The actual top dichotomy is CREATE/DESTROY.

This is senior to all other pairs, which are indeed mere creations which result from CREATE/DESTROY.

This means that the hidden top of the tone scale is at +100.

It seems to have worked this way... Initially there is a creation, which is the goal end of the dichotomy. In order to obtain a persistence, the creation must be altered. Part of this is that the tone scale gets reflected upward into an illusion of three pairs above it (nothing/everything, one consciousness/individuality, and aware/unaware). At this point CREATE/DESTROY itself gets altered and hidden behind a new tone (and its dichotomy) which becomes tone 100. This new dichotomy is TRUTH/LIES. Filbert calls the tone TRUTH, because the goal end of it is TRUTH. Please notice that the goal has swapped ends!

I want to make that last point very clear, so here it is again:

Dichotomy:                           Goal:
TRUTH/LIES                         TRUTH

"So what?" you ask. So here's what:

So the original goal is to LIE! This has been hidden and replaced with a false goal of TRUTH! But people don't really want the truth as a general rule; they prefer their lies. Only perverted, anti-life, anti-games seekers like Gotama are actually looking to destroy the lies with the truth! Please notice that it is quite a valid technique of liberation to swap ends of these dichotomies and pursue the antigoals. The eventual end result should be the merging of the two ends into a singularity.

I spotted this while studying Ifa and immediately emailed it to Max Sandor, framed in the terms of Ifa rather than the tone scale. Of the 16 basic archetypes in Ifa, there is a certain one which is labeled as the first. I spotted that this wasn't true, that a different one was first. He was flabbergasted. I had apparently just told one of the secrets of Ifa which I wasn't supposed to know because I am not an initiated babalawo!

But truth is truth -- and I am a very destructive person. And therefore I am also a very creative person. Work BOTH ends of all dichotomies to merge/neutralize them and regain cause over them.

As a sidebar to the above, since The tones above +100 are false (creations reflected upward), then the tones below -100 are also false, and have no real existence. They are maya, reflected down to the bottom opposite the false tones of the top. These tones of Evil, Delusion, Individuation of Self, and Being Entities are so false that they only appear in the physical universe as manifestations of insanity. They are the flipside of the created "highest" tones in the Causal band.

The span of reality is between +100 Truth (CREATION) and -100 Destruction (LIES). Notice how the names are confused on Filbert's scale? He named Truth as +100, and Destruction as -100 -- both of which are the SAME end of the basic dichotomy (TRUTH = DESTROY). And that is the action of successful processing and meditation: truth destroys created lies. The truly bizarre thing about both these two tones is that each of them contains BOTH ends of their dichotomy fully visible. So Filbert did not screw up, he merely failed to make the expanded tone scale clear and easy to understand.


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