(Caveat: This article was written before I had a clear understanding of what I was seeing/experiencing. Because of this, all the concepts and even the title are faulty. This is because none of the "postulates" mentioned here are actually postulates. Instead of being postulates -- which are thoughts -- these are actually decisions about beingness which are/were made above the Thought band of the tone scale. Unfortunately, these decisions are inexpressible in language, being above thought.) A year later I wrote this fresh look: Archetypal Numbers.

Have you ever considered numbers? What sort of actions and postulates by beings early in our history gave rise to numbers, not to their symbols, but to the basic concepts themselves? The following is what I have seen/recovered so far. Please do not hold me to these words as Absolute Truth for All Time, because I wish to be free to correct any mistakes, and especially to expand upon these notes. I struggled with myself in writing these introductory paragraphs. The actual investigation into the nature of number was relatively easy compared to the introduction! *grin*

Within simple numbers are clues to the basics behind the nature of living beings and the creation of universes. In the following article I am treating these first few numbers as archetypes, as the original models or patterns out of which all numbers (and universes) emerged. If this seems a trifle odd, please be advised that I am using a quite different method of treating symbols from that normally used by most people in modern times on this planet. Astrologers and Kabbalists may recognize it: the treating of a root symbol as a template from which whole classes of actions and things arise...

I have studied astrology intensively and Ive found that one of its basics has profound implications. When doing astrology one of the most important factors to consider in a horoscope chart is the angle formed between planets. Visualize a horoscope as a circle with planet Earth in the exact center. If the moon were at the top of the rim of the circle and mars at the bottom, the angle formed between the two (from Earths point of view) is 180°. That angle is a division of the circle by 2. All angles of any use and importance to an astrologer turn out to be divisions of the circle by 1, 2, 3, or a simple combination of the above numbers added to or multiplied by one another, such as 4, 6, 8, and the whole sequence ending at 12. 5 is of very limited special use. 7, 9, 10 and 11 are mostly useless.

The circle itself before any division is 0. I consider it serendipitous that zero on much of this planet is symbolized by a circle. A perfect circle is a fascinating thing. The curve of its rim is an infinitely constant change of direction. The root number behind it, called Pi, is a number which goes to infinity when one attempts to write it numerically. Metaphysically, zero and infinity can be interchangeable. But when one starts dividing this infinity by simple whole numbers...

The fascinating thing about these divisions of the circle is that they have definite effects on a person in the birth horoscope: 1 blends the planets involved into a single beingness (In the example above, the moon represents emotional responses and mars represents aggressive energy, therefore an angle of 0° between them, division of the circle by 1, blends them into a personality with a fiery aggressive emotional nature coming from within.). 2 places the planets into open opposition. 3 harmonizes them. 4 creates an internal conflict between them. And so on. I could see a pattern to these divisions of the circle, so I looked.

Another thing which led up to this was an awareness that the problems dealt with in the lower Grades seemed to underlie the entire whole track. Lets invent a hypothetical processee. This processee might need to get settled down with little comm course drilling before he got his present time problems touched up enough to get his drugs handled. Both of those things are related to the grades (0 and 1). Then he might do the Grades. Then he might do some Dianetics, just to get enough attention free so that hes comfortable and able to view the whole track. But when the whole track comes into view, it might stir up so much suppressed case that he would need to get some non-communications, ARC breaks, overts, etc cleaned up a second time. After that he might start handling his implants and implant GPMs, but those are based on what? On failed communication, ARC breaks, problems, overts, etc. So a processee might conceivably need to handle those a third time, as even older, deeper case comes into view. Were peeling an onion here, right? So perhaps after doing some of the lower Grade stuff a third time (without anyone calling it such) our hypothetical processee would have entities come in view and need to do some form of NOTS handling. But what is he encountering with these entities? A whole new layer of shut off communication, ARC breaks, problems, overts, withholds, service facs, etc. (Ive seen enough supposed OTs who were creating overts, ARC breaks, and all the rest of that to know that the Grades are releases, not erasures.) No matter what order the bridge is run, those darned Grades just keep popping up!

So I asked myself: Wheres this coming from? Why the devil are Grades releases rather than erasures? What the hell led up to this sort of behavior by thetans, which the lower Grades were attempting to solve?

Keep in mind while reading the numbers below, that the numbers themselves are not the postulates. The numbers were part of the means by which I arrived at the postulates, and from which those numbers are derived. The process by which I arrived at the postulates began as inferential thought, which quickly became going somewhere (Im not sure where, my personal universe?) and seeing.

This is what I saw:

0 = no self (native state, no postulates)
Here there is no beingness, no "I am" to declare itself. This is what Hubbard described as a static with no mass, no location, no wavelength and no energy. This is what lies behind and contains all universes, beings and entities. Words fail at this highest level, each word being useless to describe the indescribable. Words describe things which are in universes. So though I call this zero, I could just as easily have said infinity.

