Last weekend I attended a workshop to learn the PEAT process. PEAT is the work of Zivorad Slavinski in Europe. Details may be found on his website:

Observations about PEAT:

It runs between the spirit and body, completely bypassing the analytical mind. In fact, the analytical mind needs to be told to shut the hell up while running PEAT because too much thinking and analysis seems to interfere and slow PEAT down, even to the point of halting the process entirely if allowed to dominate the session.

It resolves case back to archetypes expressed as simple dichotomies. Archetypes exist in the mind in the tone range of around +80 down to probably around +50, and constitute a type of goal. Within this range, archetypes are outside of universes, and when expressed as dichotomies these archetypes do not have terminals attached. This is quite unlike (and senior to) the Scn goals phenomena which has goal and opposition goal plus terminal (identity pursuing the goal) and an oppterminal (opposing identity) whose goal is the oppgoal. The Scn materials of this type can never resolve any higher than +40 on the tone scale because it is attached to the parts of people focused inside universes which are known as spirits or thetans. When processing PEAT it is common for a dichotomy (known in PEAT as a Primordial Polarity) to surface and merge within a few sessions. My observation at the workshop is that dichotomies found via PEAT fall into roughly three groups:

1. A primal pair, one of the ones in GD38.html.
2. A slightly scrambled primal pair, where the things opposed have been crossed up or altered slightly (This is NOT to say the PC said their polarity wrong. This is saying that the case condition is a mildly crossed up or illogical polarity. This is common enough in dealing with dichotomies. These things are so far above ordered, logical thought that reasoning itself breaks down and is useless. Keep in mind that one of the primary attributes of a person is creation of effects; and it doesn't matter what the effects are, whether they are logical or reasonable or even desirable does not matter. Creation is a DO; the result is a DONE, with no whys or becauses. And it's silly to try to make sense out of creations -- one just DOES them. So a person will create oppositions which make no sense whatsoever. Don't bother trying to make sense out of these, just audit what's there.).
3. A dichotomy which operates at a lower level, existing as an archetype behind some less broad physical universe phenomenon. An example of this would be "male/female". This may or may not get into terminals (identities which play specific games); "male/female" obviously does.
PEAT is extremely simple and easy to run. I could audit it dead drunk if I had a crib sheet in front of me! (Ha! Not that I would audit while drunk, heh heh!) ;-)

The deep PEAT process works by locating a division into a polarity behind case and reintegrating it. I noticed that it seemed to resolve the "hottest" polarity associated with the person. The trainers were constantly talking about "getting MY primes" or "you finding YOUR primes" as though each person only has one pair of these which is attached to themselves as a game terminal (thetan+body) in the universe. And it may well be that each person has one of these as their hottest button or main focus. But I also consider this an unfortunate idea because it does not duplicate the real structure of the full mind. According to Alan Walter's theory on this type of dichotomy (one stated without terminal or oppterm) each individual spirit in this universe has only one pair (one set of "codes" in Alan's system) which it pursues. This is viewing case from the enforced viewpoint of a spirit or thetan only. Exteriorizing from the physical universe, it becomes apparent (to me) that there are several strata of these polarities or dichotomies which make up all of reality and all persons. These dichotomies are the so-called "agreements" which allow us to all play in the same universe. LRH's idea that these are "agreements" made by thetans is erroneous however. These are established at the level of Coexistence (tone 160), not of thetans (tone 40 or below).

Bluntly, a person cannot exist in this universe without creating the entire universe (for example, perception consists of first creating something there to perceive...), which means that each individual is creating ALL the items (which may or may not be polarized) which make up the universe. Some may be more heavily charged (and polarized) at the terminals (thetan and body), that's all.

Personally I am so intensely aware of the full set of primal pairs, and have exteriorized from the universe enough times, that attaching any specific pair to myself as a thetan just seems too limited and incorrect. Definitely getting "my" primes is a "wrong indication" to me.

Conclusions after the workshop:

PEAT is an extremely valuable process for resolving conflicts at a high level and low both, as it effectively discharges much of the conflict between spirit and body while resolving these polarities. (The top primal pair at GD38.html is zero/infinity, which manifests within the universe as spirit/matter, which operationally becomes spirit/body.)

Unless Zivorad has more than what I saw, PEAT does not seem to lead to resolving each and every polarity in existence, merely the charged ones attached to terminals/thetans. We already know that at least one primal pair can be discharged on anyone who can be gotten into session to run it: Power process #4 (Source) directly addresses a primal pair or what Zivorad calls a Primordial Polarity (I find it delightful that we independently invented almost identical names for these). By extension I assume that Power type processes can be invented to address the other pairs. I still do not know whether or not PEAT might also be developed into the only tool to attain the purpose of Gotama. It certainly looks like it can be used to help. It is my understanding that Zivorad continues to research this and other procedures. What he has so far is excellent. I recommend PEAT.


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(Sidebar -- These Primal Pairs or Primordial Polarities consist of GOALS. One of the pair is pursued avidly, the other is shunned in horror. Since these are goals, they operate on the CDEI scale. Everything below Desire on the CDEI scale consists of resistance, that is to say, case. This case appears as "black mass". So does one resolve all case by relieving the resistance, force, not-isness, etc? I thought so too for a long time... Doing so does clean a person up very nice and shiny. But there is a fly in the ointment of balmy paradise [if I may be allowed to deliberately mangle a cliche]: they do not stay clean.

(I was reading Edmund Meadows [Viking Remote Viewing] and he kept mentioning something he called "white mass". For example he called "love" a white mass like sticky honey. I puzzled over it. Edmund is a wonderful guy, I like him very much, but he sure is difficult to read and understand sometimes! Later I was reading the Pali language texts of Buddhism, and Gotama was talking about desire and attachment -- and it all fell into place for me suddenly. They were both talking about Desire, that same Desire that appears in the CDEI scale sequence as the decay scale of a goal. DESIRE IS PART OF THE DECAY OF A GOAL.

(Not only is resistance case; but desire is also case. That suddenly made it evident to me why people who went "clear" also went off the deep end later. They were still attached and the desire sucked them right back into the game, and down the CDEI scale.

(It turns out that Gotama was right all along.)