This is something that might make some of you unhappy. My intention is to help you avoid pitfalls and proceed as smoothly as possible. So, sorry. It can't be helped...

"Case" takes on the appearance you expect it to take.

That was one simple sentence, but it's very important so let me say it again with emphasis:


High "truth" is nearly inaccessible fully to normal consciousness. What we do get is filtered through our particular frame of reference. This is because of two factors:
1. our existence as a single viewpoint awareness rather than an expansive, pervasive pan-determined one.
2. the fact that the upper Thought band of the tone scale consists of vast creativity which will shape itself into anything a Being asks of it.

As you recall from previous articles, a person is not really "at" any single tone on the expanded, grand tone scale. Instead a person is the whole scale from top to bottom.  Since the objective in most processing is to achieve as-isness, and since I've shown that as-isness lies at Creation (Filbert's "Truth") on the scale, then processing will exhibit the characteristics of that tone.

Creation is literally everything which anyone has or will create, imagine and mock up anywhere. This makes the upper part of the process of spiritual awakening fraught with a great deal of wild creation of literally anything. This is why no two seers see the same sight. This is why the vision of Alice Bailey looks nothing like the vision of LRH. Which of course leads to all sorts of confusion with followers of various sects screaming that their view is right and everyone else's wrong. The problem is that all those views, including LRH's you Scns and ex-scios, is mostly only apparency. A single viewpoint identity will see what it expects to see, because most of reality is filtered out. No one takes a 100% pan-determined view. And anything less than a 100% pan-determined view (what should properly be called a "pan-existent view") isn't the TOTALITY OF THE APPARENCY, much less the truth which is behind the apparency.

So one sees what one expects to see. Shape is not Truth. Shape is always Apparency. The truth is behind every limited view of reality, but the view itself is incomplete and therefore always partially false. And that includes my limited view too!

So how does this affect processing?


Part of this is because most people are creating an illusory substitute reality for themselves, which they look at instead of the physical universe. Then they manipulate this illusion in various ways, like with thoughts. Thought is third leg of some triangle, it is STOP, and NOT-ISNESS.

Crowley encountered this in his meditation, and called thoughts "breaks", which is why he subtitled his Book Of Lies "Breaks in the one thought of..." I learned a lot from the Book Of Lies. It destroys logical thought, almost Zenlike that way. Very difficult book though, have to know Kabbalah and magic symbolism to read it. Some chapters are written in the clear but most are encoded in symbolism and numeric values.

One of the areas I'm looking into is the false internal reality people create as a substitute for being in the physical universe in present time. I've isolated a few phenomena regarding it:
1. Internal reality is a field of energy exactly like a dream, one is literally dreaming life and seeing that substitute image instead of the physical universe.
2. Thoughts are clumps of energy at one level, and foci of attention at another -- inside this field.
3. Awareness and sensory input are copied by a person and the copies are the field of the internal reality. This is precisely the action of making mental image pictures for purposes of memory. These are the same mental image pictures which are being run out using dianetics. (From this I conclude that destruction of this field results in a state of clear wherein it might be impossible to do any further incident running with dianetics, unless one is willing to recreate the field of images.)

There's been a lot written about the mind in Scn, but there is really no substitute for directly looking at what is really happening. Too many scios and ex-scios read Hubbard's words and place those words in their field of illusory internal reality and just look at those words there -- and never see what is really happening, and what they themselves are actually doing constantly. So use my words on this page as an indication of where to look within your own mind... Back to the subject of how this works in auditing.

If someone had a pain in their "gortch" and went to hotshot dianeticist Robert Ducharme to handle it, the pain would resolve as an engramic incident. If someone were to handle it by soloing using the material on Palle's site it would take the shape of a BT. Same pain. Perhaps contact with the same narrative incidents. But the apparent nature of the cause will seem different -- an engram in one case, an entity in another. In fact, using scio techniques the same bit of case will be found to resolve as:

a Beingness (using NOTs)
a general archetype (using GPM approaches)
a memory recording (using dianetics)
a postulate (using Scn grades style of going after considerations)

