I said "theory", okay? This is my best to-date explanation for the wide range of entity phenomena found in the related subjects of clearing and magick. Some of this material has been mentioned in previous articles, particularly in "The Fragmentation of Static" which you should read along with this.

Beyond a certain point reached in both processing and magick, the practitioner will find himself confronted with a universe which is apparently filled with invisible beings. And I mean FILLED! They're everywhere! Processees often find themselves grinding away for years at the task of cleaning these things out of their spaces. Worse, the more they look for them, the more of them there seems to be! Part of this is the phenomenon I discussed in the previous article, The Shape of Apparent "Truth", but that article is viewing it from a point no higher than Creation/Truth on the tone scale. Above that point all those wild complexities finally fall silent in the Sea of Being.

Let's take it from the most high toned, simple view and work our way back down into the universes from there. Ready?

There is only one life static. At the top of the tone scale just below Native State is a singularity of beingness. It is you. It is me. It is your dog. It is the bird flying past your window. It is that chunk of granite sticking up out of the ground. It is the star Alpha Centauri. It is the Andromeda galaxy. It is everyone and everything, and that includes your thoughts, ideas, emotions, efforts and mental image pictures. All of this is ONE BEING.

But it is one being which has separated. But being separated implies the opposite, being united. So a primal dichotomy is identified from this perception. This creates some interesting views if both realities are held simultaneously. Here's one from a Yogin (bold type emphasis added):

The mind, being very subtle, is in close apposition or contact with other minds, though the human skull intervenes between them. As mind evolves, you come into conscious relation with the mental currents, with the minds of others- near and distant, living and dead. The individual mind of A, although separated from the mind-substance used by other individuals, B, C, D, E, X, Y, etc., by a thin wall of very finest kind of matter, is really in touch with the other apparently separated minds and with the universal mind of which it forms a part.

If A is a friend of B, A's mind is connected with B's mind. The minds of friends, relatives, brothers of A are attached to A's mind. Several minds are similarly linked to B's mind also. The minds of those who are attached to A's mind are, therefore, connected, in turn, with the minds of those who are hanging on B's mind. In this manner, one mind is in touch with all minds in the whole world. This is the Vibhu theory of mind of Raja Yoga. --Sri Swami Sivananda

All this makes NOTs look at a casual glance absurdly like tilting at windmills. A deeper look shows that what  the NOTs processee is doing is sorting out all of the tags or assignments of ownership made in the past and still being obsessively held in present time, plus any stuck cycles of ARC. Ownership is beingness at a level of identity, which is why the main NOTs commands work. One is reestablishing correct assignment of identity when one commands an entity:
"What are you?"
"What is your number?"
"Who are you?"
"Point to the being you divided from."
This tech is apparently quite old. Two millennia ago Jesus is reported to have said: "What is your name?" when casting out "unclean spirits."

A key element of this problem with entities is a person's possession of a single viewpoint occupying so little space in the physical universe that it is tantamount to being a dimensionless point of view. People are not being a dimensionless dot; most people occupy about an inch or two in diameter. But in practical terms one's space in the physical universe has shrunk to where it might as well be a point location in relation to everything else. This shrunken condition seems to begin gradually from around tone 40, becomes institutionalized as an operating basis at Games, and squeezed down to the small space we are accustomed to seeing at or near Exhilaration. This is the range, tone 40 to tone 8, of the "lower astral plane". The reason it appears to be a madhouse of dead thetans, stuck circuits and other junk is because the real nature of a Being is pervasive. It occupies the space of everything it decides to be in contact with. Which makes living in the physical universe a real mess if one is an inch in diameter, and in contact with a thousand miles in diameter. That means that 99.9999999ish% of the reality one is occupying has been abandoned! It's no wonder everything beyond that one inch of space seems filled with bogeymen! The person has withdrawn all responsibility from most of their own space! And that abandoned space is still filled with their own thoughts, emotions, images and efforts. Plus, it's also filled with the thoughts, emotions, images and efforts of others. By "others" I mean more than just other "people" -- these are thoughts, emotions, images and efforts FROM ALL DYNAMICS. From everywhere and everything. These thoughts, emotions and efforts put one into direct spiritual contact with the being(s) and circumstances wherein they originated. This puts you in contact with yourself in past track and other spaces(universes). This puts you in contact with other thetans or various sorts of entities. It puts you in contact with apparent group minds which are associated with various phenomena ascribed to higher dynamics. This explains Incident 2. Incident 2 which is run on OT3 is a 5th and 6th dynamic "engram" which is impinged upon everyone's spaces out of the lifeforms and very rocks of this planet! Another example, a friend named Palle while running the rising needle technique traced his cold/flu symptoms to entities stuck in a medieval plague. Same thing at work in his case. Now we know how LRH was accessing the genetic line...

This is the phenomenon associated with the dichotomy of the "personal self" mentioned in Primal GPMs. Simply put, that dichotomy is the loss of the pervasive state. The more Palle runs this stuff, the bigger a space he will occupy... of course, he is quite smart about it because he is running WITH AFFINITY. Affinity is an absolute MUST when doing any NOTs style processing. To do otherwise is to reinforce the dichotomy and pull in your own personal psychic war and horror show.

