wave.

                  In human languages: Body language is at the level of emotion and therefore is
                  wave. Words are discrete things separated from one another and therefore
                  words are mostly particle, though spoken words incorporate much of the animal
                  language within it and therefore spoken language partakes of both, especially in
                  face to face conversation. Flexible, remember? Music is effectively a wave, no
                  matter how many particles (individual notes) were used in its creation.
                  Mathematics is pure particle.

                  A person consists of a spirit operating an organic robot (the body). Between
                  the two lie the "mind." It is appears to be arranged thus:

pure spirit  . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
aesthetics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
abstract thought 
concrete thought . . . . . . . . 
desire . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
the body . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
lower astral . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
physical . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
no wave/no particle 
fine/empty particle 
all dense particle

                  The lefthand column is the scale used by Hubbardites (The most complete and
                  accurate version I know of is Filbert's Expanded Tone Scale). The middle one is
                  the 19th century occult scale used by the Blavatskyites. The righthand column
                  is the 20th century physics apparency. Notice that particle and wave seem to

                  Please note that all of the above between spirit and the body is/can be
                  contained within a mental image. Everything below spirit is made up of
                  matter/energy, and therefore is part of the universe. By this time it may have
                  occurred to you that wave is what we usually think of as energy; and that particle
                  is what we refer to as matter. Roughly, yes. But only roughly, because we are
                  using words, and words are only approximations of reality. Saying "particle"
                  and saying "wave" are also only approximations of reality. They are fingers
                  pointing at the moon. So when I use a word, don't get all hung up on the word
                  (staring stupidly at the finger), instead try to see what I mean (look at the moon).

                  The reality is that all the levels in the above scale exist as both particle and
                  wave. Do not be fooled by any apparency indicating otherwise.

                  When using the three higher languages -- discounting body language because
                  it is the primary language of the animal mind that lives in your body beneath
                  your heart -- first you "know" what you mean. This knowing is pre-word, pre-note,
                  pre-number and is immediately followed by creating a series of small specks of
                  matter/energy less than a millimeter in diameter. Each speck is assigned a bit
                  of the original overall meaning. Then each speck can be used to trigger the body
                  into saying a word or writing a number or playing a musical note.

                  But music is usually not played that way. Instead the music is held in the mind
                  as a mental image (a changing one like a movie) full of vibrant feeling and
                  intense auditory coloring, and the musician plays unthinkingly the two
                  dimensional music out of this flowing image. (It would seem that in order to
                  control something, one needs to control it from one dimension more than that
                  thing possesses. A two dimensional, "flat" image is created in 3D. This then
                  implies that our 3D universe is controlled and operated through four

                  Your mind consists basically of thoughts, images (including memories) and
                  what you believe about everything. I said "believe" but one could say
                  "consider" or "put in place" instead. I usually just call it "posting." One could use
                  a favorite word of the Hubbardites here and say "postulate", but since the
                  dictionary defines a postulate as "a hypothesis advanced as an essential
                  presupposition or premise of a train of reasoning" (Whew! Did you follow that?)
                  then I would need to add that a postulate is a created reality that is an essential
                  precursor to following realities. Did that make any sense to you? Probably not,
                  but that's not your fault. This stuff is hard as hell to talk about because the
                  English language isn't adequate to express it. So it's back to finger pointing --
                  and hopefully you aren't pointing middle fingers back at me, ha ha.

                  The key activity seems to be the spirit's act of assigning meaning. This is the
                  spirit's action of attaching an abstraction, an idea to a piece of matter. At the
                  highest level I've directly observed, the spirit assigns a "meaning" to the
                  universe as a whole, telling it what to do or what it will be. Below that the spirit
                  assigns meaning to objects, images and thought specks. But anything can be
                  attached (tagged) to anything else. This is why music evokes (not invokes!
                  use a good dictionary and look up the difference.) emotions and sensations
                  (ghostly images in the range of desire/effort) and unbidden mental pictures.
                  Music has the same free-form quality (to at least some extent) as do dreams.
                  This is because dreams are creations, and music -- lacking intrinsic meaning --
                  nudges the spirit into assigning meaning to the music. Music therefore nudges
                  a spirit into being what it really is: a creator. Perhaps the reason creative people
                  are sometimes so arrogant is because they instinctively know that they
                  are being gods. What they have conveniently forgotten is: so is everyone else.
                  So what is spirit? Good question. It seems to infuse all matter (even inanimate
                  matter), to operate bodies and to exist independent of bodies. It also seems
                  to exist independent of space, time and matter/energy. Spirit beings (like you
                  and I) have a point location in space, but that location is not fixed in any way in
                  space and seems not to be fixed in time either. Spirit beings look as if
                  they are glowing holes in space/time. There is a constant flow of energy
                  outward from any spirit being, that it can manipulate and increase for various
                  purposes. Oriental martial artists use energy in one range (astral to etheric),
                  called chi or ki, in physical combat. Yoga practitioners and many other spiritual
                  and/or magical trainees also learn to utilize and expand their natural abilities
                  as a spirit.

                  Keep in mind that you are not a mind. You are a nameless point of awareness
                  that uses the many things, which lumped together can be called the mind, as
                  a way to control your surroundings and the complex mechanisms of your
                  body's brain. That brain has its limitations, is inadequate in its channels (as
                  anyone who has done out-of-body or introspective spiritual work knows) and
                  is subject to injury. It would be nice if the brain accommodated the apparent
                  division of the universe into either wave or particle by processing both views
                  of reality efficiently in separate hemispheres. But, no. And it would also be
                  beneficial if all men could easily process both views of reality with the same
                  ease. But again, no; and so some people are artists and others are
                  bookkeepers. Some form a gestalt easily (wave) and write music, while others
                  are better at linear reasoning and button-sorting.

                  So that's a taste of how your mind works in relation to languages, with
                  hopefully enough background about the nature of reality for the whole thing
                  to make sense.


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