Archetypal Numbers (5/1/01)

0    Zero when postulated, was postulated with/as part of infinity. So there is no standalone Zero. The real postulate is: 0 = which was later separated into a dichotomy: all existence vs no existence.

1    One when postulated was also postulated as part of infinity. Therefore: 1 = .  This became the One Big Being vs Individuality dichotomy (One splits into Many).

Neither of these manifested as a conflict until Two.

2    Two is the division necessary to enable the above as problems. It was after the idea of Two, that One and Zero were gleefully backpostulated into dichotomies. Until then the apparent conflicts in the Zero and One postulates weren't actually conflicting. therefore Zen operates at 0 and 1 because Zen consists of postulating the logically impossible. Therefore it may be reasoned that reason itself derives from duality and dichotomy. This is the principle of separation, necessary for such things as perception. Formula: 2 = 0, which becomes: (+1) + (-1) = 0, then as a deliberate lie: (+1) does not equal (-1).

3    Three shifts the opposing, negative pole of the dichotomy from its place at Two and moves it to Three, inserting a space between them with a new Two, into which time operates changes, growths and decays. It's the basis of triangles, normal decay scales, and the simple cycle of action. All the three part triangular arrangements in GD7.html are fractal echoes of this postulate. This is the principle of creation changing through time. Formula: 3 = 2. (Hebraic formula for possible old universe: Yod Vau He )

4    Four initiates inversion below zero/stop of cycles. It does this by moving the third leg of the triangle from bottom to top, and then taking the first leg to the bottom and splitting it in two. What was once simply STOP (which automatically uncreated), can now be either STOP as an uncreate, or STOP as not-isness. (This revelation was on the tip of my mind for months, then I was reading the Viking Way book at it suddenly fell into place for me.) This is the division of as-isness into either "un" or "not". Expressed as the four elements: as-isness/uncreate (dissolve) is FIRE, not-is (identification) is WATER, alter-is (association) is AIR and isness (differentiation) is EARTH. The hellishness of this arrangement becomes apparent upon close inspection; the only way to obtain a reasonably clear view and control is by going solid, by confronting solid matter. Uncreation has been stripped from number one of any operating triangle and placed as an unlabeled alternate at three of the triangle. The two lead elements of FIRE and WATER have been placed at the bottom, while the top is occupied by EARTH! Uncreation has become disassociation! There;'s no way to as-is anything inside this system, because to do so is madness! One has to literally rise up (shift up) one universe to the level of triangles just to resolve anything. The only element of the four which was not really changed from the triangle is AIR, which remains at CHANGE/alter-is of both triangle and four elements. This arrangement allows simple cycles of action to become capable of proceeding beyond and below death/stop. Four leads to minus numbers and evil intentions. Without the Four postulate, this universe would consist of only located thought and plus emotion above matter, otherwise called the mental and astral planes. Four divided the third element of what would have been matter in a higher universe (represented by the Hebrew letter He) into etheric (AIR) and material (EARTH) planes, and gives them precedence, replacing them at the bottom position with WATER and FIRE. With Four comes things like turning Three into not-isness, thought trapped in matter, resistance, denial, efforting, mass, matter and solidity; also not-have, not-do and not-be. If Two is simple division, then Four is open warfare. This is the principle of "not". Formula: 4  = 3 - 1. (The planes and elements often appear to be in a definite sequence. But the more I research the more this fragments into mere apparancy and agreement. Hebraic formula of this universe seems to be sequenced: Yod Vau He Hè as the four planes of this universe. But the sequence is Hè He Vau Yod from within the etheric (logical)mind.) All I can posit here is that whoever(s) designed this place is a great practical joker.

5    Five "solves" the stuck condition of not-isness by giving the Being a new blank start, but at a lower condition. This is the origin of spiraling down the planes and universes, with slowly collapsing abilities. Formula: 5 = -0.

One thing became terribly clear once I'd seen the truth written in The Shape of Apparent "Truth", and that is the narrative content of incidents were not the true causes of case. They were linked to the true causes, but were not the actual source of a being's problems. "Implants" for example are excuses; they are motivators. Even unsticking a motivator by locating a corresponding overt is merely loosening up the dichotomy formed between them, it is not locating how that problem arose in the first place. The real cause of case, of dukkha, lies far above the overt/motivator phenomenon. It lies well above any of the contents of physical universes. The real causes of case lie far above the located spirit or "thetan". They originate in the archetypal activities of what Rowland Barkley calls the "source self", which is above time and space and the four planes of this universe.