A number of peculiar things occur as one rises up the tone scale:
Beyond a certain point the tone scale changes in appearance from a linear scale into a circle seen as a giant cycle of action encompassing everything.
Then the circle breaks into smaller cycles.
Then the cycles disappear into their dichotomies.
Then each dichotomy merges into a single idea.
Then the entire structure vanishes.
The tone scale only has existence when viewed in the Thought band or lower. Somewhere around tone 80 or slightly above, the whole thing begins to unravel; and as one ascends, it falls to pieces, finally dissolving completely by tone 100. This has a curious effect on viewing the "top" of the scale: the top tone range of +400 through +100 is perceived as a distortion (maya or illusion) and doesn't really exist in the sequence given.

The dichotomies/creations of that upper area using Filbert's sequence are:

zero=infinity (existence)
one=everyone (consciousness)
know=not-know (perception)
Truth=lies (creation)
Using Buddha's description they are:
perception/non-perception (know=not-know)
nothingness & infinite space (zero=infinity)
infinite consciousness (one=everyone)
It might seem that either Buddha or Filbert were wrong, or that Buddha omitted truth=lies. But such a seeming would be a limited view.

The truth is that in order to perceive something, one must create it, i.e. put it there to be perceived. That demonstrates that creation and perception are the same item.

But wait! There's more!
Anything which one creates is a part of oneself. Creation is the act of splitting self into knower and thing known. The knowing is placed as consciousness. The thing known is then placed at not-know so that it will not have any consciousness. Do this enough times and soon there are islands of consciousness surrounded by a sea of unconsciousness which is being viewed -- which creates isolated/separated consciousnesses, i.e. individuals. Which demonstrates that consciousness, creation and perception are all the same item.

But wait! There's more!
Consciousness of perception of creations has placed "things" (creations which are objects and energies) to perceive, so the perceiving is done where there are no objects or energies. This forms an aware nothingness viewing everything created, which is the zero=infinity of existence.

So the truth is that existence, consciousness, perception and creation are all a single item. They are NOT four different things. They only appear to be four different things when viewed from +80 or lower on the tone scale.

This is not telling you to trash them however. The four views of the top are extremely useful tools for attaining the top; any one of which can be used (and has been used in the past) alone to attain enlightenment. Buddha seems to have used three of them. My advice is not to use just one of them; use ALL FOUR. You'll know you are having success when they begin to merge together!


You might have noticed that sometimes I express the primal items as goals, sometimes as opposing dichotomies, and sometimes as a pair which equal one another. Please do not be confused by my rapidly shifting viewpoint. These primal items can be viewed any of those three ways.

When viewed from below the Thought band they appear as goals which command the terminals (thetan and body).
When viewed from the lower Thought band they appear as opposing dichotomies.
When viewed from the middle Thought band they appear as unified items.
When viewed from Truth or higher, they vanish. There is nothing to view.
I hope that if you have read this far, you the reader no longer consider your body to be your only self.
I hope that if you have read this far, you the reader no longer consider your viewpoint in space to be your only self. There is a self, and it is you. This self is both inside the universe as a viewpoint, inside the universe as a body, throughout the universe as a pervasion, and beyond/outside the universe. The pervasion is conscious in some locations to various degrees, and unconscious in many more locations, therefore this self is also everyone else. This is not to imply that at the top all selves merge into a single self which eats them up, their individuality destroyed. Individuality is not destroyed. All individual viewpoints remain individual, yet there is awareness of being ALL of them. One becomes aware of creating all viewpoints and points viewed. One becomes aware of creating one's own awareness, and everyone else's too. One becomes aware that everything in the universe is alive -- and though a fence post might be completely unconscious, it can be woke up. And one sees that awareness can be placed at will anywhere, and so there are remote viewpoints, and entities too (the difference between a remote and an entity lie in the entity having different goals from its creator).

The above paragraph are merely thoughts placed as words on a page. Thoughts are not the reality. Studying these thoughts does not produce enlightenment. Thinking these ideas does not produce enlightenment. What produces enlightenment are the processes and drills of Buddhism, freezone scn, raja yoga, and similar practices. Therefore my advice is to place my words aside and do the processes.


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