Readers without a scio background should perhaps skip this message. It refers to data which is only found in Scn, and it is written VERY densely.

The way to erase "invalid creations" is to create them. This relates directly to what the Pilot said that one does not have to BE in order to DO.

Using the model of the expanded tone scale, the "highest" tones (the BE tones) of +400, +320, +160, +120 and +110 are all false (reference: ). They are all creations resulting from the placing of static at BE... which it isn't. Static located in any manner is no longer static.

The actual top of the tone scale, out of which the entire thing is generated, is the tone +100, which Filbert calls Truth, which I call Creation, and between those two names there is no conflict whatsoever except perhaps in a reader's mind, not in mine. I have merged the polarity (PP) of Create/Destroy and can report to you that the *apparent* conflicts between the extremes of that PP -- which can be expressed in words as create/destroy, create/uncreate, lies/truth, etc. -- are mere apparency. Uncreation IS creation. Lies are creations. Truth is a creation. Destruction is a creation. It is all "create", which is found at +100 on the tone scale.

All of the tones above +100 are creations. All of the tones below +100 are creations. Create is the top "button", the single attribute and action of life.
Create's PP like I said can be expressed a number of ways, the most common of which seem to be create/destroy, create/uncreate, and lies/truth.

Create's triangle, which describes its cycle of action (which runs on the CDEI decay scale) is "as-is, alter-is, (not or un)-is".

So BE is a creation. There is only DO. The only action of DO is Create, which is "decision", also called "postulation". But decision and postulation are partial illusions caused by viewing the action (DO) of creation through a viewpoint in space.

BE and HAVE only seem to be realities when a person is polarized. When the polarity (PP) of existence/non-existence behind the BE/DO/HAVE triangle is merged, its extremes become one again (be and have still exist, but are no longer problems), and the middle of the triangle of that polarity (DO) becomes its characteristic once again. All PPs resolve to their DO aspect as the extremes merge and are neutralized.

The DO of create/destroy is nonstop creation, also known as alter-is. Look around at the physical universe. It's continuously changing isn't it? Welcome to alter-is, to true creativity.

The physical universe is the opposite pole of creation. Notice that on Filbert's expanded tone scale that the tone -100 is called Destruction? So there's your first range of reality: from +100 at Create to -100 at Destroy. But since Filbert called +100 Truth (I call it Creation, not Filbert), then in order to be consistent he perhaps should have named -100 Lies instead of Destruction? Perhaps, but that would be logical and logic is a creation too. The truth is that tone -100 is both Destroy AND Lies, and because it is both, it is the foundation of the physical universe. Both poles of create/destroy or truth/lies are found at the extreme tones of +100 and -100.

MEST (matter/energy/space/time) is at -100 on the tone scale. It is there as Effect. MEST is at +100 on the tone scale as Cause. I realize that made no logical sense, but it is truth, which is senior to logic.

I call the tones below -100, the "Shadows", as they consist of insane reflections of the tones which are above +100. They are illusions, and "Qliphoth" in Kabbalistic terms. The Hebrew Tree of Life is an attempt to depict what scios call the tone scale. I have most of it worked out; it's lying around somewhere on this computer... It'll end up on the site eventually.

Malkuth for instance is tone -100! (These words may not mean much to ex-scios who have never studied the Kabbalah, but I'll bet Zivorad, who has studied it, is saying "I knew that" and smiling as he read it!)

So there is no real conflict among these systems, merely differences in the way they are expressed in words. And the words are not the realities, to paraphrase Alfred Korzybski.

So... how to erase these "invalid creations"? Discover exactly what you are creating. When you do, create it. Remember your Hubbard back in the days when he wasn't nuts (the early 1950s): if you wish to STOP something, practice START and CHANGE on it until it is under your control. Additionally, the PP data generated by both PEAT and my private research indicates that the beginning and end of any cycle of action/triangle (true triangles are always cycles of action) are the parts which become polarized. So if you get sight of even a little bit of one of these "invalid creations" then take it up as a problem and run PEAT on it! Zivorad has given us a marvelous tool to use. Thank you very much Zivorad! :)))

Use it.