The number zero is the most primal number and implies no universes.

1 = one self (static, from our inverted POV: all selves are one self)
This is the first lie: I am. The root of this number is awareness, specifically aware of being aware. Here there is someone to be aware. I call this (poetically) the original Sea of Being, out of which all beingness separated. But that last phrase is untrue, because we didnt really separate. That separation is a creative lie. Self is a lie because "self" is a limited beingness. The highest truth is that we are all still part of native state. Nevertheless the lie is told, and one is aware. Once one is aware, one places something of which to be aware. Here a point location is posited (postulated), which the One being assumes. This creates consciousness looking outward from a single location, which separates away from being everywhere looking in and a sense of infinite space...

The number one triggers everything else as a chain reaction.

2 = that other self is not "my" self (refusal to assume responsibility for "other")
This is the root of all conflict between beings, and Grades 0 through 4. The first action is to refuse full responsibility for what is viewed, by holding different opinions about it simultaneously. This created multiple beings who could disagree. This might sound silly, because I am talking about beings who are childlike gods with infinite power to create and destroy matter,energy, space and time (MEST) -- but the second mistake, the second lie was to state that one was not the other self and also not what one was viewing. Because a being creates MEST, a being is MEST. Let me repeat that to anyone who finds that statement horrifying because the full intention of their religion is to escape from the universe before they become solid sorrowing MEST: a being is everything that being creates. All assumed beingnesses are creative lies, lies told in order to make a game. And prior to not being responsible, one was fully responsible, and ultimately still is despite the lie. Games are played by BE-DO-HAVE. If one creates a space, then one is that space. If one creates energy, then one is that energy. If one creates matter, then one is that matter. By refusing to be fully responsible for matter and all other theta beings, one is telling a lie. Behind the lie of self versus other is the truth that all the individual selves are still one self despite being individuated. (Of course behind that lie is the basic lie of I am.) From this single action arises all possible conflict, and makes the gradual descent from godhood into a horror show of mud possible.

Leaving the first and second lies in place, one next attempts to remedy the situation with a third lie...

3 = self can work in harmony (Affinity, Reality, Communication) with non-self
This statement has an intrinsic implication behind it that self can't work in harmony! If it were harmonious, the statement would be unnecessary! So 3 is a lower harmonic of 1, with the lie of 2 in between to make it persist better! Three is an attempt to create agreement between beings. For example: if two beings are viewing the same piece of MEST, they compare notes, communicate and agree on what is real. But the only reason they need to agree is because prior to that they had decided to disagree! So having separated into two beings (who have decided not to be each other and therefore have different views which are not the same, not in agreement), they need to posit affinity for each other, and create agreement between each other, both by means of communication.

This is the limit of the basics: 0 through 3. The following two numbers are less primal, yet appear to be inevitable results of the postulates behind the first few.

4 = my self is not mine
"I" contains conflict, other-determinism, etc. This is the final, deadly mistake. Its roots are in the second lie. Therefore 4 is a lower harmonic of 2. Here one is taking the next step implied by the refusal to be responsible for Other. It appears to be an inevitable progression, which is why when I originally roughed this out to a friend I likened the steps of numbers to a Goals Problems Mass lineplot. They arent one, and if anything appear to be senior (occurring prior) to GPM sequences. This number 4 reminds me of a remark by Geoffrey Filbert in his book Excaliber Revisited to the effect that the cross represents the fact that life is never other than at right angles to itself. A division of the circle by 4 yields a cross.

5 = I can successfully (harmoniously) be MEST
Here is the number of Man (on this planet at least), and in a broader sense its the number of a being inhabiting a body. This is an attempt to rectify the mistake of 4 by ignoring it and carrying on in hopefully blissful ignorance. Therefore 5 is a lower harmonic of 3. But its a very badly done harmonic which is quite out of balance. This is the pentagram, where self sits atop the internalized conflict of 4. Here the I am is a lie resisting the other-determinism of 4, and not very successfully.

To me this stuff appears to be prior to universes, and basic to the formation of universes including this universe we are inside. The first few numbers may undercut any and everything being researched by our best people. If what Im seeing is correct, these early postulates would be prior to everything on the whole track including the Jewel of Knowledge described by The Pilot. These original postulates behind numbers appear to underlie the entire trap. They indicate the source of early track mischief which resides in miscommunication, breaks in affinity, disagreement on reality and the deliberate harmful acts which resulted from refusal to understand. All our attempts to regain understanding seem to be alter-is atop these postulates. So knowledge of them should be helpful to anyone who wishes to dig themselves out.


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