A variety of different polarities related to "create" have come to light through processing and meditation. Because some of them are so different from each other, it puzzled me and came close to confusing me. But of course the way to avoid confusion is to release all anchor points and viewpoints (stable data and firmly held perspectives) and pervade the entire area. Then look around.

Among the polarities related to creation are:
Probably the most common one reported is "create/destroy".

But what does "create/destroy" mean? What do any of them mean? Words are not what they represent. Definitions of these can be slippery, because different people mean different actual polarities when they say these words. "Destroy" for example gives me the impression of being an attempted not-ising view of uncreate, viewing uncreate as a negative pole. When one is resisting uncreation, it can seem like something negative: destruction.

Instead of idiotically reasoning about these further, I decided to know them. I began to directly experience the processes of creation itself without any preconceived ideas or views.

This is what I spotted:
"Creation" and its assigned opposite are actually attempts to describe two different polarities. This is because creating consists of two different activities.

One pair involve bringing some original, independent creation either into or out of existence. It could be described as:
to manifest/to unmanifest
be/not be
(and more fuzzily...)
create/destroy (Hmm...)
Hubbard called both ends of this activity "as-isness". To "as-is" makes something appear, but because it is a pure creation not attached to any other reality, or otherwise altered, it vanishes in the same moment in which it is  created.

The second pair involve taking the original, independent creations made in the first polarity, and sticking them to each other, combining them and saying that the result is one thing instead of two (or more) things. This acheives a persistance. This activity can be described as a polarity thusly:
sticking together/unsticking
create/destroy (... Aha! Again? Not the same polarity, the wording of this dichotomy is slippery.)
The latter two are what people sometimes call this activity; the former two are more accurately describing what people actually DO! Applied only to mental activity, sticking two things together becomes the activity of attaching meaning to something. Therefore one also gets:
meaning (significance)/meaningless (no significance attached)

Hubbard called the sticking together "alter-isness", and named the unsticking "as-isness" (that makes three different things he's calling as-isness) and also he sometimes described it as "differentiation". He never did fully spot the entire mechanism, despite the fact that it was indicated fairly plainly in the Pali texts of Buddhism. Perhaps he never had the opportunity to read those suttas...

In the physical universe the second pair directly relates to a person's normal perception of time. There is no "time" as we usually think of it. The past does not exist. There is only the present and our creation of a future. With every pulse of the vibration of matter and energy, all matter and energy vanish and are created anew. And I do mean NEW! The new matter and energy are not the old matter and energy, despite the fact that we create slightly altered resemblances of the previous matter and energy.

The huge lie of time is this: we attach the new creations to the old vanished creations, saying they are one continuous creation, enforcing what is not there. One of the brightest thing Hubbard ever said is that time states the untruth of consecutive creation. Uncreation of a time track consists of simply detaching these creations from one another. Yesterday does not exist. Knowing that, using memory becomes seen as recreating mockups of what is not there. Now we know exactly how timebreaking works. By comparing the two it is simply detaching what IS (the present) from a hallucinatory convenient (and often inconvenient) illusion called the past.

Most processing consists of unattaching things from one another, with occasional actions of reattaching (such as assigning correct ownership), and also the action of taking something completely out of existence. This latter is much rarer in processing than one might believe. Taking something out of existence sends a person's consciousness right out of the universe for a while. But of course it comes back because it has so many untouched polarized existences.

There is a danger to taking something out of existence, and that is when one takes only half of something out, one pole, and leaves the other pole intact. This is the real phenomenon occurring when running a scn process which is working a dichotomy, and leaving it unfinished. If the processor quits after one half of the dichotomy has been taken to extremely good indicators and much release, without taking its opposite out, then the person feels very very good for a while... and some time later crashes and burns because the opposite pole is still there. This is especially important with the Power processes of scn. If for instance one runs Power process #4 (Source) and gets the end phenomenon and huge release from "Tell me a source", then the negative pole is still there and in full restimulation! This is a sure-fire recipe for ascension/crash, because "no source" is the other half of the truth, is still fully in existence, and because it is no longer balanced by "source", will COME FULLY INTO MANIFESTATION! The person will become a no source and crash downscale and burn! The missing data in scn is the polarity tech being researched in the late 90s and 00s. The basic rules are these:

One can detach bits of case from each other safely without having to work both sides of any polarities involved. (It's best to do so, but not necessary.) This is not true however with taking case out of the universe completely. When totally uncreating an item of case, both sides of any polarity involved must be taken out of existence, or the untouched pole will not merely persist, but actually increase its manifestation. If it's the positive pole the person will exhibit positive gain as a persistance, which is an untruth that will lead to obsessive and excessive positive behavior leading to a new. massive service facsimile. If it's the negative pole, look out! One is in for a tough time of negative behavior and unhappiness.


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