Hubbard said in his axioms that a person has the ability to postulate and perceive. That is not correct, perception is also postulated. Most scios seem to consider a postulate to be a thought. That is not correct. It is a decision, specifically it is a creative decision about beingness. So "creative decision about beingness" is the only ability of the life static.

Therefore creation as manifested postulation is the primary action, and is the "first" or "top" item. This when polarized is perceived as create/destroy.

Create/destroy is on the tone scale at +100 and -100. Both sides of the dichotomy are at both tones. +100 is the life static as Cause/Source, and -100 is the life static as Effect/Matter (Malkuth in the Kabbalah). The range between those tones consists of postulated absolutes, universes and minds.

"Above" +100 are created characteristics for pure spirit as a source/creator. I call those the "reflections upward".

Beneath the physical universe, i.e. below -100, lie what I call the "shadows". They are created characteristics for the dark pool of theta which is being physical matter. This is also known as "the Deep" in magick, and the Qliphoth. These tones are insane. Spot that they are beneath physical matter. (spot, not think please) Spot that matter itself is alive and dimly aware in a weird way, as an inflowing, sucking sponge. Spot that entities are generated out of matter, and that their source is the dark pervasion of space which was created opposite the bright sparks of thetans. The two were created together and balance each other. If this sounds Gnostic, you are right. Thetans and the dark pervasion are the extremes of a specific absolute creation "above time in a while" as Filbert would express it. Yes they are a polarization. Spot that desire (and indeed the entire CDEI scale of goals) hooks into matter at -100 on the tone scale, and that resolution of desire/thirst/craving means confronting and dissolving the polarities in the Deep, in the tones beneath -100. One of them Filbert named "Evil". I will not argue with Geoffrey as to that name. Spot that from a thetan viewpoint the tone Evil is psycho. Spot that from the perspective of the dark pervasion, the tone Evil is reasonable and good. Spot that the dark pervasion keeps goals quite different from and opposing to those of a thetan.

The Deep is at tone -320. Its polarization seems to be expressible as "Other be vs Not-be" as the extremes of the energy/absolute of surrendering self to infinity. The Deep needs to be confronted or godhood will not be achieved at +320.

Evil seems to be polarized into "dominance vs submission" or some similar extremes. Spot that they hook into desire/thirst/craving and make it persist. Be on the alert for double ended polarization, where dominance is God and submission is Evil, while at the same time Evil is dominance and the universe is submitting. I realize that last sentence sounded sort of crazy, but that's the Shadows -- insane. I would advise you to investigate this tone and dichotomy for the source of addiction. Remember: addiction arises in matter (usually in the the body), not a thetan. Again, the shadows are the characteristics assigned to matter.

The third item in the Shadows is the madness of hallucination. It seems to be polarized into "illusion or one's personal universe vs the apparency of existence". Spot it as the real source of the "need" for drug rundowns.


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