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Keep in mind that these things seem to blend into one another. For instance "emotion" seems to begin faintly at around tone 16, which really ought to be retitled "Aesthetic Feeling". The "personal self" centered around Games/Opinions seems to begin around tone 40. So treat many of the tone positions below as only approximations, or better yet centers of focus, okay?

Native State (neither existence nor non-existence, no singularities nor dualities whatsoever)

Causal band (BE)
Goal: "Exist!"
Dichotomy: Total existence vs total non-existence
Triangle: unity - duality - diversity? (1-2-3)
Triangle tone scale sections:

#1 - Static 320.0
Goal: "Exist!"
Dichotomy: Existence vs non-existence, Be vs Not-Be
#2 - Coexistence/Individuality 160.0 - 120.0
Goal: "Separate!" ("I")
Dichotomy: One self vs individuals (separate consciousness)
#3 - Awareness 110.0
Goal: "Aware!" or "Perceive!"
Dichotomy: Perception vs non-perception
Thought band (DO) [the only action of theta is decision/postulation]
Goal: "Create!"
Dichotomy: Truth vs alterations (lies)
Triangle: as-is - alter-is - not-is
Triangle tone scale sections:
#4 - Truth (Creation) 100.0 (as-is)
Goal: "Create!"
Dichotomy: Truth vs lies
(note: differentiation)
#5 - Importances/Values/Meaning 80.0 (alter-is, attachments to the as-isness)
Goal: "Attach!" ("Import!" or "This means ____!")
Dichotomy: Meaning vs meaningless (importance, an alteration, an association attached)
Triangle: perception (know) - attachment - judgement (evaluation)
(note: association)
#6 - Imaging
Goal: "Image!" or "gelling!"
Dichotomy: a stopped or frozen creation vs universes
 Between 6 and 7 lies the "Abyss" of the magicians.


Goals numbers 7, 8 and 9 are spacial.

#7 - Viewpoints 28.0 - 16.0 (not-is, not being in some locations, unattached i.e. disassociated there, while identified [theta located] in another or others.)
Goal: "Myself!" (located)
Dichotomy: Personal self vs other selves (separate viewpoint/location in space)
(note: identification in one or more locations, disassociation elsewhere)
Emotion band (HAVE)
#8 - Felt distance 16.0 - 0.0
Goal: "Desire/Want!" (affinity)
Dichotomy: Love vs hate
Triangle: affinity - communication - reality
Tone scale sections:
Aesthetic feeling 16.0

Exhilaration 8.0

Goal: "Curious"?
Enthusiasm 4.0
Goal: "Desire"?
Antagonism 2.0 (reality [resistance] begins faintly at 2.0, and through Apathy)
Goal: "Enforce"? (tones 2.0 through 1.1
Goal: "Inhibit"? (tones 1.0 through 0.1)
Goal: "No"? (tone 0.0)
Effort band (NOT-HAVE)
#9 - Control 0.0 - -10.0
Goal: "Survive!"
Dichotomy: Survive vs succumb
Triangle: responsible - control - know (by effort)
Triangle tone scale sections:
Death -0.0

Protecting Bodies -2.2

Being Objects -10.0 (actually to -16.0)

Mystery band (NOT-DO) range of unocnsciousness (Since "DO" is the action of postulation, then the disability of theta which has become matter in the physical universe is one of  "can't postulate".)
#10 -
Being Nothing -20.0 to Total Hiding -40
Goal: no space!
Dichotomy: ?????
#11 - ??? -60.0

#12 - Surrender -80.0 (MEST is in a state of surrender?)

Goal: ?????
Dichotomy: ??????
#13 - Matter
Goal: "Solidify!" (thoughts on the Mud or "persist" universe)
Dichotomy: Condense vs dissipate
Triangle: for matter is "solidify - persist - dissipate".
Destruction -100.0
Shadow band (NOT-BE)
The shadow band is a psychotic reflection below the +100 to -100 range of created reality. It corresponds to the Causal band.
Triangle: ??? - ???? - fragmentation?

Triangle tone scale sections:

#14 - Delusions -110.0
Goal: "Deceive!"
Dichotomy: Illusion (maya) vs apparency
#15 - Evil -160.0
Goal: "Dominate!"
Dichotomy: Domination vs submission
Filbert seems to have had these in the wrong order.
#16 - Individuation of Self -320.0 (soul level?)
Goal: ""?
Dichotomy: Other be vs Not-be?
Please note the cycle of existence in red: the BE triangle and then its inversion. Wheels within wheels...

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