This might appear to imply that it's all imaginary -- that all case is "a figment of your imagination." Absolutely NOT! It's as real as anything you can touch with your body's hands, in fact more real because it exists at a "higher level" of reality. The problem lies in the nature of theta -- of the life static itself. It creates "reality" by building layers of alteration atop one another. Reality as viewed from a viewpoint is dreadfully distorted. All a viewpoint sees is apparency. But a person is far bigger than their current viewpoint, and can know much more than a viewpoint is capable of making sense out of. As the causes of case are above the apparency, then much of what occurs in processing (especially its narrative content) is to some degree inaccurate due to being filtered through a limited point of view. So in processing one might contact a difficulty as a narrative incident and get a muddy dub-in of the memory. Then after a pass or two through it, it would clarify into the true memory held by the viewpoint one was using at that time in the past. At this point the processee has done little more than remove most or all of the NOT-IS from the viewpoint or identity terminal! That of course is the wrong place to stop even if it does produce very good indicators and that much sought after floating needle if a meter is being used. After removing the viewpoints and opinions causing NOT-IS, one must then get the incident's exact considerations, which are the persisting ALTER-IS of the truth. At this point one is breaking beyond the apparency into the middle Thought band. At this point one has gotten off the considerations belonging to all the terminals in the incident and are now getting at the considerations which PERVADE the space of the incident. These are often called "postulates." Always remember that a postulate is pervading a space. That's what it does by definition. Getting this last area of ALTER-IS leads to a final full AS-IS, which is the real end phenomenon of processing. Please take careful note of this next sentence:


As-isness is well above all descriptions, and it is accessible by various methods. So a NOTs style soloist would locate various beingnesses which he either abandoned or are in stuck communication with, and via this narrative, takes responsibility for ownership, or notes who the real owner is and gets the whole thing unraveled. And please note that this is not a lightweight, imaginary thing. There can be a hell of a lot of charge and power involved in having a stuck comm of some sort to, for instance, another godlike Being from quadrillions of years ago. It is probably a problem for both of you. But above this phenomena there are some very precise creations which are pervasive basics behind the stuck beingnesses. The same is true of a dianetic chain: above all the narrative content are postulates which appear to be abstracts almost devoid of narrative characteristics, and above that is the original creation on that subject, that when duplicated, is the true as-isness. And that latter at its highest level has NO descriptive characteristics.

Dianetic professionals please note that an F/N can be obtained at Enthusiasm 4.0 or Exhilaration 8.0 on the tone scale -- and those tones are the wrong place to stop unless that is the absolute highest your poor, crushed PC can reach. This data explains why R3XD works so well on upper level processees. Ducharme's "expansion by dynamics" actually is running incidents via the viewpoints of higher tones on the tone scale, thereby obtaining erasure at the levels of the Thought band, and even the Causal band.

The oddest thing I've noticed is that real as-isness of a condition is much farther up the tone scale than any of the four approaches I listed above, especially a narrative memory based on a time track. As-isness is literally at tone 100, which is the point where a being breaks right out of universes. You can REACH this as-isness via a narrative incident dianetics style, or you can ignore the time element and cognite on what the postulate really is (but as this normally has a time-based element to its construction, then this is only part way there), or you can access the Truth via cognition through a non-self beingness (entity handling), or reach it via auditing the entity's incident, or just go after the general archetype involved -- but NONE of these methods except postulate style will come close to DIRECTLY viewing the truth at Creation/Truth on the tone scale. Quite simply, descriptive content is variable (hell, as long a time track as we all have, the as-isness should be reachable by quite a multitude of scripts). Did I say "variable"? Let me try to express that more clearly: a specific creation and its resulting pervasive postulates are what need to be accessed, and that can be done a number of different ways. Even postulate style doesn't quite get all the way there (though like any of these methods can be used to get there) because the Truth cannot be formulated in words and concepts which the mind can wrap itself around and use. I'm going to try to put into words what you want to shoot for, and it probably won't make a lick of sense, but here goes anyway: THE CONTENT OF YOUR COGNITION NEEDS TO BE COGNITION ITSELF. See, a cognition "about" something is only part way there. The final step in cognition is the as-isness itself. The silence. The stillness. The static. Nothing.

