Case consists of charged polarities. ANY charged polarity. It can be love/hate, can/can't, have/not-have, know/not-know, male/female, anything which has been divided that gets charged up.

A polarity becomes charged when one end of it is pursued as a goal.

The action of pursuing one end of a polarity involves denying the other end as undesired, unknowable, resisted, unbeable, etc.

At a very high level, a person is creating BOTH ends of any polarity. By pursuing only one end, the person is denying their own creation. This act of putting something there and then trying to make it not exist is the real cause of the charge. It is charged because the person is "NOT-WHOLE" on that subject.

Any polarity of which a person is pursuing one end as a goal operates on the scale of goal pursuit, which is the basic CDEI scale (this is a shortened version of the scale):
This is the decay scale of any goal. Let me repeat that, because I do not recall it ever been said by LRH: THE CDEI SCALE IS THE DECAY SCALE FOR GOALS. Curiosity and desire bind the person to the goal, which Buddha warned against, and which leads to what Edmund Meadows calls "white mass". The remainder of the CDEI scale creates "black mass" in the mind. The difference between white and black is simply whether it is being obliterated from sight or not. If it is resisted, it goes black in the mind (then invisible).


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