This is simply an attempt to list the different ways these primal dichotomies can be expressed. This is limited to English. That is the only language in which I am fluent, but this should provide people who think in other languages a better framework for translation.

When I say "as resistance" I mean that it is how the dichotomy appears (seems to be) when filtered through the third leg of its triangle as not-is, force, etc.

existence vs non-existence
total existence vs total non-existence
be vs not be
all that exists vs nothingness
nothing vs everything
zero vs infinity
potential vs actual (real)
emptiness/loss vs havingness (as resistance)
(top dichotomy apparently also contains unity vs duality)

one self vs individuals
one vs many
one consciousness vs separate consciousnesses

perception vs non-perception
know vs not-know
aware vs unaware
consciousness vs unconsciousness
knowledge vs ignorance
confront vs non-confront (as resistance)

create vs destroy
cause vs effect
power vs inability to create and effect
responsibility of creation vs irresponsibility of creation
truth vs lies (as resistance)

meaning/import vs meaningless
quality vs no quality
important vs unimportant (as resistance)
good vs evil (evaluation, another resistance)
justice vs injustice (evaluation, another resistance)

personal self vs other selves
personal self vs everything else
I vs not-I
self vs another
single location in space vs pervasion
personal universe vs material universe
thetan vs the universe
one space vs infinite spaces
small (space) vs large, i.e. being very small vs being very large, or tiny vs endless
thetan vs the universe

love vs hate
affinity vs antipathy
approaching vs avoiding
near vs far
agreement vs disagreement (as resistance)
survive vs succumb
live vs die
living body vs corpse
persist vs destroy
solidify vs dissipate
condense vs entropy
tidy objects vs nuclear holocaust (as resistance)
too much vs not enough
resisted existence vs resisted nothingness
other be vs not-be
not-me vs not be
make everything of me being you vs make nothing of you being me

That bottom one is still hard for me to confront. Grant me lots of beingness if I've screwed it up. When I was first reaching for it I went and talked to Max Sandor in an attempt to get help. Naturally his words were just the opposite of what I was expecting! I was asking about the bottom in terms of horror and loathing. He replied in terms of richness and appreciation. I find that quite amusing now.


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