This has been bothering me for months now. I keep getting glimpses of the tone scale being broken up into sections, instead of one long continuous scale. And worse, I keep seeing correspondences between specific tones in one section and similar tones in another. I have to ask myself: why? Why does Individuality 120.0 look so damned much like Opinions 22.0? And why does Antagonism 2.0 look like both of them in a weird way? What if it were a single cycle applied to different levels? Then it would be a group of separate cycles, each one following the same pattern within its "plane". Is it really correct to say that they are higher and lower "harmonics" of one another? And even if we do use LRH's term, what the hell does it mean? I could be mentally lazy and accept LRH's theory of "harmonics", but I've learned that the old man made many mistakes in theory. Could this be another one? Attaching the label "harmonics" to the phenomenon does give it the appearance of meaning, but it doesn't really say anything, does it? What the hell is REALLY going on here?

I'm not going to "reason" it out either. Logic is a liar, as Crowley pointed out almost a century ago. Instead I'm going to lay them out side by side and see what I get. Lay it out and LOOK. Perhaps the ancients were not total screwballs when they talked about "planes" of existence. If reality consists of multiple interpenetrating universes (spaces) arranged in a gradient of increasing solidity, then what we might have is a single cycle/triangle which manifests a little differently in each of these spaces. I am considering this possibility because I have already observed that prior/higher universes still exist for me personally.

I already know that each section of the scale seems to operate as a cycle of action. So they should correspond. Let's see -- effectively they should match this pattern:

Start                            Affinity                          As-is                     Dispersal

Change                       Communication            Alter-is                  Flow

Stop                            Reality                          Not-is                    Ridge

Right? A first theta element, followed by a change or "flux" (as Ogger put it) element, and then a final, decayed anti-theta element. These are our basic triangle pattern in some of its various manifestations. So I look at sections of the tone scale and spot the correspondences, with each tone named being roughly the start point of each subsection (very roughly!):

Static 320.0                        Truth (Creation) 100.0                  Exhilaration 8.0

Coexistence 160.0              Importances/Values 80.0              Enthusiasm 4.0

Individuality 120.0               Opinions/Games 22.0 - 20.0        Antagonism 2.0

Continuing below emotion:

Death 0.0                            Being Nothing -20.0

Protecting Bodies -2.2        Surrender -80.0

Being Objects -10.0            Destruction -100.0

That gives us (in order): the Causal band, Thought band, the Emotion band, the Effort band, and the Mystery band. But we haven't reached the bottom of the scale! Good grief! That indicates that there is ANOTHER level below Mystery! Look:

Evil -120.0

Delusions -160.0

Individuation of Self -320.0

This works, it totally works! But it also means I have to find the dichotomy which creates that bottom section from -120.0 to -320.0, and insert it into the article "Primal GPMs". Persist/destroy isn't the bottom dichotomy...

But what is? What could be below solid matter?

My tone scale research is leading me toward some rather bizarre views of the tone scale:

1. The full tone scale is composed of sections, each of which operates in a specific "plane" of reality.
2. These planes are mere viewpoints we take.
3.  Each plane of the tone scale -- which is a plane only because we are using a viewpoint creating it there -- has existence only due to a specific dichotomy which is the basis of that viewpoint.
4. Each plane or band of the tone scale is a decay scale showing the cycle of action which occurs as a result of taking its dichotomy and expanding it into a triangle using the postulated characteristics of the number 3.
5. There is really only one cycle -- based on the number 3 -- which is repeated fractally throughout all planes, bands and universes with which we have contact. We are in contact with them simply because that is what we are creating. To create something different would put us in contact with something else probably. This has nothing to do with reality as agreement.
6. The top group of tones from tone 100 up are merely different looks at the same thing and aren't really sequenced in any particular order. They and their sequence are only useful for people using viewpoints. For that purpose they are valid.
7. Successful clearing causes the vanishment of all this phenomena: the tone scale, the dynamics, the time track, and the mechanics of auditing. Please note that Rowland Barkley now operates directly when clearing, using no crutches of mechanical "tech". He clears the way Jesus is reported to have cleared.


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