Let's talk about attachment! Way back when, a guy
named Hubbard had spoken of "alter-is", but never went
into any great depth about its mechanisms. 2 1/2
thousand years before that the Buddha had spoken at
length about attachment, and also something which is
translated into English as "fermentations" in the

They were both talking about the same thing, though I
suspect Buddha knew far more on the subject than

There is a thing that a person does. It is one of the
most fundamental actions in the mind, we do it
constantly, and we pay little or no attention to it
while we are doing it. The action is one of taking one
thing and attaching it to another.

A person can take a postulate and attach an idea to
it, thereby altering the postulate (and making it

spot it.

A person can take an idea and attach it to a tiny
speck of mental mass, the result being a thought which
the body can think with.

Spot it.

A person can take an idea and tag an emotion to it, so
that the idea always creates that emotion.

Spot it.

A person can take a primal creative energy, and flavor
it with  restriction so that it affects only certain
spheres, such as "love and hate", or "survival and
death". (yes, the PPs)

Spot it.

This mechanism is senior/above/behind case. Combine
this single mechanism, with knowledge of the CDEI
scale of "thirst" (what is normally translated as
desire from buddhist texts) and how to unravel that,
and one would probably have duplicated the heart of
Buddha's tech. Always remember that the CDEI scale is
the decay scale of goals, and that the PPs are goals!
So what creates the "thirst" / the CDEI scale??????
Why do goals decay and polarize???? I wish I knew.
Still looking...