The bands of the tone scale appear to act as separate spaces, with their own anchor points. Looking through that frame of reference they could be (and often have been) called "planes" of existence.

Each of these spaces I've observed interpenetrate one another. They appear to occupy the same space as one another. Within a cubic meter of physical universe space in the middle of which is a person's head (assuming the person is in their head) can be perceived a number of spaces which can be full of stuff, but their contents do not repel each other in any way. So their contents are within each other.

I do not know if the Causal band (BE) creates a space. By theory it should be the highest equivalent of a space in Coexistence and Individuality. But theory be damned, I haven't observed it clearly. So let's just stick a question mark after it: ?
The Upper Thought band (DO) around +100 seems to do so. Terribly hard to penetrate the veil of illusion here because the dichotomy of this band is truth vs lies. This is above universes and is pervasive of any universe with which it interacts.
The Middle thought band (DO) around +80 is definitely occupied with alter-is in a vast array of considerations, values, meanings, judgements, etc. These are also pervasive and therefore will seem to occupy any location. Look for it somewhere, and there it is!
The Lower Thought band (DO) is definitely a layer inside what we perceive as the physical universe, occupied with opinions and other viewpoints which act as mental anchor points for a unit of located theta/life called a "thetan" by scios.
The Emotion band (HAVE) is another layer, called by the occultists the "Astral Plane" and is a scale of affinity within the tone scale. It and the Effort band operate the CDEI scale. Its main feature is DESIRE which is the motivation between the viewpoint in the Lower Thought band, and the efforts taken in the Effort band.
The Effort band (NOT-HAVE) has been called the "Etheric Plane" by occultists. It is a scale of resistance. Since the presence of a mental image picture can be read on an emeter, it is affecting matter (specifically electricity), which means that it is at least partially composed of effort. An image could be said to be in the "etheric plane", or to be made of "etheric matter" whatever the hell that is.
The Mystery band (NOT-DO) is the plane of physical matter. By "not-do" is meant a progressive condition downward of NO OPINION, then NO CONSIDERATION and finally NO POSTULATION -- the inverse of the three areas of the Thought band.
The Evil band (NOT-BE) is the plane of body thetans and other fragmented Beings. It would progress through the destruction of the three tones of the Causal band, first destroying Individuality, then Coexistence, and finally the singularity of Static itself, which leads to spiritual death.

The "energies" of each Plane are used to trigger or control the next plane down, and in turn can be affected by the plane directly beneath. This is easy enough to observe below Apparancies are Reality 26.0: a Lower Thought band opinion (thought at a single viewpoint) which has been flavored with a consideration from the Middle Thought band above it will trigger an affinity/disaffinity attitude, otherwise known as an emotion. The emotion will be used to motivate effort. The effort exerted with move or otherwise affect matter.

That's the easy stuff to observe.

More difficult is observing how one makes a creation (Upper Thought band), then tags it with a consideration as an alter-is Middle Thought band), before the result appears in space before the Eye(s) of the thetan, and the progression described above takes place. I have done so. I have observed this series from Upper Thought at Creation/Truth +100, all the way down into "solid" matter in the tone range -20 through -100.

And that's as far as I've clearly observed.

The theory of the primal goal pattern (as laid against the tone scale expansion by Geoffrey Filbert) indicates that there's one more band below that of physical matter. I've reluctantly dubbed it the "Evil band". At first I was calling it the "Entity band" after what seems to be its main case symptoms. If this pattern of command and control continues as above, then physical matter affects the creation and disposition of entities. There also should be a crossover area where the tones take on the combined character of both matter and entities. Theory posits that this should be approximately -100 to almost -120 on the scale. In addition to all that, there is indications that physical space becomes zero at Destruction -100. I had been positing some sort of negative space below that, but now it looks like this is perhaps entrance into the next plane down instead.

Each plane as one progresses downward through the scale appears more solid than the one above it. This implies that a body thetan is more solid than the physical matter in which it is found imbedded.


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