The expanded tone scale is not a single scale. It is a series of decay scales, one atop the other, each of which is decay of a specific mental item. The oldest known part of the scale in Scn is the emotional tone scale. It is a scale of feeling which begins around tone 16 with aesthetic sensation and decays down through exhilaration, enthusiasm, conservatism, boredom, antagonism, anger, fear, sympathy, grief, apathy and death. These emotional tones supply the motivation (not motivator as in overt/motivator, but rather
motivation as in "desire for action") for taking actual actions in the physical universe. Taking action in the physical universe is itself an "effort". By effort I do not mean a resisting struggle (technically that
would be a "counter-effort") but simply that energy used to accomplish things, which in its highest form is a rather "effortless" effort. ;-)

Directly under the emotional band of the tone scale is another scale, for effort. Its highest point appears to be responsibility as blame and accountability when viewed from an emotional perspective; that is to say,
when it is viewed from a viewpoint held in the emotional scale. It doesn't look that way when viewed from within the effort band however. Effort can appear low toned when viewed from an emotional viewpoint. Which is why the subdeath tones were written up in Scn as horrors. But they only seem like horrors from an emotional perspective. Effort is its own cycle, its own decay scale. When viewed from outside of emotion, it's highest point is TOTAL RESPONSIBILITY. This is the ep of the CCHs, which address the effort band via

The tone scale band below effort is that of unconsciousness and matter. The tone scale band above emotion is that of "viewpoint in space", also known as a thetan, which is a decay scale from serenity at 40 down to single viewpoint at 16. This gives us a series of bands via which we operate:

Viewpoint/Thetan, which assumes a position in space (40 to 16)
Emotion, which is an attitude held at that position in space and is used in
turn to motivate (16 to 0)
Effort, which is used to move (0 to probably -8 or -10)
Matter, which is your body and car and computer.
There is much more tone scale above the Viewpoint band. Very high up it, at tone 110, is KNOW without a via. Below tone 110, all knowing is on a via, by Looking, by feeling (emotingness), by Sexing, by Symbolizing, etc etc...

When using Hubbard's KRC triangle, please understand that K is the weak link, and that the high point of that cycle is R. It is unfortunate that the scale was written the way it is, because tone -1 is usually viewed as something bad, whereas in fact it is high toned IN ITS CYCLE! So the high points/top tones of each of those bands above matter are:

Viewpoint = Serenity of Beingness, tone 40
Emotion = Aesthetic Sensation (beauty), tone 16
Effort = Total Responsibility (effortless or resistanceless), tone 0
As you might have noticed, the bottom of the Viewpoint cycle is the top of the Emotion cycle at tone 16; and the bottom of the emotion cycle at Death 0.0 is the top of the effort cycle at Total Responsibility 0.0. These are the points where they convert into one another.

To summarize: the expanded tone scale can be viewed as a single scale, but if this is done then a person will usually view themselves and others as being only at ONE location on that scale. That is a less than perfect idea. The truth is that a person has a viewpoint in space, and they have emotions, and they have an approach to effort when handling matter. So a person is occupying a position in each band, in each cycle. Processing can then be seen to be bringing the PC up to the top in EACH SEPARATE CYCLE.

Cleared efforts leads to an effortless control and responsibility at 0.0 in the Effort band.

Cleared emotions leads to an emotional beauty which is very calm and joyful at tone 16.

Cleared viewpoint in space leads to the expanded self viewpoint and limitless affinity for other persons at tone 40.

It is unfortunate that this data has not been previously known, and confusion has arisen, with the effortless control and responsibility of the top of the effort band often being called "tone 40", which it is NOT. It is actually tone ZERO. heh heh!

But don't let that top=death apparency worry you. Because the tone scale is NOT a single cycle. It is a series of cycles, each concerned with its own sphere of activity. Take your PCs to the top within each cycle.


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