So because of this, my best advice is to not treat any single technique as THE process to use, and to use whatever works best for you while keeping in mind that the tech is itself an apparency addressing another apparency, in an effort to get past the apparencies to the truth. Apparent truth as accessed via any specific procedure is colored by the ideas of the procedure. John Lester wrote about this as an aspect of belief systems. Belief systems are the anchor points, dimension points and viewpoints of an identity. Beingness goes all the way to the top, but as near as I can tell, an IDENTITY, that is to say a GAME TERMINAL, only exists up through around tone 40. Terminals seem to be created by a Beingness as a result of what occurs at tone 50, below which the created terminal drops to 40 as a natural resting point. Please note that LRH very early on (in the PDC) identified tone 40 as a ridge, a resting point similar to Conservatism 3.0.

It's really too bad that LRH settled upon tone 40 as the goal of processing, placing an artificial ceiling on his work, and leaving identities cleaned up, but not fully resolved. Which brings me to the subject of post-1964 scientology. From 1965 the tenor of Scn processing changed from a voyage of discovery into a conflict with unseen forces. This was apparently caused by OT3 research. I said "apparently." What is blatantly obvious is that clearing from that point took on the color of warfare against other beings. The affinity had dropped out of the subject and been replaced by violent dramatization of a GPM or GPMs.

You don't believe that the affinity had dropped out of the subject to be replaced with enforcement? Check the materials. In the early 50s LRH's instructions were most how to audit, what to do in session. By the late 60s more than 90% of a auditor's course pack was what NOT to do in a session! The material itself was yelling STOP!

My advice is to be leery of going too far down that path. Oh sure, I use NOTs techniques too, they're easy, convenient and fun. But a view of reality as a spiritual conflict will create that very manifestation. So... OT3? Lightly, lightly, treat it as a maybe 'cause it's evaluative. Capt Bill's views? I have my doubts... The Ananda materials? Dangerous! Both those latter reinforces the view of reality as being filled with evil beings who wish to do you in, and which may only be handled by becoming a powerful adept. Entities should be exercised with affinity, not exorcised with hate.

So what happened to handling with love, with affinity in processing? What happened to expanding one's affinity to include others? Kinda got lost in the battling against demons did it? This sort of view found in Ananda and the Capt Bill materials begins with the assumption that there are evil intentions, and then proceeds to "solve" them with affinity and communication. That viewpoint is pretty far down the scale from the infinite love at Coexistence...

There is probably a great deal of truth in the Ananda tech. But it's gone dark, it's been filtered through a viewpoint filled with worries about evil and blackness. I recieved this response from Palle to my words on Ananda, so here's his excellent insight:

One correction to his page about the "dangerousness of Ananda RD." That RD is not
dangerous, but the soloist can be. What is dangerous is the solo auditor's attitude.
Postulating separateness, or as-ising separateness. Enemies or affinity.
Further thoughts on the structure behind this is in this excerpt from an email message: Hallucination. Since NOTs in general is merely a high powered updating on ancient tech for handling demons (even Jesus is reported to have cast out "unclean spirits" occasionally), then let me add a bit more to your tech with this line of old "superstition":


 Or to say that in modern terms:


So careful what you're mocking up. If it has teeth, then don't be upset if you get bit. There are perhaps less confrontational ways to get clear? Why flirt with postulating your own cave-in? You do not have to do it that way, there are at least three other basic approaches besides NOTs. And when using NOTs, use it with love, not the hardcore attitude.

LRH seems to have approached the shape of reality with an engineer's rule of thumb practicality, which though it had its advantages in promoting workability, pinned him inside a viewpoint of there being only ONE reality which was real. So he took various approaches, such as past life regression, GPMs, NOTs, etc. and tried them out to see if he could get that elusive "one shot clear" process. The result as demonstrated by the "Bridge" used by what's left of his church is a haphazard cobbling together of techniques into a sort of serial shotgun method. He never seemed to have noticed that "dub-in" extended far up the scale beyond the top of his bridge. In fact, the term dub-in is itself an unfortunate representation of the truth. The truth is that an thetan, any spirit, is both individual and the infinite -- and as the infinite, it is infinite creation! So "dub-in" is quite a bit more than advertised! In fact, "dub-in" is an invalidation! The term could be extended to cover all phenomena involved with case, and therefore invalidates all attempts to handle it.

