"Know" is without a via. It is without any separation from what's known. It just is, as a creative certainty. Or perhaps I should say, the certainty of oneself in creation?

"Know About" Has separated one's beingness or identity from what's known, yet affinity is still perfect, allowing a complete sharing of space with what's known.

"Lookingness" has lowered affinity. There is now distance between self and what is known, i.e. the thetan in one location, what's known in another location.

"Emotingness" is certainty through feeling. You get this a lot from people. Ask them about their certainty by phrasing it: "How do you feel about that?" Their "know" will be tied to whatever emotional tone they are at.

"Effortingness" also means "feel" to many people, but it's a certainty that behaves like a demon circuit! Yikes! This is the level on the K-M scale equivalent to physical sensations, including physical pain. So when you are running pain out of a PC's incident, this is where it's coming up from on the tone scale.

"Thinkingness" is still in the effort band of the tone scale. It is literally an "effort to think" and is the level at which the body's brain functions. I've examined this level of knowing meticulously through eastern meditational techniques and I would like to report that a Thinkingness thought consists of a speck of effort level energy with a bit of meaning attached to it. By definition then, a Thinkingness thought is a symbol as defined by LRH, as it has mass, meaning and mobility. But the mass is small and nondescript.

"Symbolizingness" is solidified Thinkingness. The mass is much more noticeable. At this point there is meaning in the SHAPE of the mass. We are almost down to bodies here.

"Eatingness" is an inversion and collapse of space from Symbolizingness. To know at Eatingness, one pulls a MEST object into oneself and pervades it in a very mechanical fashion that's like a bad parody of true pervasion.

"Sexingness" is a dramatization of joining and fusing of beings through MEST. This is nearly the thetan being unconscious.

"Mystery" is the unconsciousness and anaten in incidents. In running any incident in which there is unconsciousness, one is getting the PC to bring the incident up out of the Mystery band.


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