Okay, the title is a joke. This is my warnings page: what to process and not to process.

Do not implicitly trust anything said by LRH after 1964 or so. Something went very wrong in 1965. I consider tech before 1965 or so to be trustworthy. From 1965 on, check everything over carefully against basic principles first before using it. Be especially wary of the evaluative nature of OT3. Power processing was from John McMaster, so it's fine. Just make sure you deliver the main process in the manner recommended by Geoffrey Filbert. NOTs was apparently mostly the work of David Mayo, based on the early work of LRH. It is presented in a too confrontational "self vs BT" manner, but other than that it is fine. Ralph Hilton has a great writeup on the processes here, recommended over Co$ material.

Freezone tech which has been advanced beyond Scn is of great use. This material can be found online through the various independent groups, such as the German Ron's Orgs, the Austrian group, the Russian site, and the American site.

Mahayana Buddhism of the Chinese flavor is mostly too altered, too worshipful, too theetie weetie visionary -- except for Chan, which is known in the west as Zen. Zen (China/Korea/Japan) has it's uses. So do Tibetan style processes/tantras. The most useful Buddhism is found in the Pali language texts (suttas). Ignore the suttas which are not reputed eyewitness accounts of what Gotama said. Especially ignore the commentaries, which can go off into lala land almost as bad as the mahayanists.

Unless you have an incredibly strong background in philosophy AND are above "recognition" in awareness stay the hell away from Aleister Crowley. His writings are deadly for people who are busily supporting their egos against the universe. Do not take the attitude that you are smart enough to handle it. If you do you should hope you aren't smart enough to make any sense of his stuff. Smart people can be eaten alive by Crowley's booby trapped, dichotomous, cryptic texts. If you have done Christian Science and REALLY got it (don't lie to me now), then you can do Crowley. The "Book of the Law" is a blatant, baldfaced attempt to manipulate the 3rd and 4th dynamics on this planet.

Much of Yoga as practiced in the West is flat useless. The only point of doing the body work promoted in Yoga is to get the contemplative's attention free of the body. For this purpose anything other than the lotus or tailor position is superfluous. Forget the complexities of Hatha Yoga. Try Raja Yoga instead -- especially the visualization drills. There are quite a number of other flavors of Yoga, and they are a mixed bag. My recommendation is to avoid later "improvements" and concentrate on the writings of the ancients. Read the Stanzas on Vibration, and the Yogasutra of Patanjali. Look for original texts which are at least 2000 years old.

Spiritual knowledge seems to go through cycles. There was a big expansion of spiritual technology approximately 2500 years ago. We are in the midst of another such expansion which has been underway for over a century, spearheaded in the 19th century by Theosophy and Christian Science. Always try to read and use the knowledge found in original sources, and avoid later alterations by well meaning adherents.

The best overview of a wide range of spiritual technology I've seen online is Max Sandor's Purple Notebook.


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