(This article should probably not be read until after you have read and understood "The Three Part Cycle (triangle) of Damned Near Everything.")

Not-isness is defined as any postulate(s) in addition to (on top of) the 2nd postulate which was the alter-isness creating persistence. This can be a 3rd postulate, 4th postulate, 104th, 10,879,214th postulate, etc. Agreement is not-isness. Let me say that again for those of you who are stunned: agreement, that is to say "reality" of the ARC triangle, is NOT-ISNESS. It is not-isness because it is a false isness. A true isness is the exact alter-isness. A false isness is any postulate which claims to be the persisting alter-isness, but which in fact is something else. Experimentally, if you were to take a beer bottle (no need to empty it first) and sit across from it and agree with it, agree with it, agree with it, over and over again, you would find it fading and becoming unreal. This is not-isness at work. If instead you looked at it fresh, not agreeing with what's there but taking a new sceptical look each time, over and over again, you would find it getting brighter and more real. This is looking at it, stripping away not-isness, and getting at the isness which is the exact anatomy of the alter-isness of the original as-isness.

The sequence of creation goes like this:

As-isness, the original postulate/creation. This is the thetan making something new in new unit of time and space. This is followed by...

Alter-isness, a lie told to obtain persistence of the original postulate. This is the thetan keeping his creation around so that it doesn't vanish everytime he puts his attention on it. But he wants to have the other parts of himself (other thetans) view it also, so he gets them to "say that it is there" too. This creates a...

Not-isness, which is a 3rd (or more) postulate because every other thetan which views it postulates that he didn't create it. And that's a lie.

You see, there is only one beingness. Period. There is only one thetan at "static". Static is a single thetan which split off many separate consciousnesses, each one of which claims to be "me". Ask someone who he is, keep digging deeper and deeper, past all the valences, symbols, masks, etc and you will find the ultimate answer to the question: me. And every one of us has that same damned answer!

This information is objected to strenuously by some people. They are often terribly afraid of being overwhelmed, blanketed, swamped by bigger, more numerous beingnesses (for good reason, whole track is full of horrible incidents of that sort) -- so any attempt to tell people that they are everyone else is shouted down in terror. But it happens to be true. But the truth is not something to be feared. The truth is not an overwhelm. The truth is not you at effect. Rather it is you at cause. By going UP in tone to greater awareness (instead of DOWN like when being overwhelmed) one does not become submerged in some bigger being. Quite the opposite, one becomes MORE oneself! MORE individual! This leads to static, which is ONE being. You.

This can be double checked experimentally by anyone who is sufficiently aware. Try these:
1. I observed that telepathic experiences were not communication in the sense of a movement of something across space from one person to another. What I observed was that the same thought would appear simultaneously in my head and my friend's head. There was no motion involved. There was no intention involved. Instead there was an instant of intimate beingness.
2. Any person can remember the past track of any other person, or any inanimate object, as clearly as they remember their own past. In fact, a person can read/remember everything and everyone in this universe, past, present and future. This is sometimes called the "Akashic Record", but that's a misnomer. It isn't recorded anywhere. It's simply available because any one thetan is actually all the other thetans and creates all of reality, therefore it is available for any thetan to view.

One of the lies which thetans tell which accounts for a great deal of the universe's not-isness is the lie of separation. It is saying "I'm me here, and you're you over there, and we are different from one another." This is the lie of separation from static. Please understand, I'm not saying the lie was a wrong thing to do -- on the contrary, that lie made the rich tapestry of our existence possible -- but it's still a lie!

I had the oddest case change when I cognited on this stuff and contacted these original postulates. Afterward my personal case got thinner. Less forceful. For example I used to be subject to occasional fits of anger. They didn't go away. I still get them, sort of. But they have lost their force, become thin and shadowy, almost silly! The force behind them is gone. Another change which occurred after seeing static was that I can now see all subjects with far greater clarity, especially the spiritual ones like magic, buddhism, scientology, yoga practices, etc -- because I now have a point of view from a position senior to them. They all make sense, and I can now originate clarifications about them. Like this one.


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