"Everyone" knows that subjective reality is only real to oneself. It doesn't apply to the outer world we all share, right?


"Everyone" knows that objective reality is the "real" world. It applies to the outer world we all share and live in together, right? It is really real, right?

Not quite.

Objective reality is subjective too. Consider it a sort of agreed upon, cross linked hallucination if you wish. ;-)

At this point the reader is perhaps tapping their foot impatiently, ready to exit the Ghost Danse site and never return. Objective reality not real? Pah!

Sadly, what I say is true. It has to do with the way a person "knows".

High up the tone scale a person knows by creating the thing known within theirself. To be much more precise, a person creates a space and IS the space created. Anything known is created inside that space, and therefore the person IS the thing created and known. One is still doing this, because it is actually the only way one does know anything. But one's personal space has shrunk badly!

Subjective reality is anything mocked up inside that personal space. It doesn't have to relate to anything anyone else knows. Invent something (anything) and it's there. That's called imagination.

The real problem with supposedly "objective" reality is that it also is mocked up. Most people on this planet are spiritually blind. They do not possess direct perception of the physical universe even close to being on par with their body's senses, much less superior to those weak, limited senses. So what a person does is take the input from the body of sight, hearing, smell, touch, etc and constructs a mental image of outer reality within their personal space. They mock up a picture of it all. And they dub this mental image "REALITY!"


This can be upgraded by adding senses which are created by oneself. These are mental machines, and not very complex ones either. One can see without eyes, hear without ears when exterior/OOB. But this is only an upgrade, still not the real thing. This is still maya. Illusion. Hallucination. (see The Shape of Apparent "Truth") Oh sure, it's often far more accurate than mere body senses if you have achieved a high state. Here you get OOB with good visio, remote viewing, etc. Great stuff, but still illusory because it is a picture! It's merely a more accurate picture!

There is only one way to directly perceive/know real reality: one must expand one's personal space (the space one is being) to engulf the thing viewed, so that no longer is there any separation or distance between observer and observed. It lies within one instead. Buddha's pervasion drill and spacation exercises are advised for this. Perhaps better drills will be found in the future. This subject is still on a research line, never mind all of the satisfied customers who have achieved a little clearing and/or enlightenment and quit.

Remember, the clear cog applies to subjective reality, objective reality AND ultimately to the panexistent reality of the pervasive state: you're mocking it up, the physical universe, your mind, everything...



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