Anything you can perceive you are separate from. Otherwise you would not perceive it. Perception (knowledge, awareness) requires separation into knower and knowee. Both are self, however.

If you are aware of being aware, then you are viewing that awareness from "somewhere else". Spot that space (hint: it will not be in physical universe space).

The only location of which a person cannot be aware, is the location from which they are being aware. Follow that darkness and that not-know, until service facsimiles ignite like neon lights in the night. All one's viewpoints were dark points...

Ignore the body and the body's senses and its orientation. Ever do any yoga style meditation where you sit comfortably, close the eyes and not think? Get into that state. Then locate a vast (infinite) space which is filled with thoughts, ideas, points of view, and others' points of view. Then run Max's viewpoint/anchorpoint process, while paying close attention to viewpoints one at a time. Assume a viewpoint. Then move to a different viewpoint. Look at the first viewpoint from the 2nd. See the fixed (enforced) ideas which you could not spot while being at the viewpoint? Notice how these make up an identity? Notice how everytime you assume a viewpoint, you cannot see the viewpoint itself? That's the "blind spot" and it is the cause of serfacs.

Viewpoint/anchorpoint process (quote from original email from Max):

> I was running some Ifa polarities 2nite with great success.
> Then, inspired by the latest Pali-board message I sent you, I tried
> successive viewpoint switching in relation to an anchorpoint.
> I took an anchorpoint, got the viewpoint, took that viewpoint as
> an anchorpoint, found another viewpoint 'higher' or more 'distant'
> than the previous, hopped onto the other and so forth until
> floating without anchorpoint.
> Then, looking back down the chain of anchorpoints, I spotted
> all serfacs nearly simultaneously :-)
> Great stuff :-)
> mx

It's simple enough to derive formal commands from that. In both mental space and physical universe space, it is not possible to place attention on the location of one's own viewpoint, not without moving to a different viewpoint. A habitual or stuck viewpoint becomes a blind spot. Enforced, it leads to serfac phenomena.

This process is an undercut for scientology's Grade 4.

The action of creation, which is bringing something into manifestation, requires that you not-be that which you are creating. This be/not-be polarization creates the tone scale, on which the action of creation places an arbitrary "spirit" high on the scale, while the creation itself is dropped toward the bottom of the scale as matter, energy, etc. Anchor/view phenomena is a fractal variation of this. So also is the flow or beam from others, leading to self image which is the energetic variant, which is the sourse of the image held as a service facsimile. Do not get too lost in the fractals however. Keep aware that the basic is BE/NOT-BE.

Anything you created is you, if you would only reunite with it.


Much of the above will make no sense to the logical mind. The above was not written for the logical mind, which would only wish to argue about it. The above was written with the sole purpose of encouraging cognition. And what can cognite? The "nothing" end of the real person! If no cognition occurs I suggest you tell your mind to shut the fuck up! ;-)))))
Thoughts get in the way.
Emotions get in the way.
Feelings get in the way.
Mental images get in the way.
Efforts and resistances get in the way.
The mind of the bodyself (genetic entity) can get in the way (Body: "feed me! sex me! I wanna sleep!")

All these are things, and these things are Mind. These are somethings, which interfere with the Nothing which cognites, and which also interferes with Matter. Spirit/matter is one of the basic polarities, but the crap which accumulates between them and creates polarization is Mind, and Mind is the problem. Eventually one must remove Mind (the polarization) and operate directly, recreating Mind as needed, but most of the time allowing Mind to fall into the void, discreated.

I'd ask you to keep that in mind, but mind is what I ask you not to keep, or at least, not to enforce. So don't ask me what I think... I'm trying to quit! ;-)

Can truth and humor exist side by side? You decide.

Seriousness is enforcement. Anything below Desire on the CDEI scale is case.  :-)


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