"Clear" as normally defined these days (free from being effect of the force in pictures) is an EFFORT clear. This extends a little ways upward into the Emotion band, because effort (resistence) mixes with emotion in the tones of the minus emotion range. This is from Antagonism, down (possibly even a slight touch of effort to Monotony). The next two areas up from there which need clearing are affinities (emotion as attitudes) and personal self as a single viewpoint (opinions). The common practice after clear is to clean up the emotional area a little if it gets in the way (rudiments anyone?) and then tackle entities. This might be skipping a gradient. In any case, entities can be viewed as either real or as hallucinations. It doesn't matter because both views are true. A hallucination is simply a creation which one is refusing responsibility for. All beingness is created (assigned) anyway. Only static is not a creation, and it is an element in thetans, mind and MEST. So it doesn't matter. A thought has beingness. A split piece of another thetan has beingness, leading directly back to its thetan. Or it could be as little as a single thought created by another thetan (or yourself). There is a theta element to any thought. The occult crowd know this very well; it's old hat to them. If you want your eyes opened a little, read "Thought-Forms" by Annie Besant & C.W. Leadbeater, published in 1901. I'll bet LRH read it.

The main techniques of magick are the handling of entities. Beyond a certain point a magician is trained to actually create them. It's pretty easy to do really. The technique, stripped of all stylistic ornamentation, is done by simple decision. Since you yourself are static "located" arbitrarily, then all you do is decide that static is located somewhere, then you impress it with thought and idea so that it has a mind structured to command it for your purposes and then you withdraw from it. Or not. If you do not withdraw then it is a remote viewpoint rather than a separate entity. Emotion and effort level energies can also be placed in the entity, in some cases until the darned Thing is semi-visible.

The above paragraph raises a troubling question. How did we, the common garden variety thetans, get squeezed down into such small space? The entity creation technique I just described also looks like what a pervasive Being would do if he were wanting to create a remote viewpoint with a limited freedom of will. The connection to the pervasive Being would be programmed into the remote (thetan) as below awareness by simple decision. Then the thetan could be a playing piece in the game for the pervasive Being, one of many... To a pervasive Being a single viewpoint thetan probably looks like an entity.

Another aspect of entities is the nature of thought as experienced in the effort band of the tone scale. The normal thought a person uses and manipulates when "thinking" has this anatomy:
Theta (beingness)
Upper thought band creation (as-isness)
Middle thought band idea (alter-isness)
Lower thought band opinion which is a limited concept
A touch of emotion, usually as a attitude reinforcing the opinion
A "body" which is a featureless dot of effort level energy.

As I have pointed out before: since a thought can be moved around, and the above idea and concept are "meaning", and the effort energy is "mass", then a thought fits LRH's definition of a symbol: mass, meaning and mobility. As a magician, if you want that thought to also manifest itself as Will (intention) then you had better acknowledge its existence as a beingness. And magicians do. The thought's "body" can also be beefed up, making it anywhere from a symbol which has a shape (common in western magick), to creating a functioning body. This latter is called a "Thing."

Locating these on the tone scale:

A normal thought exists from the top of the tone scale down to around -3.0, which is Thinkingness on the Know to Mystery scale.

A symbolized thought entity (one which has a definite meaningful shape) exists from the top of the tone scale down to around -4.0, which is Symbolizingness on the Know to Mystery scale.

A magician's Thing, Homunculus, or Body of Light (with an animal or human body shape) exists from the top of the tone scale down to around the range of -6.0 to -10.0, which is Sexingness, Mystery and Wait on the Know to Mystery scale. This is also the range of the Etheric body or coarse aura which is apparently measured in Kirilian photography.

So to sum this up, an entity is merely the beingness which a processee or magician can perceive in anything, anywhere, from any source. It can come from oneself. It can come from others. The only trick is sorting it out. Sorting it out is locating past considerations of ownership or source. Sorting it out is also relieving any charge the entity has and taking responsibility for it (please read Flemming Funch on this subject. He is correct about OT case being others' viewpoints, real case of others is much higher (that can be accessed too...) If the entity is stuck in a past incident, then audit it. Since all theta is one beingness at the top anyway -- this is important so pay attention! -- THEN ANY PERSON CAN RUN ANY INCIDENT HELD BY ANY BEING which isn't bigger/higher than themselves. These entities are probably seldom if ever the real beings which they appear to be. Even if they are, you can still audit them. This means you can audit any entity you encounter. You can also audit another thetan so long as that thetan isn't higher toned than yourself. Does Aunt Maggie a thousand miles away have a sore big toe? Get out your meter, pick up the cans in one hand (solo cans) and locate an incident containing pain in Aunt Maggie's big toe. You can do this if you can get free enough to pervade the area. Most clears should be able to do this a little; anyone who can solo audit NOTs should be able to do this a little -- unless they resist it with a prior fixed consideration based on inaccurate theory. In which case they WON'T be able to do it. I repeat: you CAN get into the minds (and case) of others.

I wouldn't advise "telepathically" (it isn't really telepathy) auditing any gods should you encounter one. If it's a real god, you are likely to be slapped flat the way you or I would swat a mosquito. But short of taking on the big guys, all sorts of odd sessions can be run. For instance I once ran a friend back through her decisions in order to effect a change in her boyfriend's response to her. It could be described as postulate handling narrative style in order to alter a 2nd dynamic. Here is the 2D session.

It's all you at the top -- every last bit of everything is you when viewed from the top of the tone scale. This data supercedes all previous theory which seems to conflict with it. Use it in practice on whatever gradient you find comfortable.


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