Some fundamental axioms and a few notes related to processing space:

Life is both 1. a static of no motion and no qualities, and 2. everything in all universes. This division into qualities opposed to non-qualities must be maintained in order to stay ignorant and located.

Life is both 1. awareness, and 2. unawareness. This division into perception opposed to non-perception must be maintained in order to stay ignorant and located.

Life is both 1. awareness of being one while being unaware of being many, and 2. awareness of being many (no matter where they are located) while knowing those many to be one. This division into separate selves opposed to unity of selves must be maintained in order to stay ignorant and located.

Beingness in a universe equals space. Theta is all space, which is of course also none.

Pervasion of any space effectively exteriorizes the thetan from it, i.e. the "view" is larger than the space.
(The "higher individual" or "source self" is already larger than any space; and in fact is not located in this universe. Any thetan can wake up in that higher "viewpoint". Decide to.)

Space is a separation or individuation of awareness of being into isolated or semi-isolated beings.
(It is more than a "viewpoint of dimension", which statement is so childish as to be below contempt.)

Affinity is a goal. It is a spacial goal wherein theta is located in part of a space, but considers itself not located in another part of it. In order to have affinity, theta must deliberately abandon part of a space, then mechanically reach out to occupy it again -- on top of its earlier postulate that it isn't in that abandoned space.

The as-isness at the level of affinity is that theta is ALL space (no thetan), while at the same time it is no space whatsoever.
The alter-isness at the level of affinity is theta abandoning part of a space (formation of a thetan).
The existing isness at the level of affinity is theta located in space (thetan).
The not-isness at the level of affinity is the attempted reoccupation of abandoned space, done without viewing any of the above. This sort of affinity is commonly called DESIRE, which because it is a not-isness, leads to ENFORCE, INHIBIT, etc. (you know the drill). This is why affinity always degenerates down the CDEI scale unless the as-isness is recovered. Operated as a triangle, where the third leg resolves to either the top or bottom of the tone scale: affinity by being whole spaces is recovery of original as-isness; OR affinity by reaching out for that which one is not BEING, but instead is attempting to HAVE, is desire, is not-isness.

Most OT drills are kindergarten stuff. Perhaps this is the influence of CCH processes at work, but my observation of OT drills is that they SHOULD be kindergarten at first -- but they should also be designed using a clearer understanding of the nature of theta and thetans.

It's mostly a waste of time to drill a being on handling energy in order to achieve "operation" (as in Operating Thetan). A being already knows how to handle energy. Handling energy will not increase his power or increase his energy very much if his space is small. To drill a small being on energy is a "zero sum" game. Instead a being should be drilled on SPACE. Space is the key. Space is first column of triangles (you better have read and duplicated GD7.html!), while energy is 2nd column.

It is far easier to handle energy if one is 30 feet in diameter, than if one is 2 inches in diameter.

Spacation as practiced in the CoS is a good first step. Sit comfortably in a room and mentally reach back behind your body's head and hold onto the upper two corners of the room without thinking. Do this for as long as possible, 30 seconds, 60 seconds, etc. If you can get exterior to the body (OOB) then do the drill by holding more corners. Do all this on a comfortable gradient. Your eventual target should be to comfortably hold the eight corners of an invisible box of space around your location. This is not visualizing a box in front of you, that would be a mock up drill instead.

After spacation is comfortable and easy as per the above paragraph, the next step is pervasion. This has its origin in Buddhist scripture written in the Pali language. Take your spacation box and flow outward into that space with awareness. That's right, I said be aware in that space. In actual fact you don't need the box. The box is only a temporary crutch, for havingness. Flow outward with awareness, expanding your size in every direction. Practice being aware in a wider space than normal. Whatever size you are in the physical universe, become bigger.

If this is too difficult, there's a gradient using remote viewpoints.

Pick a point in space outside of where you are being. Decide to be aware at that location in addition to where you are. Be aware in both locations at the same time. Drill yourself on being aware in one location, two locations, back to one, to two again. You can play games like having the two viewpoints look at one another (the subordinate one will vanish, possibly with other interesting phenomena), but this practice will tend to decrease you size. It is a concentration drill rather than an expansion drill. So don't do this one without putting exterior viewpoints back again. Eventually having multiple viewpoints should allow you to expand your overall amount of space. A lot of fun phenomena should occur, treat this stuff lightly and non-serious. Above all do not use force or effort. Lightly with loving intention outward into the universe. Please see the page on Buddhism for the original pervasion technique translated from the Pali.

These are the exercises I have been using solo. I do spacation and space expansion DAILY. I don't know for certain if these (and my weekly mock-up processing) are responsible for my being able to see the material found on this website. I consider it likely. Don't take my word for any of it. Do your own looking. And I recommend these simple solo processes as a way to help you look.


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