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I've spoken quite frequently in these pages of things like the grand dichotomy of existence, the primal postulates, and the triangle of creation. It occurred to me that some people might want or need a visual aid, something symbolic to give these concepts an illusion of mass and havingness. Here's how they fit together. The vertical line between EXISTENCE and NON-EXISTENCE is the tone scale itself!

Remember, this is only a symbolic representation...

This is an "as-is, alter-is, not-is" of TOTAL EXISTENCE, not of creations inside universes as we know them. (The more mundane Creation triangle of "as-is, alter-is, not-is" of spaces and mockups operates within the Thought band.) These two triangles are my best to-date representation of the fundamental threefold basis of reality itself. My first attempt to do so, the article on numbers, is insufficient and incomplete. Please understand that it was my first real direct awareness.

That pair of primal decisions/postulates mentioned in "Prime Decisions and Postulates" which I expressed as "zero equals two" (opposed) and "one equals three" (three is the antithesis of one) result in a linear up and down scale with infinity at the top and a collapsed zero at the bottom; which bipolar scale is being actively altered by a triangle whose second proposition of "alter-is" creates change (or a "flux" as Ken Ogger called it) between the poles.

Above the "as-is" at the top of the triangle of Total Existence is beingness which is not inside universes as we know them. This too seems to form a triangle with only Native State above it. The triangle consists of Static, then the flux or alter-is of Coexistence, then the 3rd item of Individuality.

This static triangle fits just above the Existence triangle. They combine to give us the grand tone scale as laid out by Geoffrey Filbert:

Please note that the triangle of the Thought band operates as a creation process, the thetan as a weaver of dreams and realities. The triangle of the Emotion band operates as a process of communication through the apparencies of the old emotional tone scale. The triangle of the Effort band operates as efforts to survive. The triangle of the Mystery band operates through the solid persistence of matter of various types (not just what we think of as physical universe matter).

The Thought band is HUGE. There is more going on in that range than anywhere else on the scale. It's just filled with archetypes, templates, considerations arranged in patterns (or not), and a host of other stuff. Various levels of codes, Ifa types, energy patterns, apparent gods, identities, astrology, tarot, I Ching, etc. are created here and act upon apparent reality below.

The whole scale seems to have originally been put in place by a decision to BE or EXIST. Which in turn instantly created its opposite of NOT-BE, which is a primal dichotomy, and probably behind the deepest, toughest of all the GPMs. The dichotomy, like all primal ones, was turned into a process by alteration into a triangle, in this case the BE - DO - HAVE triangle. This would have created the scale all the way down to Death 0.0. Then something went terribly wrong with existence (at least wrong from the viewpoint of anyone stuck inside it), and the decay scale was extended below Death. This gave us our full tone scale as we know it in this universe. Keeping in mind these are approximations of the ranges into which each action dominates, it looks roughly like this:

Tone #














With the scale viewed in this manner, BE is pure existence, DO is the range of creative thought and postulation, HAVE is viewpoint, opinion and emotion inside apparency, NOT-HAVE is resistance (not-is) to HAVE (and therefore is effort), NOT-DO is counter-thought where the person's postulates have finally gone to shit, and NOT-BE is the loss of space and disintegration of beingness.

The whole tone scale once analyzed in this manner gives the appearance of having been cobbled together in sections over vast amounts of time, with the sub-Death area looking like it was added as an afterthought and with little or no planning. At the time of this writing (1/7/01) the tone scale seems bizarre and to be disintegrating via as-isness into a mere apparency.


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