"A postulate is simply a projected decision or mockup."--Ken Ogger, "Super Scio" #10D

All theta (thetans, entities, elder gods, etc.) acts by means of one thing only: decision.

In the Causal band of the tone scale decisions are made concerning beingness only. This is above universes. This is not to say that decisions can't be made at this level affecting universe. They can easily because the Causal band is senior to everything. But the decisions are made at a level of BE.

In the upper Thought band (Know) between Creation and Postulates decisions are made creating spaces of various sizes.

In the middle Thought band (Know About) decisions are made and projected into already existing spaces.

In the lower Thought band (Look) decisions project into personal spaces only. They cannot be made to stick beyond that because at the level of Opinions the theta takes only limited points of view.

In the Emotional band decisions only affect even smaller limited personal spaces.

In the Effort band decisions are made for the thetan by himself on a beingness via. These are carried out by entities (demon circuits); and these decisions only affect reality in negative ways. The effort is to succumb.

In the Mystery band decisions are made by the thetan at a huge unconscious effect, cause being deferred to other beingness higher on the scale. At the bottom of the Mystery band EVERYTHING, including MEST itself is cause to the thetan. This is a sort of a "causing onself to be effect of other cause" and an inversion of the top of the scale. In the Mystery band, personal spaces which have collapsed to zero begin opening out once more -- but they are owned and known by others.

The activity in the crucial Thought band above has three expressions:

In the upper Thought band is activity taken done as as-isness.

At Considerations (beginning of Know About and middle Thought band) this changes to the exact isness, which is to say the persisting second postulate which is the alter-isness.

This activity further degenerates at Games/Play/Opinions (Lookingness) into a non-confront on the exact isness.  For that reason Games is the beginning of not-isness on the tone scale.

Do not be deceived by the writings of LRH into thinking that a thetan "is at" only one specific tone on the scale. The truth is that a thetan is capable of being all the way up and down the scale occupying any and all tones of it. But as a Being degenerates it abandons more and more of the upper tones, becoming more and more limited to consciously expressing "a" tone, which single expression drops down the scale. The hidden truth is that even a heavily aberrated thetan is still using the whole scale and occupying all positions, but not consciously. The current human on this planet is expressing a tone in the effort band but is unaware of doing so because its attention is filled with the input of emotion and MEST thought outflowed by the body. Therefore the tones above and below emotion and part of the effort band are "subconscious." But they are still there and can be contacted by anyone.

A way of viewing the scale would be as an ever shortening reach where postulates are restricted more and more as one descends.

A peculiarity is that these truths appear different from different locations on the scale. None of the activity I described above is quite true when viewed from above in the Causal band. Remember I said that "in the middle Thought band (Know About) decisions are made and projected into already existing spaces"? Well the truth above Considerations is: at Considerations the postulate which seems to be projected INTO a space is actually creating the space, and is therefore being done at Postulates or higher. But that's not quite true either because above that the decision is still one of beingness (being the space itself), which in turn creates the space, which in turn allows the illusion of projecting into that space. So the postulate which is being "projected" at Considerations, isn't really, because it is actually done in the Causal band. Does this mean that the only truth is the top of the scale? Yes and no. Yes the only truth is the top of the scale, but the very top contains the whole scale including the bottom.

It might help in visualizing these phenomena to remember the triangles article. These top (first column) items are equivalents: BE, AFFINITY, SPACE. When projecting a postulate "into" a space, one must BE that space in order to truly have it within you and change it.


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