A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to watch a friend do a demonstration session using Zivorad Slavinski's Aspectika process. There was quite a difference between reading the process on paper and watching it being run on a processee. For one thing I could SEE what was happening in front of me.

Aspectika is goals processing. It runs goals in chains by locating the higher goal which is behind the one being examined, then taking up that higher one, then looking for the one higher than it. This is quite a departure from the Scn line plot. A line plot is horizontal in level, and locating goals in prior times never breaks out of the circle. Aspectika on the other hand looks for higher goals, working upward into absolutes and finally into static itself.

One of my personal discoveries is that the CDEI scale is simply the decay scale of a goal, any goal. I do not recall seeing that fact written anywhere, but if it is, fine. Anyone who might have spotted that first, congratulations! :)

The CDEI scale phenomena is most likely what Buddha was talking about when he spoke of "thirst" and "desire" being a major element of case. Goals decay down this scale until the goal failure is intolerable, at which point the person takes a new goal. This taking on a new goal can be done both horizontally as seen in a line plot, and/or it can be done vertically as witnessed in Aspectika processing.

To refresh any memories, and for reference, here is the expanded CDEI scale as given by Geoffrey Filbert:

not know

Watching the Aspectika session it became very obvious to me that a new, final button would have to be added to the CDEI scale. That final button might not always come after "recriminatory", it might appear higher up. For example, "conjured" could well be the last hallucinatory creation in the very act of beginning a new cycle. The final button appears on the scale at the point where the goal failure is intolerable to the person. The final button of the CDEI scale is:


Substitute ends the current goal by replacing it with a new goal. This button is not only at the bottom of the CDEI scale, it is also at the top above "not know" when working backwards along a chain of goals, or along a single goal working back in time. When a new goal is substituted for the failed old one, the new goal then decays normally from the top at "not know" through "know", "unknown", "curious", etc.

When using this new button in Scn style auditing be wary of simply working it in an attempt to get charge off it. It is more than a charged button; it is the link to a higher or previous goal. So be prepared to go earlier and/or higher when you use it.

A last caution about processing goals: the Scn habit of running goals with terminals, and other physical universe existences described by nouns, is a mistake. Doing so grounds the charge of the associated GPM(s) directly into the thetan, and through the thetan into the body. Goals do not need to be run in this dangerous manner any longer. I won't list the names of casualties here.


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