Flemming Funch also noticed this phenomenon of rampant, out of control creation. Read these two paragraphs from Technical Essay #54:

The thing is, when you stick your thetan-head out into the world of spiritual phenomena you enter a world with multitudes of deceptions, illusions, fragments, machines, and multi-dimensional mishmash. You might seem to have access to infinite wisdom and fantastic abilities, but you will seldom gain much of practical use for your game. On the contrary you might very well be led off into a never-never land of futile labyrinths with mirrored walls.

This world of confusion could be called the lower astral plane, or the realm of entities or whatever. It could be called your own universe, but that would probably be a mis-leading over-simplification. At any rate, it seems to be filled with screwed-up dead people, circuits, machinery, pictures, organizations, perceptions and all sorts of other stuff.

This same phenomenon occurs in the between lives area. Upon physical death a thetan reestablishes itself as a spiritual being (I'm still studying why this happens, bear with me...), which can be no higher than Individuality 120.0 on the scale, and probably a lot lower in most cases because of identity. No higher than Opinions, really. Unfortunately the area of the scale between Individuality and human emotion is the Thought band which like I said before is a vast rich area of raw creation. And in that area of tone whatever is mocked up will appear as one's universe for a significant portion of the duration of between lives. So a christian will see heaven and/or hell. A Tibetan will experience the Bardo. A scio will go through implants, etc. Like Huggie said on ACT:
Lately I've been getting clearer and clearer views of the upper Thought band at Creation/Truth. The top of it is an infinity of all possible creations. It's so intense I can't bring it fully into human consciousness, much less describe it in words. It impinges on my human (single viewpoint) as sheer chaos. Anything you "ask for" at that level is created instantly as an as-isness, which if you impinge it upon the physical universe or your own home universe, will be alter-ised enough to persist and become manifest. In the personal universe that's just about instantly; in the PU that could take minutes, hours, days, or years depending on your comm lag.

But now we've wandered off the subject into the related field of magick...

Please read the appendix below with Dennis Stephens' view of this phenomenon excerpted from TROM theory.


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Appendix: The hidden Influence: The self-fulfilling prophecy.
The phenomenon of Creation in the mind is the cause of what Dennis Stephens talks about in this chapter taken from his book The Resolution of Mind. This is first rate stuff:

In searching for the cause of his difficulties mankind has, over the centuries, pointed his finger at almost everything. Its doubtful if anything has ever truly escaped his baleful glare. The sun, the moon and the stars were early contenders; later came demons, and things that go "boomp" in the night. Very early on man discovered that there's not much future in assigning the cause of his troubles to something that can be easily perceived, for the simple reason that its too darned easy to refute the hypothesis! The field rapidly narrowed down to those things not easily perceived: the hidden. Thus, the Hidden Influence was born. To be really convincing, of course, a hidden Influence should not only be hidden, but be, by its very nature, utterly impossible to perceive. In that way the hypothesis that this thing is the cause of mankinds' difficulties could never be refuted: no one could ever come along and inconveniently announce that he'd perceived this thing and found it to be entirely innocuous. The progress of science, endlessly bringing more and more from the unknown into the realm of the known, has also tended to drive the Hidden Influence more and more from the unknown into the unknowable. Indeed, science itself has become a prime source of the 'unknowable' in its own right. For example, science today claims that the basis of all personality ( and therefore, presumably all difficulties ) is to be found in sub-microscopic particles within the genes of the body - with the strong implication that even with a few billion dollars worth of research grants, it is very doubtful if we'll ever be able to truly perceive these things at all. Even if these sub-microscopic particles are one day perceived and discovered to be harmless after all, a new Hidden Influence will promptly be dreamed up to take their place. And so the game will continue.

While the things postulated as Hidden Influences are either imaginary or truly harmless, the game does little more than make people miserable; but when these things actually do exist then itís an entirely different story. For example, everyone has been born, but few can recall the event in detail. So there is a whole class of possible Hidden Influences to be found in the events everyone knows to have happened, but few can recall ever having happened to themselves. This class also has the advantage of no one being able to claim it is imaginary, and so refute the hypothesis out of hand. In other words, the concept is capable of convincing people of its truth - a prime necessity in the field of Hidden influences. As this class of possible Hidden Influences is near infinite, it is very fertile soil for anyone who has, for whatever reason, an urge to create a convincing Hidden Influence. A number of possibilities in this direction have already, if inadvertently, been explored. Amongst them are: sex, pain, guilt, survival, unconsciousness. Others are being continuously added to the list - as you will find, if you keep up to date with your psychological journals.

Please understand that I am not suggesting that the originators of these theories were merely out to make a fast buck ( though many fast bucks are there to be made by the unscrupulous who understand this mechanism ), for many were dedicated researchers, and truly believed that their research had found the answer to at least some of mankinds difficulties. No, my whole purpose is merely to point out that the mechanism is not without its dangers.

Let us take being born for example. Now, to the best of my knowledge no researcher has ever seriously claimed that being born was the prime cause of mans' difficulties, though I would not be surprised if sooner or later one of them did! For it does fulfill all the requirements of a good, convincing Hidden Influence. Viz:

 a)  It has happened to everybody.
 b)  It is not easily recalled.
 c)  It does contain a certain amount of upset in its own right, quite apart from what is said about it afterwards.

So you go up to a person and say: "The origin of your difficulties, Mr. Jones, are to be found in your birth trauma. This, as the very first thing that ever happened to you, must be the basis for all your later difficulties." He will immediately see that what you say could just have a germ of truth in it. You then go on to add: "Once we lift your birth trauma, then the basis of all your psychological difficulties will be known to you, and all will promptly vanish."

It all sounds very plausible, does it not? But what happens when the person is convinced that you are right? His birth trauma is now, in his own estimation, elevated from whatever it originally was, into a thing of vast importance. It will immediately become much more solid and persistent. It is entirely possible that any pains he experienced in his birth trauma will immediately impinge upon his body; and he will also experience the emotions, right then and there, that he experienced in birth. This, of course, is taken as proof of the fact that the birth trauma was the basis of his difficulties.

The prophecy becomes, in fact, self-fulfilling!

Now, do you see the danger? Whatever the effect, assuming it to be real and not entirely imaginary, which is considered as the prime cause of the difficulties, immediately becomes intensified in importance - and therefore in solidity and persistence ( man, you just try to get rid of it now! ) - by the mere act of considering it in such a manner. This is a very real danger, not only to the patient but to the researcher himself. He himself might not have been totally convinced by his hypothesis, but here is a person in front of his very eyes who is proving him right!

So here is the danger:

What ever effect in the mind you choose as being causative over the beings' behavior, immediately intensifies in solidity, persistence and command power, and will tend to prove your hypothesis.

But, you might say, what about this therapy you are advocating, surely it ? . . . No. I never said it. All I'm saying is that that which is considered important tends to become more solid and persistent, and to have a command power over the being.

I have never specified the importance.

Re-read the theory if you don't believe me. At no place in it am I pointing the finger and saying, that is the basic importance. At no time am I postulating a specific Hidden Influence. Oh yes, there are many things in your mind, which are currently hidden from you, which influence your behavior. But only you know what they are. And, what is more, only you are entirely capable of becoming aware of these things, and so vanishing the influence.

You are, in fact, the greatest authority on your own mind. You created it, and now maintain it with the same loving care that mothers reserve for their offspring.

There are no Hidden influences that you are incapable of becoming aware of. If it is influencing you, it is entirely possible for you to become aware of it and so remove the influence. The concept of the Hidden Influence that, by its very nature, you are incapable of being aware of is something dreamed up by people who do not have your best interests at heart. They wish to scare you, and so make you more easy to control. The game of the Hidden Influence is a very insidious one; but a game it is. Its total purpose is to introvert your attention in search of the undiscoverable, and so make you that much easier to overwhelm.

It is a law of life that a being is capable of sensing anything that can influence that being. Otherwise it could not influence him. There are no "forces of darkness" that you cannot sense; no things that go boomp in the night that you cannot discover the nature of if you care to go and take a look.

There are no absolute importances either. There is no class of importances in the mind that you can point a finger at and say "That is the cause of all the trouble", without immediately escalating the importance of this thing, so granting command power over you that could well stick you with it forever.

All importances are relative to all other importances; all are entirely a matter of conviction, and all can be evaluated one against the other. As you do so your mind, as an entity, will progressively vanish, and your full native abilities will be restored to you.

The game of the Hidden Influence is basically the game of "Must know" versus "Mustn't be Known'".